Top 10 Law of Attraction Affirmations/Tips For Success In 2018

We all know at least one person who could benefit from the so-called Law of Attraction (there are many books about it); a belief to turn negative thoughts into positive ones, and change your way of thinking.

By practicing Law of Attraction affirmations on a daily basis, you can make your wishes and goals become reality, which ultimately leads to a rich fulfillment, great success, and happiness in your life.

The best law of attraction affirmations

Here are my own top 10 Law of Attraction affirmations to help you guide your way to a healthy, and successful life. Follow your dreams and become the person you want to be by following these steps, and by believing in your own abilities and strengths.

1: Morning ritual 1.01 

Start by establishing a morning ritual, which can consist of simple yoga and breathing exercises, meditation, telling yourself a mantra 5x in front of a mirror, or sticking note pads with encouraging messages on your mirror or fridge. This will set your mood straight and give you the motivation you need to start you day right and get to work!

2: Write down goals

This is my personal favorite, which requires writing down your goals and dreams for the future. You can do this in stages by writing it down in days, weeks, months, and a year. Make a list with your daily goals, followed by your goals for the next 2-4 weeks, then set your goals for the next 5-8 months, and lastly, write down what you want to have achieved after a full year has passed. Then look at this list every day and know where you are, and remind yourself of what you still need to do to achieve your next goal on the list.

3: Be confident, and believe in yourself

In order to be successful in your professional life, you need to have confidence and believe you’re worth everyone’s time. Only then will others believe in you too, and give you more and better chances to work your way up the ladder.

That’s where a promotion and pay raise will come into play! You must always think positive about yourself and your work, and that will make you a more successful person in the long run. For example, when entering a meeting, working in a team, or talking to a potential new client, give yourself some reassurance before you begin. You can do this silently in your office, in the bathroom, or even at home.

4: Ending a day on a positive note

Even if your day wasn’t that great, try to focus on the positive, and let go of stress. Ask yourself what was good today, what wasn’t good, and how it could be better tomorrow? What went wrong and what have you learned from it? There’s a lesson in everything, even in negative moments and experiences. You can’t change the past, so look towards the next day with optimism. Talk yourself through the day and breathe!

5: Visualize your future self

By visualizing your future, you can steer it in the right direction. Picture yourself in 5 years. Then 10 years. And do this on a regular basis. This will give you a positive and helpful mindset to achieve long-term goals and not stray away from it, and it also allows you to be open for love and healthy relationships.

Do you see yourself with a caring partner? Or do you see yourself alone at home in peaceful solitude? Think about what you want and make it a reality!

6: Working out is key

Many modern work-outs encourage spirituality and the love for one self, in particular yoga, and various dance classes. By participating in one of them at least once a week, you will start to feel better about yourself and your body.

You will gain mental and physical strength, followed by a sense of solidarity by doing it in a group with others. You won’t feel alone and it will make you want to work harder each week. Being in great physical shape tends to lead to greater motivation in other areas of your life as well.

7: Start a diary

Writing a diary can be healing and comforting. There’s no set of rules, but ideally write down all the things that moved you, made you laugh, cry, and love, and the things for which you are grateful. Never forget to be grateful! It will come back to you one day.

8: Treat others with kindness

By treating other with the utmost respect and kindness, you will make many friends instead of enemies, which leads to a more satisfying life. Tell yourself to be kind to at least one person a day, and to help out whenever you can.

9: Read inspirational books

Reading about inspirational personalities or books on the Law of Affirmation will strengthen your desire to improve your life. Make sure to pick interesting autobiographies, for example, or highly acclaimed self-help books. Read them constantly and keep up the search for great reading material.

10: Stay cheerful and turn your frown upside down

Negative comments or influence of others should be discarded at all times. Don’t let anything drag you down, and stay positive and cheerful. The glass is always half full, not half-empty.  With this, you’re off to a good start for a new, improved life!