Little Known Facts About Becoming A Digital Nomad

I’ve had a lot of jobs.

A lot of different places and people that I’ve got stored in my memory, but as I look back on my life I realize that it’s always when I leave the country, or when I just start a new job that all the best memories are born. So this has led me to consider something I’ve been thinking about for a while now.

Traveling around the world and not having a ‘set’ home.

Being a ‘Digital Nomad’.

Having no set home that I can come back to with all my possessions and worldly goods because I’m carrying them all around in my backpack. This is something I’ve considered for a while and I’m going to explore all of my thoughts about this in this post.

I wrote a post the other month about traveling on an ‘epic adventure around the world’, detailing places I’d like to go on holiday but lately I’ve been thinking about just traveling around indefinitely.. Instead of waiting anxiously for a holiday that will be over in a week or so, why not just stay in the new place as long as I’d like?

Why do I want to become a digital nomad?

Well, think about your own life.. All of your  best memories and experiences..

Where were they?

Now there will be exceptions to this but in most cases the best life experiences and memories happen when you leave your comfort zone and travel somewhere NEW.

Somewhere you’ve never been before and have no experience of.

If you just stay in the same job, you’ll likely get bored with it.. I mean I personally can’t imagine anything more tedious than staying in the SAME job for years and years. In my opinion jobs and places to live are more like ticking timers.

After a while, it’s clear that time is up and it’s time to move on. When it’s no longer exciting, fresh and stimulating to you it’s time to move on to something new.

I know that I’ve sort of ‘jumped the gun’ a little with this travel related post so I’ll just take a second to explain what I really mean by becoming a digital nomad. What I mean is getting to a point where I’ve sold off or given away all but the essential of my possessions.

Things that I will be selling or getting rid of are things like:

  • Clothes I no longer wear or don’t fit
  • DVDS I don’t watch
  • Old fitness equipment and weights I don’t use
  • Random clutter from years and years of living in the same place

And the only things I’ll really be needing when I start doing this are: My laptop, My phone, Some of my best clothes, A decent suitcase and backpack, My wallet (With important things like passport, Bank card, Health insurance card etc).

The rest is not really needed to enjoy life and experience what it has to offer. Things like cooking supplies and fridges, cars, freezers, beds etc can all be hired or acquired temporarily in each new place I stay.

Digital nomad

If, for example, I go to Thailand for a while, (I hear it’s cheap and a good place for internet business owners to go to – more on that later) then the costs will be fairly low. Just the rent on a basic apartment and maybe I’d need to get a few things while I’m out there.

In terms of actual possessions, I only really need clothes, laptop and my phone. Everything else like food, razors to shave with, toiletries, car, cleaning supplies, this can all be hired and thrown away before moving on.

What does it mean to be a ‘digital nomad’?

Well, I got the term from a blog I was reading that was saying about how the owner had made the decision to travel the world and he was saying that it actually might be cheaper to live in this way as there wouldn’t be costs like:

  • Car insurance
  • Council tax
  • TV license
  • Petrol for car
  • Car repair
  • Household repairs and maintenance
  • Utilities etc

As most of this would be covered or included if you’re staying in a hotel, and only a little upkeep would be needed if you were renting an apartment.

I know you’re probably wondering what the digital part means and how it comes into all of this, and it’s to do with the way I make money.

I would like to make all of my money online through my websites.

Hopefully in about a year or so, I’ll be making a much bigger percentage of my money through my websites. If you don’t already know I run a few websites online and they make me money through advertising or with this site, for example, anything you buy through my ‘resources’ section gives me a small commission. (Thank you in advance if you actually do this).

I’ll also get a percentage of my money through the interest on things like a Zopa account (Social lending platform which gives very high interest rates for savers) and my cash ISA.

The problem is that in order to live off the interest earned from such things I need a lot of money in the account to begin with. (If you’re interested in learning more about it, see my other website’s article about social lending).

