Nootropics are taking the world by storm, and with so many new nootropics being released every week, how can you ever decide which one to try?

I’ve spent the last 6 months testing nootropics, and journalling my results, and I can now look back and see what went well, and what didn’t go so well. I’ve found some pretty reliable patterns and tips for using nootropics, which I’ll explain in this post.

Firstly, let’s not get carried away, I want to explain what nootropics are, what you can expect, and why you might want to use them. There are lots of things you could try, and it’s important to do your own research before trying any of them.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are smart drugs, or cognitive enhancers. You can get nootropics that can do a wide range of things but mainly they focus on boosting your brainpower in some way or another, for example:

  • Improving your memory
  • Improving your cognitive powers and mental sharpness
  • Increasing blood flow to the brain
  • Making your memories easier to access and call up
  • Improving your ability to focus on one or more things for a prolonged period of time

And so on. In fact there are nootropics that have lots of effects, and some only have one effect. The best ones are the ones that affect your entire brain and boost every aspect of it, holistically. They tend to be much more expensive however, as they include more ingredients usually.

It’s not very common that a single ingredient will be able to do more than one or two things.

So for the best nootropic benefits, you’ll need to combine ingredients to get the benefits of all the ingredients. This is why the best nootropics tend to be the most expensive ones, USUALLY.

Now, this post is more of a journal of my experiences and some tips for using nootropics in genera. I’m not reviewing any particular nootropic here, as over the course of the 6 months I’ve been on and off of various nootropics.

Which nootropics did I try?

For those who are interested, here are the nootropics I’ve been trying over the last 6 months:

  • CILTEP: A nootropic aimed at permanently improving brain function. The idea is you take these for 6 months, and your brain is forever changed for the better. You can choose to leave it at that, or keep taking them and keep improving.
  • Mind Lab Pro: A recent addition to my stack, but it’s shot straight to the top! Very powerful blend that can really help you focus for long periods of time.
  • OptiNeuro: A powerful nootropic for extended study or working and focus periods. Very effective, this is probably our favourite as it gives instant results and you notice it on day one.
  • Alpha Brain: A powerful nootropic that can help you to boost your memory and make your dreams more vivid. (See our review of Alpha brain here)
  • Nootropic coffee like Kimera: Only available in the UK but nootropic coffees are coffee infused with nootropic compounds. Very effective and the effect last a long time.

Some days I’d actually use more than one at a time, for example a great stack I found was Mind Lab Pro and Optineuro. You get the best of both worlds and caffeine focus as well as the more natural, long lasting benefits from the Mind Lab Pro.

You can use those links to grab them or learn more about the nootropics, but from here on out this post is just going to be a sort of journal of my experiences. I’m also not going to recommend one nootropic over another in this post, because it really doesn’t matter.

The fact is however, that I was using caffeine based nootropics on most days. I found the best focus I achieved during the 6 months was the day I took Mind Lab Pro and then two hours later, had a medium strength Kimera coffee drink.

I found also that without a doubt, I could experience prolonged focus on one thing like a laser when I was on Kimera coffee. I’m not sure exactly which ingredients caused these effects, which is another reason I can’t really recommend one nootropic over another.

Maybe in the future I’ll do a more detailed study and ONLY use one particular nootropic for a month at a time for example, but for now this is just my general findings with nootropics.

Tips for using nootropics

So as I said my experiences were pretty good across the board.

There were only a few times where I struggled and found myself just procrastinating, which I’ll get into later. Looking back however, these things could have easily been avoided, and I know how to fix these problems in the future.

Also, an important thing to note about this is that I’m NOT suggesting you use nootropics, or that you buy anything in particular. I’ve linked to the nootropics I use at the top, but other than that, please do you own research, and make sure you’re checking interactions between substances and whatever you’re currently already taking.

The main advice for using nootropics

So the golden rule and main thing I’ve noticed for nootropics is that they work MUCH better if you’re already set, mentally. If you’re already able to focus and work on things, that’s the best situation to be in because you’ll get even MORE benefits from the nootropics.

