Transcend Your Limits is the best place to learn and read about veganism, becoming a digital nomad, passive income, psychology and personal development. I share travel tips, lifehacks and much more here.

What is this site about?

Think about this: In everyone there is limitless potential, the potential to build, create, explore, inspire and achieve so much, but in the vast majority¬† of people it’s WASTED.

Many people feel overwhelmed by their jobs, bills, and other perceived problems in their life that they just buckle down in jobs they don’t like, pay the bills, and wonder why they’re so unhappy and stressed all the time.¬†The truth is, you can have everything and be unhappy, and you can have nothing and be completely satisfied with your life. You can choose to own this world, and direct your life in any way you wish, you really do have that power.

This is the basic message we want to spread with the site. We want people to realise that they could do pretty much anything they decide to do, if they put the work in. (And there IS work to be done) Lots of people are trapped by negative beliefs, and that’s also something we want to help with!

The Transcend brand

The Transcend Your Limits brand is important to us. It’s marked by the pyramid shaped logo which has been cleverly designed to represent the idea of becoming better. It’s explained here in this image:

We’ve created a clothing brand with this logo and made it look incredible for you guys. This is the clothing brand that you should only wear when you’re giving your absolute best. No exceptions!

If you upload a picture of yourself wearing one of our Shirts to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag @transcendlimits) on Instagram) you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win all of our self help ebooks!