So the plan for becoming a digital nomad is:

1. Focus on earning more money through my websites


2. When I get that money, put it in high interest accounts so it can work for me

That’s it really.

The type of work I do on my sites means all I really need to actually work on them is an internet connection and my laptop. I don’t need anything else.. No offices, supplies, stock, staff or anything. Just a laptop connected to the internet.

By the way, if you’re at all interested in learning how to earn a living in this way, please do read my article on making money doing what you love. Onwards with the post..

So basically, I need to scale up my websites to the point where they make more than enough money to sustain me while in other countries. I’ll continue to work on them as I’m traveling around, while at the same time, experiencing life and living it to the full.

Why do I want to be a Digital Nomad?

Well, take a moment to consider two possible options that everyone has.

There’s ‘safety’ and there’s ‘risk’.

The safe route..

You go to school, go to college, get a full time job (usually 9-5) and then stay in your ‘career’ for 40 years, possibly having one or two decent ‘7 night getaways’ where you stay in a safe resort with all your food and comfort. You get to about 60-70 and you’ve not really achieved anything, other than made just enough money to get to that point. You don’t have your own company and you’ve basically wasted your life. (In my opinion).


The ‘Dangerous Route’

You go to school, go to college, get a few jobs in the place you were bought up and you’re living in, save up a bit of money, come up with some ideas and long term goals and launch out into the big wide world. You travel, work in other counties, and always go for your goals. Maybe you start your own company, and if you do, you’ll probably make far more money than you ever could have in a ‘safe job’.

Or you’ll fail, learn from it and start again.. Make a new company and maybe that one will work.. Either way it will be a magnificent adventure.

Each option is there for us, but MOST will choose the first option, simply because it seems safer.

As the speech by Jim Carey has shown, you can ‘fail at what you don’t want’, so why not do what you love? There’s not really any safety or security in the world.. Not really.

You might think your 9-5 office job is safe and will always be there for you, but it won’t. Even if it is, you could get cancer and have only 6 months to live.. You could get hit by a car crossing the street..

Where’s your safe job then?

In that unfortunate case, you’ll have not really done anything with your life. However, if you travel and expose yourself to the world.. You’re not really in any MORE danger than you are by staying, but you DO get the valuable and priceless life experience.

I was struck the other day by a powerful quote.

‘Imagine for a second that you’re 99 and you’re on your deathbed.. And you have the chance to go back to right NOW. What would you do?’.

When you really think about that quote you’ll realize that you’re in the middle of your life right now. It doesn’t really matter what age you are.. You’re not 99 (And if you are, congratulations for making it that far and still being able to read words on a computer screen!) so you have a lot of time ahead of you.

Inspired by this quote, I decided to go out and have a few drinks with some work friends. I then got talking and found out that one of them was going to Portugal in 2 days time to sort out his Passport or ID and he asked if I wanted to come.

At that moment, I had a choice.. Stay here and just do what I normally do, maybe type a little bit, workout, go to work etc OR go to a country I’ve never been to and experience something new.

I chose to go to Portugal, and long story short, it was amazing.

There were so many things to see, eat, Drink and hear and although I only went for 3 days it seemed like a month.

The reason it seemed like longer is because of the effect I was talking about on this site a few months ago.

Think about this..

Children experience lots of new things

When you were a young child, EVERYTHING was new to you and therefore every day was an exciting adventure.

A week seemed like FOREVER, and this sort of carried on throughout school.

I remember summer holidays seemed like a year, and it wasn’t because they were 6 weeks long, it was because I packed SO MUCH into those 6 weeks. I had lots of new experiences, and those new experiences make time seem like it’s going slower.

When you do lots and lots of new things, time seems to slow down and you just become connected with the world.

