Aweber Review From A Young Entrepreneur (3+ Years Using It)

They say the money’s in the list.

They’re right! The EMAIL list that is…

Here’s my honest review of Aweber (email marketing service) in 2018.

Aweber is a software/online service that you can use to send emails to your list of contacts. It can be used to send email broadcasts (or email shots) to your list when you choose, or you can use it for more clever things, which I’ll explain shortly.

I’ve been using Aweber to grow my business for several years now, and the results it’s given me have been incredible. My email list has been the number one statistic for how well my business is doing, and as a rule of thumb, the more email subscribers I have, the more money I’ve made.

You’ve heard countless people talk about the value of email lists though, so I wont bore you too much. Long story short, if you want to grow your business, the most effective way of contacting people who might be interested in buying something from you, is email.

Email is personal, and not as crowded as other channels like Twitter or Facebook. It’s simple, effective, and you get results almost instantly. You can send out an email to your list, and within an hour, you’ll either see sales, or you won’t. It’s very easy to use and it’s very important to keep using.

So if you have a business or a website, you’ll need to COLLECT peoples email addresses in order to be able to send them things later. I won’t complicate this, and instead I’ll just say the following:

There are hundreds of ‘plugins’ or add ons you can get to capture email addresses on your site, but they’ll ALL need to link to an email marketing service, like Aweber. Think of Aweber like the filing system that STORES all those email addresses, and can automatically send messages to them on your behalf, at times you choose.

What’s good about Aweber

Aweber is by far the best email marketing software or service I’ve seen, and I’ve tried a fair few.

Its simple, and they have a big team and are constantly focusing on evolving growing and improving. Ultimately, when their customers (you and me) succeed with email marketing, THEY ALSO succeed, because we’re likely to keep paying our subscriptions.

Review of email marketing service Aweber

It’s in their BEST interest to make it as easy as possible for YOU (and me) to easily send emails, make money, and grow our businesses.

There are dozens of help tutorials, tips on growing your list, tips on selling to your list and much more on the dashboard. There are video walkthroughs, a support team, and a whole community dedicated to helping you succeed.

What I really liked about them when I first signed up is their 30 day free trial. I remember clearly having my FIRST sale through email marketing. I had a tiny list that I’d just collected manually in a spreadsheet from my terribly designed WordPress site.

I uploaded the email list to Aweber on my 2nd day of the trial. I set up 3 emails on an autoresponder ( more on that shortly) and set it live.

Aweber sent the 3 emails at the interval that I set. The email was just a simple one telling people about a new book I’d written, and within an hour of it being sent, 4 people bought it!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’d made about $67 while I was in the bath, because Aweber had sent an email to my list. At that moment, I suddenly realised the incredible power of emails, and how growing an email list would ensure that I’d never have money problems again.

Email is GREAT for selling, and Aweber makes emailing easy. It’s that simple. They also offer pricing based only on how many email addresses you have, so as YOU grow, your account grows. It always pays for itself though, and you’ll soon see that too.

If you’re skeptical like I was, you can find a 30 day free trial here, along with free hep tutorials on getting setup, no obligation at all. After sending your first email, I guarantee you’ll see the value of this.

What’s bad about Aweber

Over the 3 years or more that I’ve used them, I can’t recall a single problem I’ve actually had with them. Any problems I’ve had have been my own problems like installing a dodgy theme that didn’t interact well with Aweber.

Even with that sort of thing, their support team is on hand to help you. I wanted this review to be as honest as possible, and it really is genuine. If I had a problem with them, I’d have said because I wouldn’t still be using their service.

If you’d like to see how I personally use AWeber to deliver emails and follow up with people, you should be able to find a sign up form somewhere on this page or site.

After a few seconds, you’ll receive a beautiful email from Aweber, introducing me and this site to you. This is sent automatically, without me having to do anything at all. From that point on you’ll be sent a series of emails a few days apart, which is me sharing useful tips and articles etc…

If you do sign up to my list and then later decide to go for Aweber, come back here and go through this link, because you might get a discount that way!

Things you should be aware of

As your list grows, you’ll have people unsubscribe from your list. This is completely normal, and everyone gets people unsubscribing. The thing to be aware of is that AWeber still counts those people who’ve unsubscribed as people on your list, UNTIL YOU DELETE THEM manually.

Every two weeks or so, go through and bulk delete everyone who’s unsubscribed from your list (you can filter this in the menu) and you’ll save yourself some money.

Aweber review summary

Aweber is a great email marketing system and it will make you money. Their platform is easy to use, and delivery rate is good.

They offer help and tutorials for every aspect of email marketing, and the support is perfect. 10/10, Aweber is the best email service I’ve ever used. Click here to check out their plans, you might also get a discount here.