The Ultimate Guide To Fitness Motivation From A Fitness Entrepreneur

With New Year just around the corner, everyone is starting to prepare their New Year’s resolution. It’s that time of the year when most people tell to themselves that the upcoming year will be different; except this year it will be.

Instead of setting those generic fitness resolutions you set every year before quitting the gym one month later, this year you will find true motivation to completely nail your fitness resolutions.

“It’s easier said than done!”
You’re totally right. However, the only thing holding you back from doing it, instead of saying it, is yourself. This year you’re ready to unleash the beast; you’ll gain mad muscle, you’ll burn serious weight, you’ll run those extra miles, you name it.

This year, you’ll stop lying to yourself. You won’t need those magic pills, or those expensive supplements, and most importantly, you don’t need excuses.

All you need is motivation.

No Excuses

In order to reach success, you need to sacrifice what you are for what you will become. You must be ready to give your life a change, a positive one of course.

So, the first step in finding your fitness motivation is kicking excuses out in the ass. There are two types of excuses: the ones you tell to other people and the ones you tell to yourself. Now, lying to people and blasting them with excuses is not cool; but blasting yourself with excuses?

Come on, you’re better than that.

Excuses are a pathetic way to convince yourself to be mediocre. We’ll start by eliminating all excuses; you’ll set your mind to your goals, and you’ll achieve them no matter what. Succeeding is your number one priority.

You would normally use excuses to convince yourself not to get fit. Well, this year it’s going to be all the other way around.  You’ll turn excuses into a powerful weapon to support your motivation. Instead of finding an excuse not to work out, you’ll find an excuse that motivates you to work out.

“If it was easy, everybody would do it “–Simple, yet meaningful. If getting fit was all about going to the gym, then everyone would be fit. There’s a lot more behind getting fit that assisting the gym or exercising.
You need strength.

I’m not talking about strength to pull and push the weights, or strength to go for that extra mile. I’m talking about the strength you need to wake up every morning, ready to get fit, ready to be successful.  You did not wake up this morning to be mediocre.

How Bad Do You Want it?

Select a goal that you’re really passionate about.  Don’t go for those generic resolutions, if it’s not something you really want, just dump it.

You need to find your passion. It’s not all about looking good, it’s about feeling good in the process. The main source of motivation is passion. “But I don’t know what I’m passionate about” – More excuses. Run, climb, jump, and lift, anything; there are a million options out there for you to get fit this year.

You must want it as bad as you want to party, you must want it as bad as you want to rest. When you’re tired, you must want it as bad as you want to quit. Don’t be that person that partially wants it, like that one buff dude at the gym that skips leg day because it’s hard.

Damn right it’s hard, leg day was never meant to be easy, nor was any other day. Just like he is physically incomplete, he’s mentally incomplete. This is the perfect example of the difference between physical and mental strength. I mean, sure, the guy might be pretty buffed; yet there he is, skipping leg day because “it’s hard”. This year you’re not going to be that dude skipping leg day. Want to know why?

It’s because you want it more than him, and because you’re stronger than him. You’re not looking for the easy path, and you would be wasting your time if you were; there is no easy path. Every road to success goes through the road of pain.

In Conclusion

Motivation is the most powerful tool in your arsenal. And I’m not talking about fitness anymore here, I’m talking about life.

Before success, you’ll meet a pair of other nasty experiences on the road. Call it frustration, failure, pain, or whatever it is that would normally stop you from succeeding. And I say “normally” because this time it won’t.
You won’t let it stop you.

Next time you wake up repeat to yourself “I’m big, I’m strong, I don’t quit”. Keep in mind, the important part is not saying it; it all comes down to meaning it–else they’ll be just a bunch of lies added to the list.

Next time it hurts remember that pain is temporary. It will bother you for a minute, for a day if you’re sore, for a week if you’re injured. But glory, boy, that lasts for way longer.

“Pain Is Weakness Leaving the Body”.

Author bio: Dan Chabert is an entrepreneur and ultramarathon distance runner that spends his spare time managing his websites, Runnerclick and Dan is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.