Nootropics might just be the smart drugs of the future, and a way for us to transcend our limitations and become better people. They let us think more, faster and more effectively. Let’s explore!

People are always looking for the next best thing that will help them increase their productivity and cognition. Oftentimes, people take an assortment of herbs and other natural products to help them increase their efficiency.

Many of these naturally occurring substances have been known to provide some sort of cognitive benefits. However, as with most natural products results vary based on the person.

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Hold on, what are Nootropics?

There is a definite need for safe products that help people to effectively increase their cognition and performance. Although there are some natural substances that do this, the formulation of products that are directly geared towards cognition enhancement has not always been a main focus until the creation of nootropics.

Nootropics have become a legal, safe way for people to maximize their cognition.

Gone are the days of relying on overly caffeinated drinks and pills in order to increase mental and physical stamina. Nootropics truly are the smart drugs of the future that are proving to be a safe way to get revved up.

What are nootropics

Nootropics are what many consider to be the smart drugs up the future. These smart drugs are actually made of an assortment of ingredients that are linked to improving cognition, concentration and other abilities. Nootropics are often sold in both capsule and powdered form, and they are increasingly used by individuals that want to boost their existing abilities without adverse side effects.

Romanian chemist Corneliu Giurgea is the first to use the word nootropics in 1972 to describe a variety of compounds that have the ability to improve cognition. In general, there is not an official criterion for what constitutes a nootropic. However, some general characteristics of nootropics include:

  • The ability to improve brain functioning safely
  • Does not include harmful ingredients/substances
  • Increases the memory recall
  • May help repair and/or improve brain functioning under less favorable circumstances

In general, a nootropic allows individuals to have more control over their inherent brain chemistry in a safe manner. Thus,  there are a wide assortment of nootropics currently available on the market.

Why would you want to use nootropics?

As a smart drug of the future, there are a variety of reasons why people choose to use nootropics. Given that nootropics are relatively safe in their consumption, many find that incorporating nootropics in their daily health regimens has consistently improved their overall well-being.

Here are some of the main benefits and exciting reasons people are turning to nootropics:

  • Studying: Gone are the days of  consuming tons of coffee just to stay awake to study for an important exam. Nootropics make it a lot easier for individuals to make the most of their study session. The added benefits of memory recall and better overall brain function is a benefit to anyone that needs to retain information. Just as nootropics are beneficial for the studying process, they are also beneficial for test-taking as they have been proven to help reduce anxiety and assist with helping individuals maximize their brain power while under pressure.
  • Physical Endurance: Individuals are using nootropics in order to increase their physical endurance. Nootropics can give people that extra push during their workouts and sports training. It is for this reason, that  many active individuals such as athletes boast the benefits of using these performance enhancers that are safe and “drug-free”. Overall Well-Being-Nootropics, in their various forms, provide a number of benefits for  overall health and well-being. From helping patients with Alzheimer’s increase their  memory recall to reducing levels of anxiety and stress and even improving sleep patterns, nootropics are providing a number of exceptional benefits to those seeking improvement in their mental, emotional and physical well-being.
  • Communication/Socialization: Anyone that has ever experienced issues with communication often note a block between what they think and what they want to say. This blockage can make it very difficult for people to effectively communicate even when they know what they want to relate to others. Nootropics can assist with mental clarity which makes it more possible for people to effectively communicate with others. Likewise, nootropics can also alleviate feelings of anxiety which can make it difficult for people to communicate as effectively as they desire.

Getting the Most from Nootropics

While nootropics provide a host of benefits, it is important for people to understand how to properly incorporate the use of these smart drugs into their health regimens in order to experience the ultimate effectiveness.

One of the most important aspects of using nootropics it’s not only understanding  their benefits but also understanding their limitations. Nootropics are enhancers. They are not miracle smart drugs that will upon consumption turn the average person into a genius.

This is very important to understand because oftentimes people tend to think that consuming large amounts of   nootropics while increase their benefits. This is not always necessarily true. It is up to the user to determine how frequently they should use an enhancer such as a nootropic in order to obtain the optimal benefits from this type of smart drug.

Such factors as the type of nootropic used, the frequency of usage, as well as the consistency of usage all play an important part in maximizing the benefits of nootropics.

Ultimately, nootropics offer a safe way to maximize cognitive potential. Those that choose to use nootropics are urged to thoroughly research the wide assortment of the nootropics that are currently being offered in order to determine which ones are most suitable for their personal needs.

I wrote a super long post about my experiences with nootropics over 6 months. It’s very interesting and shows you what you can achieve in just a few months when using these things. 

Where to buy nootropics online in 2019

The best place to buy nootropics sort of depends on what you’re after, but here are some of the main ones and what they’re supposed to do:

  • CILTEP: A nootropic aimed at permanently improving brain function. The idea is you take these for 6 months, and your brain is forever changed for the better. You can choose to leave it at that, or keep taking them and keep improving.
  • Mind Lab Pro: A recent addition to my stack, but it’s shot straight to the top! Very powerful blend that can really help you focus for long periods of time.
  • OptiNeuro: A powerful nootropic for extended study or working and focus periods. Very effective, this is probably our favourite as it gives instant results and you notice it on day one.
  • Alpha Brain: A powerful nootropic that can help you to boost your memory and make your dreams more vivid. (See our review of Alpha brain here)
  • Nootropic coffee like Kimera: Only available in the UK but nootropic coffees are coffee infused with nootropic compounds. Very effective and the effect last a long time.