Just like in the film Limitless ‘It works better if you’re already smart’.

Now, I know most people buy nootropics because they can’t focus, and they need to have some extra help with focusing, that’s the whole point of the product, right?

Well, I understand that but it has to be said that nootropics work SO MUCH better when you’ve ALREADY:

  • Got a good diet and health routine
  • Have healthy habits
  • Meditate every morning
  • Have clear, defined goals that you KNOW how to work towards
  • Have a positive mental attitude
  • Know what you need to do to reach your goals (for example, write 5K words a day or design a product etc)

When you already know that, you’ll find nootropics MUCH more useful.

If you don’t have any of that figured out, you might just feel like you’ve had a strong coffee but you’re not really sure what to do with the energy.

The best situation is where you’ve got most of the things I mentioned figured out, and you want something to help you stay on track and focused on exactly what you should be doing. I find that the flow state and focus I get from nootropics is unrivaled. It lets me get so much done, and the flow state becomes the norm for me.

I think also that a lot of the effects tend to STAY with me as well. By using nootropics for so long and constantly training myself to enter the flow state and STAY in the flow state, I’m now more easily able to do it WITHOUT nootropics.

People are often impressed or surprised that I’m able to sit down and just write an article of about 5 thousand words in one sitting with no breaks, and no distractions. Just sitting down, writing and writing until it’s done.

This is something that it seems not many people can do.

People find it very easy to get distracted by their phones, things around them and so on. But I now find it very easy to just sit down and get things done. I don’t lose my focus either, and it’s just as strong after 3-4 hours as it was at the start.

Now, I’m not sure whether that’s a result of the long term nootropic use, or of just practicing getting into flow state so often. But what I can say is that the nootropics certainly helped. At least for the first month or two, they made getting into the flow state MUCH easier.

When nootropics don’t work

A few things I noticed is that certain things can’t be aided by nootropics no matter how many you take. Things like:

  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Not knowing what you want to work on or how to work on it
  • Not feeling motivated in the slightest
  • Being emotionally stressed by something else (A relationship, argument or something like that)
  • Not eating right

Now just a note on that last one, I found that without a doubt the most productive I have ever been, is where I don’t eat anything in the morning. Intermittent fasting is something I’ve been doing for just as long as the nootropics, probably longer.

I don’t eat anything at all from 7PM until 12PM the following day.

This means every 24 hours I have a large chunk of time including overnight where I’m not eating anything at all. I’ll make another post about how this type of fasting works, but it REALLY helps me focus in the morning.

In fact, I’m easily able to get into flow state without any nootropics in this way. Recently I’ve been trying having one Kimera nootropic coffee in the morning on an empty stomach.

I’ve not been able to take actual nootropics in the morning on an empty stomach because I feel sick if I do that (With any supplement, not just nootropics).

So actually I’ve only really been taking nootropics at lunch time to push me through the rest of the afternoon and early evening. Most of my work gets done first thing, without any nootropics, and then I find that my mental energy naturally dips at lunch time. At this time I’ll have some food and take my nootropics.

If you eat a HUGE meal at lunch time though, you can expect to feel sluggish of course.

I always find that I feel terrible if I have a massive meal at lunch time. I think this is the case for everyone, but you can avoid this by just choosing to eat a more healthy meal at lunch time.

I like to eat things like salads, mixed fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy fats like avocado and nuts and seeds. It’s been shown that healthy fats are very healthy for you (of course) and actually provide a better type of energy than carbs and sugars. Not only that but fats provide the brain with the best type of energy.

But going back to the list of things at the top, you can’t overcome bad habits with nootropics. You need to be sleeping right, and there’s almost nothing that can combat being fatigued. Get enough sleep and treat your body right.

Then if you do take nootropics when you’re already living a healthy life, you’ll feel MUCH more benefits from them. I’ve found this to be so true, and I think from my experience that SLEEP and DIET are more important than almost anything else. Sleep is the one you’ll notice the most.

