Work Hard Play Hard!

I haven’t done anything for the last 2 days.

Other than socializing, relaxing and working out.. and I think that’s okay. Let me explain why. As a blogger, and as an aspiring businessman/entrepreneur, I’ve been told and have learned that it’s important to really work hard every single day and to do what I love, in order to be happy.

The thing is, I write a personal development blog. So my thoughts I share here are always going to be personal and related to getting better and improving as a person. In order to keep sharing content of this type, I need to keep getting better.

Work hard but play harder

It’s not going to be any good if I KEEP sharing the same content, or keep only talking about meditation and waking up early, because those things are what I’ve already achieved. Instead, and in order to keep this blog fresh and useful, I need to share what’s working in my life on an ongoing basis.

Now I could chat about recent events and explain how I’ve not been as motivated to work on my websites because of recent events, but that wouldn’t help you. Instead, I’m just going to say that things have been hard recently, and no doubt things will be difficult in the future as well.

Life is hard.

There are struggles, failures, challenges and pain. It’s all part of the game, but what’s important is of course how we deal with those struggles.

Work Hard, Play Harder

Something I’ve learned and sort of just ‘done’ through this challenging time in my life is just to keep working on myself. I know I have to run my business and blog and ‘stay on the grind’ but I think more importantly than that, is myself.

Working on yourself doesn’t just mean eating the right food and getting enough sleep, I mean other things as well, like –

  • Working out and keeping fit
  • Seeing friends and people that raise you up
  • Getting your mindset and emotions in control and working FOR you no against you
  • Planning the future and re-evaluating what you’re doing
  • Thinking about your habits and how you could improve your daily output

And there are some more as well.

The point is, you don’t have to just focus on the ‘thing’ you’re doing, but focus more on who’s doing it. In my example, I’m a personal development blogger trying to earn passive and active income from my blogging efforts. Usually I tell myself that I need to write every day and keep reaching out to people, which is of course important but I think that I come first.

If I need to spend time with friends to feel a bit better and have a change of scenery, that’s okay. In fact, it’s more than okay, it’s necessary. I’m going on holiday for 10 days soon, and I’ll have a much needed break. I’ll relax, and turn 21 in another country.

It’s going to be a good time, and when I return I’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle all of my blogging and business challenges.

That’s the thing I’ve learned in the last week, is that when things get too much just focus on the basics, go and see some friends, workout, eat some nice food, relax, go for a walk. Enjoy life without thinking too much about what you ‘must do’. While goals are of course important, there are times when you just need to ‘play’ and in some cases (My 21st being the example) play as hard as you work.

Being a personal development blogger

Going with the ‘work hard play hard’ theme still, being a blogger talking about personal development, I need to actually have new experiences in order that I can grow, learn and share the information. If I just write every day, I’m not really learning anything new, and so it’s important to go out, to explore, to travel and to learn new things.

It gives you more to write about! And so if you’re reading this and you’re also a blogger, consider taking a little break and going out into the world to learn. Don’t have any ‘goal’ in mind for a few days and just ‘be’. Experience the things around you and you’ll have much more to write about when you get back to ‘work’.

Work hard, Play hard guys.