Want to write for a popular personal development blog, gain exposure and make a difference in the world with your writing?

We love guest posts here, and we’d like to lay out a few ground rules if you’re thinking of submitting one to us. We get a lot of submissions, but don’t let that stop you. If you’re interested in writing for us, here are some things you should know..

High quality

We aim to only post high quality articles. This means not something that you’ve copied and pasted from several other sites and only spent about 20 minutes writing. Your article should be spell checked, readable and proof-read. Sometimes we make mistakes and we’re aware of this, so if you ever find a typing error, spelling mistake or anything like that, please let us know and we’ll sort it out straight away.

Make it unique

The internet is full of content, so it’s important to submit only high quality unique articles to us. This means something that’s not anywhere else, only here in your article.¬†Some ideas for posts could be a case study of an experiment you did like trying to get pearler for a week, or how you motivated yourself to start a business. Don’t submit boring things that have already been done a thousand times already.

Terms and conditions when you submit

When you submit an article to us you agree that you’re giving us full rights to the article, and you grant us the rights to use the article on the site including with modifications. This means you agree that we can change parts of it if we feel it needs to be slightly different, in order to fit with the general theme of the site. We’ll do our best to keep it as much yours as possible, and we’ll usually ask you before we make changes to it and publish it. You also agree not to publish the same article that you submit to us anywhere else.¬†

We’ll give you one or two links back to your site or social media profile. No direct links to affiliate offers are allowed, only links to your own sites root domain or other top level page. You can also link to relevant articles and resources in your post, but we reserve the right to decide which of these links we allow. We may also include some of our own links in the article to relevant things.

Share it with your network

It’s expected that once we’ve published your guest post, you’ll share it with your social media network, audience, email list etc.. This is because if you’ve written a high quality article for us, you’ll want to share it because you’ll be proud of it.

Submit it here

Send your submissions to contact { at } transcendyourlimits { dot } com

The email address is written like that so that you have to spend a few seconds typing it, instead of copying and pasting. Hopefully this means we’ll stop getting a load of spam, and you’ll only send us an email if you’re really serious about writing for us, and NOT just copying and pasting the same outreach email to dozens of sites.