My Epic Adventure Around The World

So I woke up today and found myself halfway through the year which in my mind, only started a few weeks ago. It’s pretty shocking to realize just how fast time actually flies by, and so I’ve decided to start something new. A little challenge I’m setting for myself, and that’s this:

To travel around the world, experiencing many things and documenting/reporting the experiences on this blog.

It’s an idea I’ve got from following another blog, (link at the bottom) on which the writer (Tim) documents his travels and writes genuinely interesting posts about his experiences. That’s what I want here, and for my readers to enjoy as well, so I’m doing it! The posts which I’m going to write over the course of the next few years will be varied and spaced out.

Adventure around the world

This means there will be some time in between writing them, I won’t write them one after the other so there will probably be lots of other posts in between but I’ll try and keep this post as a starting point, and each item on the super awesome adventure bucketlist you’re about to read will be a link to it’s relevant post about that event. Make sense?

I want this to also be an invitation and a challenge to anyone who reads it to do something they’ve never done before.. Experience something new and exciting, because as we age life becomes more about experiences and intangible things like memories, love, and ‘moments’. Make more memorable moments in your life, people!

And so while realizing that I’ve been talking too much about this already, I’m unveiling the bucketlist of adventures, the one I’m going to be completing and writing about on this blog, right here. I’ll include pictures with each post as this should be easier to do ‘on the go’ when my iPhone arrives!

Adrenaline based activities

These things will consist of adrenaline based activities.. Things that are scary or will get your heart racing etc, because I just like that sort of thing! I get a certain kick out of increasing my heart rate and pushing myself to my limits!

  1. More skydiving. (An AFF course, to be exact)
  2. (For now you can read my Tandem skydive post)
  3. Bungee jump.
  4. Indoor skydiving.
  5. ‘Freefall’ theme park rides collection
  6. Alton Towers.
  7. Thorpe Park.
  8. Shark cage diving.
  9. Rock climbing an outside major route.


My travel list is pretty large, but for now I’ll just include the main places (what I mean by this is the places I’m most excited about going to) so you can get a rough idea of what’s to come. The more money I make/have the faster I’ll be able to do all of these, so hopefully this is a good year in that sense.

  1. Japan.
  2. America.
  3. Hawaii.
  4. Australia.
  5. Norway.
  6. Sweden.
  7. Amsterdam.
  8. Canada.
  9. Fiji.
  10. New Zealand.

Other Unique experiences

I’ll certainly be doing a lot more than is on this list, but right now this is the list as I can think it up. What I mean by this is that I’ll keep adding to it as I do the things and think about writing a post for them. If you have any suggestions for things I should do and write about, I’d  really like to hear them, so go ahead and message me with your ideas.

Try not to send me somewhere ridiculous or really dangerous, cause I’d like to be able to return home after my epic adventure is over, you know?

A change from the usual writing style

I wanted this project to be a small change from the normal writing style of this blog, which is very focused on ‘how to’ guides and informative articles not really related to eachother, whereas this gives you the chance to follow me on a journey, as well as contribute your ideas and suggest things for me to do.

It’s a good way to expand the horizons of this site, as I want this adventure to be something that inspires other people to start diong the same thing.. Exploring and discovering life with a sense of playfulness that is sometimes lost as we conform to the greater pressures of society. It’s nice to get that sense of ‘being a kid’ back again, and in doing this adventure challenge I feel I’ll return to my playful nature.

If you have any suggestions, don’t forget to send them to me either on Twitter or something like that or through my website email which is contact AT transcendyourlimits DOT com. I only wrote it like that so spam bots have a hard time using it, you should know what to do with it if you’re a human.

Final thoughts

So as I end this article, be sure that it’s not the end of the adventure, and as I cross these things off the list and add to the list, it will become an epic adventure which you can follow me on. I’m looking forward to it, and it certainly feels good to know that I’m on this type of journey.