10+ Really Thought Provoking Questions To Ponder

Take a few moments out of your day to just relax and think for a change. This is a list of the most thought provoking questions ever, some of these will really make you stop and think. 

I’ve included little videos and the odd picture as well, just to make it more interesting!

List of the most thought provoking questions ever

1: What do you most hope people will say at your funeral?

Will they be happy? Sad? What will people actually say about you, and why? this is an important question because it makes you think about the legacy you’re leaving behind, and how people will remember you.

2: If God is an all powerful being, why do people suffer?

A religious question is always an interesting one, but think about it, if god is real and all powerful, is he choosing to inflict pain on t he world? Is he choosing to make bad things happen? Or is he just choosing to let us do bad things, and then not do anything to stop it?

3: Is being a conscientious objector in war a morally acceptable choice?

Or should you just stay out of it all, because there are so many complex reasons for everything that having an opinion about it can be confusing and difficult, and very much based on what information and stories you’ve heard or been exposed to.

4: How much free speech should Nazi sympathizers have in society?

Free speech means everyone gets to have an opinion and share that opinion, about anything. But what about when that opinion goes against what 99% of the world believe? Should they still be allowed to share it?

5: Which mistake of yours would you advise the younger generation to avoid?

Even if you’ve only been alive for about 25 years or so, you’ve still lived, so what mistakes do you think you’ve made that you wouldn’t want others to make?

6: What is the most noble thing a person can do?

How do you decide what’s the most noble? Is it up to you? The majority of people? Who decides?

7: Which experience most shaped you into who you are today?

8: If you were brainwashed, trapped or stuck in a system, would you even know?

Most of us are brainwashed by the system, but we’re unaware of it. I’m not going to say much more about this, except I’m going to give you a hint: Read my book about Veganism, and learn how to make money doing what you love. Trust me.

9: If you had unlimited money, what would you do?

This is a good one, because it makes you think, if you didn’t have to go to work, to pay for your house or car etc, and you had unlimited time and money, WHAT would you do every day? This helps you decide what’s really important.

10: If you could flash forward in time to when you’re 90, would you STILL do what you’re about to do today/this week/this year?

Or would you change your life, and do the things that you LOVE and the things that really matter? No one lays on their death bed and says ‘I’m so glad I spent so much time in the office, working’.

11: Think about the best moment/s of your life. Are they things that happen regularly? If not, why not?

Let’s say your best moment is travelling round Thailand and making new friends on the beach, why don’t you do this more often? The things that make your life enjoyable should be the things that you do regularly, again and again! Don’t live a boring life. Please!