If you’re interested in Personal Development, the resources listed on this page are hopefully helpful to you. Some things here I wish I could have known about a long time ago, so I’ve put this page together so you don’t have to wait, it’s all here for you.

Starting Your Own Website/Business

Learn to make money doing the things you love

This is an article I wrote which I feel is good enough to be included as a resource. It shows you how to create an income from things that you LOVE doing. It shows you how to create the income by learning a few skills which may be new to you (Marketing, selling, website building etc), great place to start! Go read it.

Web hosting with Bluehost

If you’re thinking of hosting your own website to share your energy, love and ideas with the world I would STRONGLY suggest going with Bluehost.. They’re the best host IMO for beginners and starting website builders.. They offer shared hosting at a really low price, which when you’re just starting is important , To lower your costs.

Keyword rank tracking

When you start a website, you’ll want to know how it’s doing. Is it on page one of Google for certain keywords? You’ll want to know how your work is changing the rank of your website over time. You can track this with Ranktrackr.

Email marketing with Aweber

This is the software we use to send out emails to our list and keep in contact with you. It’s great for sending out emails to a large number of people, when you have a new blog post or something to say. Really easy to use as well!

Meditation/Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are a type of brainwave entrainment which help you achieve altered/improved states of mind. It’s a bit complicated but the short story is these sounds/frequencies can vastly improve your meditation, awareness and mental state.

Ennora Binaural Beats

This is the best binaural beats package we’ve ever used. I have a full review of ennora, or you could just go to their site directly by clicking on this link. These are the best quality binaural beats out there in my opinion.

Books About Personal Development

Influence – The Psychology Of Persuasion

This is a really interesting book. It’s all about psychology, and how you can get a better understand of people by the way they speak, and how you speak to them. You can use these skills to gain a better rapport with people, and ultimately enjoy more rich social interactions.

Derren Brown – Tricks Of The Mind

This is a book written by an extremely clever man. He is a self taught expert at a number of skills such as Hypnotism, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Predicting Behavior, Psychology and more. He shares some of his secrets and tricks in this book, highly recommended.

Films About Personal Development


The coolest film I’ve seen in a long time. It’s about someone who discovers how to unlock their entire brains capacity, and the results see him transform from a struggling writer to a global icon. Very uplifting! Warning, you’ll be driven after watching this.

The Fountain – Hugh Jackman

A stunning film about transcending reality and the afterlife. The implications are very profound and you’ll be left wondering all sorts of things about life and what might be after life ends. It’s a powerful film. Make sure to also check out the complete list of personal development films which is updated every now and then.

Hopefully you’ll find these personal development resources useful, they have been very handy for me in my life, and I think you’ll enjoy these self help tools. They can be a great helping hand when you’re trying to improve yourself, specially the personal development films because these give you a nice boost of inspiration and lift you up.