Reflecting On Last Year (2014) And What Went Well

Every year, (This is the first one), I’m going to do a sort of ‘look back’ on the last year.

What went well, and what I’ll try and do differently this year. It’s a way of helping me focus and keeping me accountable.

So if you have your own business, or even if you’re just trying to improve your life, this will apply to you. The things I’ll share here, you can relate to and you can use my experience and findings to improve your own life, regardless of when you’re reading this. Okay? Let’s go.

So the year started off a bit slow (2014) but it was non-stop from there. I experienced a lot. My parents split, and there were various little things going on in my personal life, but it was the year that I finally came to find a place of peace and love. I felt serene and in control of my emotions.

Reflecting on the previous year

The problem, as I’ll explain in a second, was in becoming so ‘comfortable’, I didn’t really achieve much. Or at least, not as much as I WILL achieve this year. More on that in a second.

You know sometimes in life, you cross a bridge, and you KNOW your old life is over. I reached that point. I, over the course of the year started 3 businesses, created 2 YouTube channels (Here’s the channel for this site), and connected with some very successful people in my various areas of interest. (Including Elliott Hulse, Rebecca turner, Sebastian Gomez, and many more).

I have been given so much advice over this year, and so many people had inspired me but yet I for some reason lacked the desire to push forward as much as I needed to. I knew almost exactly what I needed to do in order to succeed. But..

I got stuck in a little trap of having an online business and all these goals and aspirations, but I wouldn’t actually take much ACTION.. I’d just sort of collect all these little things I knew I had to do on a long list. This list grew and grew but none of it really got done.

So what I’ve learned from this is that the real enemy and object standing between you and success, is YOU.

It’s ‘Self Vs Self’

So here are some things I’ve achieved last year –

  • Reached over quarter of a million views on my Lucid Dreaming site
  • Reached over 500 subscribers to my email list
  • Received over 100 emails from people saying how much my articles emails and videos have helped them
  • Learned how to market something
  • Developed a business plan
  • Doubled my confidence and speaking skills
  • Gained much better control over my emotions

And lots more little things as well. But, it could have been double or even triple that if I’d just stayed consistent!

And this is really what I would advise anyone reading this to do. Decide what you need to do, start doing it and KEEP doing it. Don’t just slack off because you’re seeing some traffic to your site and you don’t think you need to keep writing, or maybe you’re seeing some gains in your workout routine so you don’t need to eat healthily this month.. No.

Get rid of that idea entirely. It’s a grind, and results are not going to come from just exerting bursts of energy into yourself and your business, but rather from being a constant source of energy.. Constantly doing the thing day in day out and after a year, you’ll be amazed what you can do.

I became too comfortable

Don’t become too comfortable with your situation. If you’re making £10,000 a month, then why the fuck aren’t you trying to get that to £20,000? Don’t stop being hungry for success, otherwise you’ll find you lose it over time.

If you’re in your dream job, and you’re making enough money then why aren’t you trying to grow the company and become a global force?

You see, and I’m going to have to stop myself from going off at a tangent here, in nature everything expands. You don’t see a tree growing in a confined space, and you don’t see a lion just deciding not to eat because it doesn’t feel like it.. But because society has evolved to the point that many of us don’t NEED to strive for higher things, we get comfortable.

It’s easy to just sit on benefits in a council house and watch TV in the evening, and you lose that drive.. That survival/creative instinct where you’ll do anything to succeed..

Don’t settle for just mediocrity.. Be incredible. It’s within all of us. But anyway, back to the post..

I reached a plateau

So about halfway through the year I got to a point where I wasn’t really writing posts as much. Maybe I just didn’t know what to write about? But that wasn’t an excuse, because I should have been working so hard on myself and on reading and consuming new ideas, that I should have been DESPERATE to share them.

But I had reached a plateau and looking back I know how I could have escaped it.

And it’s not through some magic trick or gimmick, it would have just taken consistency. I just needed to keep writing.. To keep looking for those opportunities and coming up with new ideas. I’ve now come up with an idea which I’m putting into action this year.. And that is to create a recognizable brand and authority around Transcend Your Limits, not just on the blogging scene, but YouTube and other platforms too..

Exciting stuff right, but I could have done this 6 months ago, and I’d be in a much better place right now. But that’s okay, because I’ve learned from it. So yeah, this post can really be summed up with one word – Consistency.

What I’m going to do this year

This wouldn’t be a very helpful post if I didn’t also include a suggestion for what you should do this year (Whenever you’re reading this). And this is what I think is important right now. It might be different next time, but for now it’s this..

Whatever you’re doing, make sure you really ‘Think’ about what you’re doing. If you’re making a YouTube channel, why? What are you trying to do?

In my case, it’s to build the audience and to help people. To reach new people who I might never have found without being on that platform.

So think about the things you’re doing, and when you know WHAT you need to do, just keep doing it!

One such thing I’m finding hard to keep up with is promotion of my articles.. I find that I write them and spend a long time on them but I don’t promote them.. And that’s just silly!

There are lots of people out there who would benefit from what I share, so I’m going to spend more time promoting the articles and content I produce and sharing it with the world.

But above all else guys, Stay consistent and KEEP.GOING.