Why Would You Want To Meditate?

Imagine that your mind is like this pool of water.

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If it’s choppy and the water is moving all the time, you could say that the pool is a restless chaotic place.

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If instead, you take time every now and then to shelter the pool, it becomes calm and still.

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The mind needs calming and detaching from every day chaotic thoughts and stimulus. There are MANY reasons why meditation is good for you, not just for your emotions and thoughts/feelings but for your physical body as well.

The main sort of goal or purpose of meditation could be described as – ‘Expanding your consciousness, and increasing your sense of self’.

There are of course many other things it does to you, like reduce stress, increase confidence, happiness, peace, makes you feel more ‘at home’ in the world, and more.. But the main essence of it is to expand your consciousness. Your awareness that you exist at all.

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I’d like to introduce you to a little idea.. The idea that your mind is like a fertile piece of land, and that whatever you plant in the mind, it will return to you. If you plant weeds (Negative thoughts) you’ll get more of that. If you plant flowers (Positive thoughts) you get more of that.

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The problem is that you can’t always CHOOSE what you plant in your mind.. Your subconscious mind that is. The massive part of your brain that controls your breathing, blood flow, internal organ temperature, interprets signals from your 5 senses and much more.

This part of your brain is like the bigger part of the iceberg, with your CONSCIOUS mind being the tip of the iceberg.

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Now, everything you either hear, see, touch, smell or think or feel is stored in your subconscious mind. It keeps it all, and the more you focus on or experience something, the more you’ll attract more of the same thing.

It’s like a magnet… The more time and effort you spend on one particular thing, the stronger that little magnet becomes and it attracts more of the same into your life.

What are you focusing on,your mind contains magnets,focus on the positive,law of attraction,

You may already know this, but I’;m going to now link it to the importance of meditation. So meditation is essentially sitting or laying down, and just ‘being’.

Focusing on nothing but yourself in this present moment. You can do deep breathing exercises, focus on the physical sensation of your body against the chair, or you can focus on the weightlessness of your body and shift your focus to a point above your body.

There are many different types of meditation but they all serve the same purpose. To increase our consciousness. The most basic type of meditation is just to sit down, and to breath for 10 minutes. Every time you drift into thoughts and memories, the moment you catch yourself doing it, bring the focus back to the breathing.

Now without going too much into the science, doing this daily will bring you a number of benefits..

  • You’ll feel more relaxed
  • You’ll feel more confident and ‘at peace’
  • Things which before seemed hard now seem easy
  • You can focus and hold your focus on things much easier
  • Your happiness comes from within
  • You can control your emotions MUCH better
  • You decide what upsets you

Now, the implications of these benefits are massive. Imagine for a second that your body is a giant computer, and each part is connected in some way to every other part. Every thought you have either directly or indirectly affects the rest of your body.

So, if you get upset over the smallest things, over time and if it keeps happening, you’ll get ‘chronically stressed’ which means your digestion becomes less effective, you’re always depressed so you don’t eat right, never have energy and you can’t focus.

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And that’s just ONE thing that could happen. Meditation stops that.. This is why you should learn to meditate because you can control your emotions and just ‘feel better’ almost on demand. Having the ability to almost ‘detach’ from negative situations will let you live a healthier and happier life!

So how do you meditate?

Is it easy? Well.. Yes it is!

The basic act of meditation can be done by either laying or sitting down and just breathing.

Of course, there are many, many other techniques, and all sorts of types of guided meditation, focused and transcendent meditation.. But you don’t NEED to try them all.You can get a great meditation session just in your room with a music track coming through your headphones.

The place to get started is with Ennora.

Ennora is a provider or ‘Binaural beats’ which are soundtracks that guide your meditation and make it more effective. If I could suggest ONE thing to use for meditation, it would be Ennora. I have written a review on this if you’re interested.

Have a look at their site, and read the explanation they give on binaural beats. It’s really worth getting.. Anyway aside from that, here’s a little meditation technique to get started..

A basic meditation technique

1. Sit or lay down comfortably

The first step is to just get comfortable. You’re going to be sitting or laying down for about 10-20 minutes. Make sure you’re comfortable before you begin.

2. Start with open eyes

Focus on something in the room but don’t look at it with full focus. Just have a soft gaze and relax into the situation.

3. Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth

Just start breathing deeply and loudly in through the nose and out through the mouth. Do this for about 10 breaths, then close your eyes when it feels right.

4. Breath normally now, and be aware of your body

Just breath normally, but with each in breath count 1, then each outbreath is 2, in is 3 out is 4 etc.. Count like this up to 10, then start again from 0.

As you’re doing this, focus on the physical sensations of your body. What does the chair feel like? The floor? Are you tense in any areas? Just be aware of it all.

5. Let sounds and smells come to you

Be aware of the space around you but don’t actively try to work it all out. Just notice what you’re experiencing.. Can you smell anything? Can you hear anything around you? Don’t judge it or anything, just know it.

6. Now go back to breathing and counting, and do this for the next 10-20 minutes.

That’s it, just keep doing that until your timer (Which you could set on your phone for 20 minutes) goes off.

That’s why you should want to meditate..

Hopefully I’ve given a few reasons and perspectives on why you should want to meditate every morning. I say morning because it’s just my personal best time to do it, but everyone’s different, so find what works best for you. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends or anyone you think would benefit from it! Thanks for reading.

Using Binaural beats for meditation

Binaural beats are a way of ‘hacking’ your mind and optimising the meditation. It’s sort of like ‘guiding’ your brainwaves into the state of mind you want to achieve. A great package for this is ‘Ennora’. Click here now to check it out, and if you do purchase a meditation package, let me know about your results!