The best things to do for sleep are:

  • Sleep for as close to 8-9 hours as you can manage
  • Don’t have any distracting lights or noises in your room
  • Raise the headboard side of the bed by a few inches (This is called inclined bed therapy and helps with digestion and sleep depth)
  • Meditate every morning and evening just before bed for about 10 minutes
  • Wake up as close to the sunrise time as you can and go outside into the light
  • Make as MUCH light enter your house and eyes as you can during the day (open curtains, walk around outside, sunbathe etc)
  • Make things DARK the hour before bed, don’t look at screens, turn lights down and do relaxing things like reading or yoga

Do all of those things and you’ll experience blissful sleep every night. My sleep now is SO much better than it used to be when I was video gaming late into the night! It’s goes without saying but by getting better sleep, you’ll feel MUCH more mental alert and focused in the day time.

It’s important to also feed your brain the things it needs to function at its best…

Feed your brain the right stuff as well

Here’s the deal about your brain:

It’s like a machine. You need to give it the right fuel in order for it to work at its best. It’s also a super complicated and detailed machine, which can easily be made to function badly by giving it the wrong fuel.

If you for example eat lots of sugars, you’ll experience crashes and mental brain fog. This also goes for foods that are high on the glycemic index like starchy carbs and sugars. In general, follow these rules to give your brain the best diet:

  • Mix carbs with proteins to slow down the sugar that goes into your bloodstream
  • Have vegetables with every meal
  • Every morning (or just once a day at a random time) have a heaped spoonful of fatty seeds like flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, linseeds and sunflower seeds

The seed mix gives your brain the essential fatty acids it needs to produce all kinds of important neurotransmitters in the brain. It’s VERY important and just doing that, you’ll feel like you’re firing on all cylinders.

The difference I feel between when I didn’t eat that stuff and after a few weeks of taking a spoonful a day, is CRYSTAL clear. It’s like before, my brain was functioning on autopilot at 20% of it’s true potential.

So give it a try, and remember that your brain is a powerhouse.

When you feed it what is actually needs, you’ll experience mental clarity and power beyond anything you thought was possible. You’ll be amazed at how capable and incredible your brain actually is.

But most of us actually never experience what it’s like to have their brain working properly. They live EVERY DAY under this heavy carb induced brain fog. Here are some things you can do that will make your brain work better:

  • Exercise every single day even just light exercise like yoga
  • Sleep well and enough (8-9 hours)
  • Feed yourself positive and inspiring thoughts and ideas
  • Never hold onto stress beyond the present moment, let it all go
  • Take a cold shower every day (Increases and improves blood flow)
  • Eat one heaped tablespoon of the seed mix we spoke about
  • Drink at least 2 litres of filtered water every single day (More if it’s a hot day or you exercise)
  • Meditate every single morning for about 10-15 minutes

Do that for about a month and you’ll look back in WONDER.

You’ll feel like before, your brain was ASLEEP all day long. I feel sharp, aware, and it sometimes feels like my brain is literally crackling with electricity when I’m thinking or connecting ideas and thoughts in my head.

Thoughts just happen ‘better’ and faster. It’s like it’s all there, ready for me to just access and connect. This sounds like it’s too good to be true, but think about it carefully for a second..

Deep down, we all know what’s good and bad for us.

You’re reading this article, and I’m telling you how to make your brain work better, but when you really think about it you knew all of that stuff was true. You knew deep down that eating fried fatty foods all the time isn’t GOOD for your brain, right?

You knew that meditating probably doesn’t make you feel WORSE does it?

In fact when you think about people meditating, they always look peaceful, happy, and calm don’t they? So I think deep down we all know roughly what’s good and bad for us.

I just want to remind you of what you already know. In fact the main purpose of this website is less about teaching you things and more about just REMINDING you that you’re fucking limitless, and you can do anything you set your mind to.

Setting goals and knowing what to work on

This leads me nicely onto this section, about goals. You CAN do anything you set your mind to, but the problem is most of us don’t put our mind to ANYTHING!

Generally, we give our brain small, pointless tasks instead of big meaningful ones. We think about what to make for dinner, or what film to download, but we rarely think about our finances, life goals, ambitions or how to realise our life vision and purpose.


