Here is a collection of all our digital courses, ebooks and guides on things like being Vegan, becoming a digital nomad and making money online. You can also find some lovely guides here for things like starting a website, and much more. Clicking each link takes you to a new tab so you won’t lose your place!

Health and Veganism Ebooks

  • The Vegan Superpowers guide: Learn how to attain superpowers compared to non-vegan people, and how you can use diet to optimise and improve your body, brain and life, AND how to do it cheaper than you’ve currently been eating
  • Liquid brainpower: A complete guide to making smoothies and soups with Vegan ingredients that will boost your brainpower and literally change and improve your brain
  • Vegan Baking for Beginners (BRAND NEW): A very easy to follow cookbook for vegan brain boosting baked snacks!

Ebooks about becoming a digital nomad

  • The Digital Nomad Mindset (coming soon): How to travel the world, earn 10 times more than you are now, and become wealthy from anywhere, on your terms. The Nomad mindset teaches you how to shift your thinking from employee to Entrepreneur and attract wealth to you!
  • The Travel Guide To Anywhere (coming soon): How to make the most out of where you go with this template travel guide, so that you’ll always experience everything you possible can in the new places you travel to!