In the summer holiday break from school, I used to do all kinds of things like:

  • Go swimming
  • Go to the beach
  • Mini road trips
  • Butterfly farm
  • Rock climbing
  • Camping for 3 nights
  • Airsofting
  • Playzone
  • Exploring new walks and places
  • Bike rides
  • Shopping trips to new cities
  • Building forts in the forest
  • Trips to things like historic re-enactments

And other such things. When you’re a kid, these things make those 6 weeks seem like a LIFETIME of adventure and excitement.

So what happens?

Well, from the age of about 18-20 people seem to just get a job and stay in it! They might get a flat in their city so they can get to their job faster and they just stay in that situation for years..

But by doing that, you’re not getting the chance to have those all important new experiences as often, like a kid does.. So life seems to just fly by.

Time seems to just float by and by the time you realize you should have done something, it may be too late. Maybe you’ve settled down too much and kids have come along, you have a mortgage and bills and it’s no longer as easy to just leave and travel the world.

It’s a sad reality, but if you’re reading this and you DO have the chance to travel, before you get tied down with commitments and it’s too late, then do it.

Don’t just read this, forget about it and then get stuck in a career you don’t want.. Take a risk, because security doesn’t exist in nature. It’s just a thought, and in the same way that fear isn’t real, safety in a career is also just an illusion.

Take a risk and travel, after all, you’re taking a risk just by being alive every day and going outside.

My plan to become a digital nomad

So my plan at the moment is to grow my websites.

I’m; not going to link to all of my sites, as they’re not really all relevant to you here, but I’ll grow them.

(Actually, one site is related to personal development, and that’s HowtoLucidDream. It explains how to learn to control your dreams and overcome nightmares, please check it out if you have the time! And If you end up buying my Ebook, thank you so much!).

I’ll grow the sites by posting more often and sharing what I learn about this whole thing.

When I do eventually manage to launch out and do it, I’ll either document the entire experience on here, or I’ll create a whole new site which is a mixture of a personal development blog and a travel blog.

I’ll probably just keep it on here, as I love this site and the domain name; Transcend Your Limits Dot Com. It’s been a great site and I love the posts I’ve built up on here.

If you’d like to support me

If you’d like to support me with this adventure, there are a few ways you can do that.. Don’t worry; I’ll get right back into the post in a second.

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But I understand that not all of you will feel ready to support me in those ways, and that’s fine.

I’m happy to provide free and (hopefully) useful posts to you on this blog, which starting today will be a lot more often.

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So after that shameless bid for attention and support, let’s return to talking about the world of the nomad. It may actually be a cheaper world..

Learn a universal skill

This is another thing I’m currently doing: I’m learning a fail safe skill or ‘bartending’.

Bartending allows you to learn skills related to making drinks and organizing a bar as well as people skills. These are essential and if you want to get a job in another country, they’re pretty universal skills. A drink is made pretty much the same way all around the world with the exception of special cocktails and some countries.. People skills is another one that sort of applied wherever you go.

So if you’re not web savvy, consider doing something which you could easily transfer into another country. The only problem and thing that might hold you back it the language, of course.

You can’t make a drink for someone if you don’t know what they’re asking for. Of course, learning a little bit of the language is important before you go to the country, but you can’t learn everything. It would help, (if you’re going to ‘physically work’ abroad) to learn the language.

Final thoughts on becoming a digital nomad

Well.. Just go out and do it. If you want it, that is.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that it’s a good idea, but maybe not. It’s up to you, I just wanted to share the reasons I’m personally going to be doing it. I’ll update this post as I make progress, but it may be a good few months before I get to that point. It doesn’t matter because I’m still only young (early 20s).

In my opinion it’s the most appealing way of living if you can make it work. The problem is that many people don’t really know how to make it work, and there are ways around that.. For example if you don’t know how to make a website, there are courses that will teach you.

It’s just about taking risks and living your life the way you really want to. Thanks for reading, and if you enjoyed this post, as I said, please share it using the links below, or just tell a friend.. Or hug someone.