Well, there’s lots of theories, but I think it just comes down to comfortability. We get comfortable doing things like going to the same job, getting the same paycheck, watching the game TV shows every night and so on. We have little motivation to strive for more.

And society has been set up this way. In most cases, there’s little motivation to strive for more, and society pressures us to just stay in our lanes. To stay like everyone else. If you start having big ideas, you can get some weird looks from people who aren’t used to thinking big.

Big ideas get big attention and in many cases, big criticism.

Don’t let that put you off though! A lion doesn’t care what sheep think, and you shouldn’t care what people think about your big ideas. If you have a vision, dream goal whatever you want to call it, you should make it your ONLY mission to achieve that goal.

Everything else is a distraction, and a secondary less important task. Now you’re probably thinking why am I going on about life goals and purpose when this is supposed to be a post about how how to use nootropics.

Well because let’s go back to why you WANT to use nootropics..

You want to use nootropics because you want to improve the way your brain functions. You want to get the benefits like increase mental clarity or memory. You want to DO or BE more.

And goals are a huge part of that. The brain and especially the subconscious brain is a goal seeking machine. It will seek out and give you more fo what you focus on. This applies to negative feelings and experiences as much as positive ones.

It doesn’t know the difference, and it will GIVE you whatever you put into it. If you constantly hold your goal in front of you and focus on it every single day, the entire universe will move around you to give you that goal. But that type of thinking is NOT encouraged in many cases.

Instead we’re given these terrible phrases and sayings like:

  • You have to be lucky to be successful
  • You have to work hard to make money
  • Money is limited and doesn’t grow on trees
  • You have to work hard doing something you don’t like just to pay the bills. That’s just life
  • Sometimes you have to sacrifice your dream for reality

None of those things are true. From personal experience, time and time again, I can say that those things are rubbish. Money is abundant, and can flow to you very easily. Hard work is helpful for making money and reaching your goals but not always needed.

Who do you think works harder, the CEO of a new tech company who works 4 hours a day in a nice air conditioned office full of bean bags, or the African farmer, working 18 hour days walking hundreds of miles a week just to get water?

But who do you think earns more?

Now of course money doesn’t always mean happiness, but the belief that hard works is needed to make money is NONSENSE. Money can be attained very quickly and easily if you have the right mindset and method of getting it.

But goals are very important if you’re going to use nootropics. Nootropics are great for helping you focus on something and use your brain, but without a goal it’s like filling up a tank with super fuel, but you, the driver are blindfolded.

Where’s the tank going to go?

Probably nowhere. You can’t just expect to take a nootropic and achieve all your life goals. You need to actually HAVE life goals first, and then the nootropics will help you reach them, by helping you focus on doing the work.

So read my post about how to set goals for your life, and my other post about finding your life purpose. This will help you get on the right track.

I tried taking nootropics on days where I didn’t have a clear vision and it was great, the effects still happened of course, but it wasn’t the same. I ended up frantically absorbing information, reading articles, playing video games at an intense level, and watching random youtube videos.

So the focus will happen when you take nootropics, but you NEED to have something to direct it towards. Don’t be like my friend who takes nootropics just to feel awake, but doesn’t have any goals or visions to work towards! If that’s your desire, just have a coffee and read the paper like everyone else.

Getting into flow state on nootropics

What is flow state?

Well, flow state can be referred to as any of the following:

  • Energized focus
  • Laser focus
  • Being in the zone
  • Being in your own world
  • Losing track of time
  • Experiencing pure creativity

So flow state is quite clearly a good thing. It’s the main if not only goal of writers, artists and in many cases, athletes. It’s always a good thing, and it can be described as a pure feeling of bliss and creativity.

I’ve been lucky to have experienced countless hours and days of flow state in my life, probably more like months or years now. Here’s how I would describe it:

Imagine a time when you’ve been so focused on something, that you lose track of time. Everything else fades away, all your worries, doubts, thoughts and concerns all dissolve into nothing. And what’s left, is a laser like unshakable focus on whatever it is you’re doing.

