4 Thought Provoking Theories Of Existence: Why Are We Alive?


So this post is sort of a fun post, it’s going to include 4 of my theories of why we could be here. Why we’re alive, and why the world is even in existence. My belief in reality is that of an agnostic. I neither belief there is a god nor do I dismiss it as impossible.

In my opinion, anything is possible, and the truth is we really don’t know when it boils down to it. We have theories, and everyone has an opinion, but we really don’t know how we got here, and what life is all about. So this is going to be a little bit of fun, just me sharing my ideas of possible explanations for us being here.

Theory #1 – It’s all a dream

Everything’s a dream. The entire world, and all of the sights, sounds and sensations you experience are part of a dream. How can you prove otherwise? After all, ‘real’ is just electrical signals interpreted by your brain. Think about that for a second, that means that this ‘reality’ is just your brain making sense of the signals it’s receiving.

Isn’t that the definition of a dream? Your brain interpreting electrical signals. It’s all in your mind. When you look around at the world in a dream, you see things just the same, and it all feels just as real to you. Unless you know how to Lucid Dream, which is the art of becoming self aware in your dreams, you assume it’s real.

A scary thought I suppose, that everything’s a dream, but it’s possible.. and at the end of the day, if I said to you prove that this life is real, how would you do it? By going up to me and prodding me, saying ‘You felt that, didn’t you?’ But then, in a dream someone could do exactly the same, and it would feel just as real.

Theory #2 – You are everything

Maybe you are in fact, everything that exists. It’s all you. This is bordering on Buddhist thought actually, that you are one with the universe, but it’s possible. Everything in this world is you, and you are everything. It’s all part of you, even though you’re not aware of the other parts of you, just in the same way that you can’t beat your heart, you just let it beat.

You can’t control the parts of your body that are automatic, for example, you can’t..

  • Try to go to sleep. You have to let yourself go to sleep.
  • Try to pump blood round your veins. It’s done for you.
  • Try to control your body temperature. And in the same way,
  • You can’t try to make the sun rise, you just do it. It’s you..

Everything is you, and you control it in the same way that you control your own body, some things are done automatically for you, and just as you can’t control the secretion of hormones you can’t control the weather or the lives of others, they’re just part of you and exist in harmony. This video from Alan Watts explains it in more detail..

Theory #3 – The world is an egg

This idea actually came to me in a dream the other night. I was laying in my bed when I was dragged up by a mysterious energy source, it caused me to rise out of the bed and through the ceiling, up towards the sky. Eventually I came to a light room with a tall figure in a hooded gown. He/she had no face, there was just blue light pouring out of the hood..

The figure showed me a table. This table was ornate and the legs had diamonds and gold all over them, the table top had a velvet top and a small tray was sitting in the middle. The tray had what seemed to be about 9 ‘marbles’, layer out in a grid each in a little egg cup-like holder.

Why are we alive on earth

The figure said to me that each one is a universe. An entire universe, just like the one I’d just come from in my bed in the small village in which I live. The figure went on, ‘Each universe is an egg, an egg to hatch a new god, or one of us’. It said, ‘When you have lived the lives of everyone inside this egg, and experienced everything throughout all of time, you will have the knowledge, wisdom and power to hatch, and become a god like us.

A profound dream, right? Maybe this entire universe is an egg to hatch one person, or maybe Theory number 2 is correct as well, and you are everything in this universe, this is all you, and me. It’s all one, and when every life has been experienced, we’ll hatch. We’ll become a god, in the ‘real world’.

Theory #4 – You are the universe discovering itself

This one is a little more abstract. You are the universe and it’s discovering itself every second of every day. The universe so to speak is one organism. One thing, and it’s becoming more and more aware of itself every second that passes. For a period of time, the universe inflicted harm on itself, or rather, a small part of the universe (earth) inflicted hair on it, but that time is passing.

As people become more aware of themselves and where they are, and more importantly, what they are, the harm stops and the universe becomes more and more peaceful. As people become more aware, they start to work towards improving the world, developing cures for disease, learning more about ourselves and the environment around us, which is all in fact, us.

We’re the universe and we’re just starting to ‘look in the mirror’ so to speak and realise that we’re all part of the same thing.

Do we really know why we’re here?

These are just my theories of existence. The truth is we don’t’ really know why we’re here, what we are, or where we’re going. There are so many mysteries in life that it’s impossible to say there’s a definite answer for anything. All we can do, really, is to create so called ‘laws’ of physics, of nature etc and pretend that we know what we’re talking about.

The thing is, laws are simply observed regularities in the way things behave. The sun doesn’t rise because it’s 6 in the morning, it rises of it’s own accord, we simply use time as a way to measure when things happen. Time is entirely man made, the same as measurement, weight, money and temperature.

We’re all traveling through life together, maybe we are all one; part of the same organism, but we don’t know. The best we can do is to be kind and honest to each other, and revel in this exciting adventure.

Love others without reason, because for all we know, when you love others, you could actually be loving yourself. Thanks for reading.