Want to know how to read body language?

You can tell a lot about a person just by looking at them. Reading body language can give away so much. What is important to remember here, is that these are generalisations and are not always true, but these are things which could mean certain things about people.

Don’t identify one of these and then instantly assume something about them. Just consider that these are tell-tale signs that something might be true about a person. They are little tricks for reading body language which you can use to better understand people by the way they carry themselves.

They don’t hold true all the time, and you need to remember that;

  • Some people are exceptions.
  • It doesn’t apply to everyone.
  • They might be acting or dressing out of character.
  • When reading body language, you are making assumptions based on common themes.

Details you can uncover by reading body language

It’s a skill and an art to be good at reading body language, you have to identify the persons usual behavior and then look for a change in that baseline. To start with though, just try identifying tell tale signs such as the ones listed below.

Reading people and their bodies

1. Confident people walk with their chest further out

They will strut forwards with their chest first and they will not be afraid of making eye contact. This type of body language is easy to read. They will also tend to move a little bit slower than the rest because they’re relaxed and not worried about the little things.

2. Clothing can reveal personality

Look at what they’re wearing, and what clothing choices they’ve made. Would a reliable business man wear a torn pair of jeans with a studded belt? No.

Generally speaking if they’d wear smart clothing, they tend to be organized and efficient. Don’t confuse this with people wearing suits for their job, I’m talking about casual ‘outside work’ clothing.

The clothes people choose to wear in their own time. If they’re wearing things which have bright colors, lots of images etc, they could be crying out for attention, they could be insecure and need constant attention and compliments.

3. The way they look at you reveals how rich they are

If they look at you with a ‘vacant’ sort of look, as if to say they’re not interested in you, and they keep checking either the time or their surroundings, they could be rich.

This is because rich people are less interested in maintaining a conversation with someone, or at least they are somewhat preoccupied. They tend to be focused on other things, like what their stocks are doing, or how well their companies are performing.

4. Eyes can reveal character

This is different for everyone, but if you look into someones eyes, you get a ‘snap judgment’ of that person, if they’re a good person or not, and what type of hobbies etc they might have.

Everyone can do this and you probably do it already when you meet people. Eyes give away so much and there’s no way to stop it. This is part of reading body language because the eyes are directly connected to your thoughts, some thoughts move your eyes without you being aware of it.

The next time you meet someone new, look in their eyes first of all and see what impression you get.

5. Do they scan the environment?

If they do, They might have been/be in the army or security.

People that have been in dangerous situations or situations involving danger and violence develop a way of scanning the environment for danger.

They look through groups of people and assess at a distance if someone is dangerous. They do this in a calm fashion to read body language without appearing obvious.. When they do this they might look in the distance, or as they’re looking at a crowd they’ll look at a person, assess them and then disregard them; sort of look through them to find other people to assess.

People give away these little details just by walking down the street and almost everyone is unaware how much people can learn about them by just reading body language. If you enjoyed this article, please share it, or have a read of our other articles, shown below!