I’ve had this at the gym where I’ve been so determined to life a certain weight for say 8 reps, that I am completely oblivious to anything else, the people, sounds, movements around me, I don’t see any of it. I just see the bar, and feel my heartbeat.

When you’re writing, it feels like literally the split second you’ve had a thought in your brain, it’s already been typed by your hands. In fact in many cases, the flow states I’ve been getting into lately have been an actual time delay..

So I’ll have thoughts and be thinking about one paragraph ahead of where I’m typing, and then it’s like I’m watching my hands type the words behind my thoughts. It’s magical, and it allows you to just flow and write for hours on end. In fact I’ve been able to sit down and just pour out thousands of words in as little as 1-2 hours.

But what’s even better is that the actual work you do during flow state is great. It’s well formed, high quality, and very good work. I do my best work in flow state, because there are no distractions. I still remember one of the first kindle books I wrote for my lucid dreaming business was in flow state.

I was in Italy at the time, staying with my family and I would get up at 5AM, and bring my laptop to the balcony, looking out over a lovely city. I would enter flow state and fall deeply into the creative vortex, almost instantly. This was a time I wasn’t taking nootropics, so you can imagine my state now with nootropics.

So flow state is the goal, and it can be reached more easily with nootropics, because they literally change and improve the way your brain works. You can also reach it more easily using things like binaural beats, but that’s a topic for another post.

Staying in flow state

Now staying in the flow state is a slightly harder thing to achieve. I think with this, we have to look at what our distractions are. Mainly we’ll be distracted by getting up to get something like a drink or food, a charger for your laptop, or checking your phone.

I’ve not mentioned noises, because to get into flow state you should really just put some noise cancelling headphones on, and listen to some trance music. Trance music has been shown to help people get into flow state, because it has long mixes sometimes hours long. Also, the music is repetitive, and helps your brain get into a state of focus.

So your headphones are on, but you can still be distracted by other things. Here’s what I would suggest you do to limit distractions and stay in flow state longer:

  • Have a charger for your laptop in every room of your house that you might work in. This means you won’t have to break your flow to go to another room to grab your charger
  • Turn your phone off or on silent mode, and put it in another room. You don’t even want to see the screen or know it’s there to check
  • Make sure no people are going to walk up and distract you. Again, this is much easier if you work from home or for yourself
  • Listen to trance music through headphones, and ideally have a playlist set up for 6 hours or more, so you’ll never need to break your flow to change the song or skip adverts
  • Don’t have any social media tabs or emails that could make noises open on your laptop. I literally just write in a blank pages document, so that even if the internet dies, I won’t notice while I’m typing

Doing those things will help keep you in flow state for longer. Now going back to using nootropics, here’s what I would suggest based on my experience.

Nootropics typically take about half an hour to take effect.

The thing is, if you sit around waiting for them to kick in, you’ll already be distracted. I found the best way to get into the creative vortex using nootropics is to take them and then INSTANTLY start working.

As soon as you’ve swallowed the pills, start working and getting into flow state. This way by the time they kick in, you’ll be too busy to notice and you’ll naturally ride the flow of creativity naturally, using the nootropics as a boost.

I started doing this and noticed on the first try that I had just sat and worked, without eating for 7 hours. The work had stayed the same, and my brain had performed at peak levels and entire time. Now I do have to warn you that if you’re working for 7 hours or more on highly demanding mental stuff, your brain will feel tired.

We have limited energy in our brains and muscles, and we need to refuel like any machine. So you need to also make time to eat and eat the right foods as well as taking nootropics. Even in the movie Limitless, he had to eat in order to function at his best on the nootropic.

The best nootropic routine

The best daily routine I’ve found that includes nootropics is the following.. This is for optimal brain health and mental performance, and it’s focused around my work which is mainly making videos, typing and writing.

