If you’re interested in living a life you LOVE, the resources listed on this page will be useful. Some things here I wish I could have known about a long time ago, so I’ve put this page together so you don’t have to wait, it’s all here for you.

Starting your own website/business

  • Learn to make money doing the things you love – This is an article I wrote which I feel is good enough to be included as a resource. It shows you how to create an income from things that you LOVE doing. It shows you how to create the income by learning a few skills which may be new to you (Marketing, selling, website building etc), great place to start! Go read it.
  • Guide to making PASSIVE income for 2017 – The most up to date training on building a business online that generates income for you. Passive income means income that is generated all the time, through the night, when you’re on holiday, or when you’re not physically THERE working on your business. It’s all about setting up systems that work FOR you.
  • Web hosting with Bluehost – If you’re thinking of hosting your own website to share your energy, love and ideas with the world I would STRONGLY suggest going with Bluehost.. They’re the best host IMO for beginners and starting website builders.. They offer shared hosting at a really low price, which when you’re just starting is important , To lower your costs.
  • Email marketing with Aweber – This is the software we use to send out emails to our list and keep in contact with you. It’s great for sending out emails to a large number of people, when you have a new blog post or something to say. Really easy to use as well!

Optimising your mind to work better

  • Ennora Binaural Beats – This is the best binaural beats package we’ve ever used. Binaural beats are soundwaves that improve the way you brain works. They can be sued to meditate better or think more creatively. I have a full review of ennora, or you could just go to their site directly by clicking on this link. These are the best quality binaural beats out there in my opinion.
  • Basic multivitamin – This is more important than you probably think. A good multivitamin can make your brain (and whole body) just WORK that much better. Take it every day for 30 days and you’ll NOTICE a huge difference in the way you think, feel and act. I haven’t got a post about this yet but there will be one soon!
  • CILTEP Nootropic – This is a natural smart drug that can massively increase your brainpower in just a few days, and I’ve been using this for a few months. It’s very effective and the best part is that the effects are permanent, so you can improve your brain for good.

Books that will change your mindset and life

  • The millionaire fastlane – Probably the best book on making money FAST and becoming rich that we’ve ever read. It pretty much explains how the rich get rich, and what they started out doing. It shows you how some approaches to making lots of money CAN’T ever work, but some CAN.
  • Think and grow rich – You might have heard about this one, it’s VERY popular. It’s a fairly old book now but the information it contains on getting rich and successful will NEVER go out of date. The principles here are almost like the LAWS of getting money and success. I’ve linked to just a search for the book as sometimes the various sellers go out of stock.