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This is the official main page for the Transcend Your Limits personal development and spirituality podcast, which you can find on all major platforms online. This podcast is about:

  • Personal development
  • Self help and growth
  • Biohacking and lifehacking
  • Motivation and life advice
  • Travel lifestyle and tips

This podcast can be found by just searching your podcasting platform for ‘Transcend Your Limits’. 

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Useful Resources

Here you can find some of the useful things I might mention in my podcast episodes a lot. 

  • Mind Lab Pro: The most powerful nootropic I’m aware of, and one I use every day. This is what lets me focus for hours on end, get lots of things done, and become more creative.
  • My Travel Vlogs: If you’ve ever heard me mention one of my trips or adventures, I’ve probably filmed most of it and put it on this channel
  • My Main YouTube channel: This is where you’ll find lots of videos about motivation, lifehacking, biohacking and more. This is my main channel, and many of my podcast episodes come FROM this channel (I take the audio and put it as a podcast)
  • Bookmark this page because I do update it and add things every now and then. You’ll also find any promotions, special gifts or time sensitive things I do relating to the podcast on this page. 

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