Honest Review Of Ultimate Mind Mastery Updated For 2018

IMPORTANT: It seems this course has been cancelled and is no longer available. All the links on this page will redirect to my list of useful resources for personal development, until the course becomes available again! Sorry about this! 

The personal development package known as ‘Ultimate mind mastery’ can be summarized as a huge collection of interviews and phone calls with inspiring people.

It’s a course/series of lessons or calls that will inspire you and motivate you to become a better person. It is focused on sharing a different (or many different) ways of thinking, so that you may adopt these ways of thinking as your own, or better still use them and apply them to your own personal life and problems.

The best way to change your habits or learn something new is to immerse yourself in it, it’s the same with learning a new language, you want to completely surround yourself with the new way of thinking.

And that’s what this product aims to do, to immerse you in a new way of thinking so that you may improve your life and alter your (possibly negative) ways of thinking. In this review of ultimate mind mastery I’m going to explain what you get, as well as the good or bad points about it. Let’s start with what you actually get..

What’s included in mind mastery?

As I mentioned, almost the entire product (there are bonuses as well) is a series of phone calls or interviews with people. These interviews and calls can be up to an hour long..

ultimate mind mastery review,how long are the calls in ultimate mind mastery,

They talk about things like success, motivation, finding your path, and much,, much more. Because the phone calls are so long, it’s probably best to download them (which you can do by clicking on the link next to each one) and listen to them as you would a podcast, maybe while you’re going for a walk or on your way to work.

Ultimate mind mastery contains a ‘getting started’ PDF document, which introduces the course and shows you what you’re going to get. It summarizes the conversations you’re about to listen to and how you can use the product. It gives you a good idea of what you can expect and what each section covers.

ultimate mind mastery review,mind mastery review

The contents of the product are laid out in a sidebar on a private site, part of which is shown above. They are listed on the left hand side and you are able to download each call, (that’s what I’d do) so you can easily listen to them on the go.

ultimate mind mastery review

Who is Ultimate mind mastery for?

It’s for those people who want to learn a new way of thinking, and who want to be able to listen to conversations and interviews with successful people for several hours. To be able to truly immerse yourself in the way of thinking, and to be able to learn a lot about happiness, success and manifestation.

I think there’s a lot of value to be taken away from this, and it’s something I’d recommend, however there are a couple of things I think could be done differently, and I’ll explain those in a moment.

The good?

What I like about Ultimate mind mastery is that the content is easy to find, and it’s laid out nicely in a good looking website. You’re able to download the files, (which I think is important for this type of content) and listen to them in your own time.

Displayed on the site are prominent links and places where you can contact the owner and ask questions. I think this is also important, as if I have questions, (and I’m sure you’re the same) it’s nice to have somewhere you can go to actually get them answered.

the content is great in terms of giving you a new way of thinking, and I think there’s a lot of potential for this to have a positive impact on people’s lives. It really can alter your way of thinking and in almost no time at all you’ll find yourself approaching problems and things differently than you have before.

You get 2-3 bonus Ebooks which cover related topics! These bonuses are in one case over a hundred pages long, and contain a LOT of information.

ultimate mind mastery review,honest review of ultimate mind mastery

The not so good?

This is after all, my HONEST review of ultimate mind mastery, so I’m going to be honest. I don’t like the fact that the main bulk of the content is in audio format. It’s nice for some reasons, (you can listen while doing something else) but me personally, I like to have something to read and study in my own time, and I find that audio tends to ‘guide me through’ things at a pace I have no control over.

Again, this is just me personally. The audio files DO have a little writeup underneath, explaining what you can learn from each one, and how you can apply it to your life, but I’d have liked a little more on the writing and Ebook side of things.

Final notes

I’d suggest you buy this product, as it offers a huge amount of value and you’ll notice your way of thinking changes pretty quickly. To get your hands on it, click here and watch the full video! It’s important to realize that this is not a ‘quick fix’ and it will take a LONG time to go through all of the awesome content that’s included here.

I’m talking about hours of time, it’s not something you can just ‘skim through’ so if you’re interested and want to take the leap, watch the video and go and get it!