6 Of The Most Expensive Fidget Spinners On Amazon In 2018

Yep. Fidget spinners are taking the UK (and the rest of the world) by storm at the moment, and in 2018 fidget spinners have made a huge comeback. They used to be popular before but now they’re even more so.

They’re intended to help people with ADHD to focus more, but they can be used for all sorts of reasons. I personally play around with one every now and then just because it’s fun, but they do supposedly really help those with ADHD as well! Whatever the reason, they’re here, and there are LOTS to choose from.

List of the best fidget spinners on Amazon

Today we’re going to show you the most expensive and awesome fidget toys and spinners you can get your hands on, on Amazon, in 2018. Ready? Let’s go!

1: A multipack of fidget spinners! ($500-3000)

Alright, this isn’t ONE fidget spinner, but the most expensive fidget spinner related item you can get on Amazon is a huge pack of them, I’m assuming people buy these multipacks with the intention of selling them on!

Rainbow colored fidget spinning toy

I saw a couple of people in town the other day selling them from a small table on the street, I’m guessing they got a multipack of them from Amazon and are now making a tidy profit from this new craze. Alright, now onto the individual fidget spinners and toys!

2: German grade ball-bearing tri-spinner ($230+)

This lovely little toy has a fairly good spin time and looks really pretty when it spins round. One of the more pricey spinners on Amazon but some would argue for good reason!

Tri spinner fidget toy

3: Retro brass tri-spinner ($180+)

This one is pretty nice. It’s a little different in appearance to most of the other ones, and that’s probably one reason the price is so high. Great spin time, and looks fun to hold!

Retro brass fidget toy

4: G.MD Rectanuglar fidget spinner ($170+)

This one looks different as well, in that it’s not a tri spinner, it is a perfectly machined piece of metal in the shape of a rectangle. Great spin times and looks classy!

Rectangular fidget spinner

5: The Airsson fidget spinner ($158+)

The Airsson is a beautifully designed, slightly more ornate and pretty looking fidget spinner that you can get easily on Amazon. They’ve taken a  different approach with this one and gone for a more patterned delicate design. Great stuff!

Ornate fidget spinner

6: The Weiheng 6 minute spinner! ($450+)

This spinner probably has the longest spin time, although I’ve yet to see a side by side comparison for all of these spinners. Maybe some YouTuber will make that video one day, but this looks like one of the longest spin times I’ve seen advertised, which I would hope so for this price!

6 minute fidget spinner

What’s the best fidget spinner?

Well, the best spinner depends on what you want it to look like, and how long you want it to spin for. If you’re new to spinning I’d suggest getting a cheaper one to start with, as if you drop them enough times, you can sort of damage the ball bearings. It’s best to practice on a cheap one.

If you’re planning to do tricks with them, then certainly practice your tricks on a very cheap spinner, and save your expensive fidget toys for relaxing and not showing off! You can browse Amazon for the most suitable fidget spinner but most of all, have fun!

Some crazy fidget spinner tricks

Here are some great tricks by some people of the wonderful world of YouTube. Enjoy! Also, if you’re here reading still, and you had fun on this article and you think fidget spinners are cool, please share this post with your friends!