  • Wake up (Around 5-6AM)
  • Write my dreams down, and write in my journal about yesterday
  • Meditate for 15 minutes
  • Go through my goals, affirmations and todo list for the day
  • WORK for several hours without eating ANYTHING (At this stage I also sometimes take a nootropic coffee like Kimera)
  • Eat a small healthy lunch and towards the end of the meal take my nootropic stack which is: Multivitamin, Mind Lab Pro, Optineuro, and sometimes Performance Lab Mind or Energy
  • GET BACK TO WORK instantly and get into the flow state while listening to a trance or liquid bass music mix on YouTube (With ad block enabled!)
  • Then from dinner and onwards, I’ll study things like: Spanish, psychology, philosophy, lucid dreaming, personal growth, logic puzzles and I’ll read

And that’s worked very well for me. Some days I’ll make videos in the morning as the work section. I find that making videos after taking a nootropic is a nice experience because I stumble less on my words, and find things easier to talk about and articulate.

And that’s been the most productive routine I can possibly think of. I used to do all of the studying and things first thing, but I found that my work suffered. I like spending the majority of my mental energy on my work, and then the rest can be spent on studying. I’ve always said that DOING is more important than LEARNING in many cases.

But I think that doing it this way still gives you a lot of time and space for learning and studying. I found that I’m still very able to study and learn things after doing a whole day of work, while on nootropics like this.

It’s a little harder without the nootropics, but still very possible. The thing is, like I said the brain is a machine and it can run out of fuel. If you work hard on mentally demanding work all day long, don’t expect to be able to read and comprehend string theory in the evening.

It’s possible but harder because you’ve already used up lots of your mental energy o the work you did at the start of the day. So nootropics can really help you focus on doing things and especially work, during the day.

Warnings about using nootropics

A few things I want to mention about using nootropics and warnings, because it’s not all sunshines and rainbows.

1: Overdoing the caffeine

Okay so one thing I found when using nootropics for 6 months is that it’s easy to take too much caffeine. I found that if I take a nootropic coffee (or normal coffee) and a nootropic containing caffeine as well, it feels intense.

Most nootropics contain ingredients that potentiate and increase the effects of caffeine, so be careful and check the dosages before trying it.

Recently I’ve liked the effects of coffee and so I take less nootropics with caffeine, so that I don’t overdo it.

It’s easy to misunderstand or not see how much caffeine is actually in a nootropic, so make sure to check. It sometimes says things like ‘active caffeine’ with ingredients like guarana, and this just means the same thing. It’s still caffeine, so be careful.

Also, don’t be fooled by the nootropics that contain ingredients like L-theanine. They’ll make the effects of the caffeine less noticeable, so you won’t feel too jittery until it’s too late and you’ve got headaches and feel sick.

Caffeine can be dangerous in high doses, so be careful especially when taking nootropics that potentiate the effects (which is most of them). It just feels like you need to urinate all the time, you have headaches and you’re not able to focus on ONE thing, you want to focus on LOTS of things.

This can be avoided by just being sensible and not overdoing it.

2: Not being able to sleep

Another note about nootropics containing caffeine is that if you take them too late in the day (past 3PM) you’ll find it very difficult to sleep at night. I have a clear divide in my day which goes like this:

  • I ONLY drink coffee in the morning (as It can be drunk on an empty stomach)
  • I only take nootropics before 1PM. After that, I don’t take anything at all for the rest of the day

I’ve found that’s the best way of doing it. And trust me, I’ve experimented with taking nootropics in the evening, drinking coffee at night, all sorts of things. It just makes it very hard to sleep in the night if you have caffeine in your system.

Caffeine in particular has a half life of 6 hours. This means if you have a coffee containing about 80mg of caffeine (one shot of espresso) then in 6 hours time, you’ll STILL have 40mg of caffeine flowing through your veins.

So it’s better to get the coffee drinking and caffeine out of the way early in the day. This is why I like to drink coffee in the morning and then take nootropics during the afternoon, ideally caffeine free ones too. 

3: Being social on nootropics

One several days, it transpired that I took nootropics before going and meeting a friend. Usually,I don’t do this. I usually take a nootropic and then get down to work in a very intense way in my room or lounge.

By taking a nootropic before meeting a friend, you make the conversation very intense. You have a sudden desire to just know and absorb information, and to directly question them about almost anything. I found that I was coming across as very intense when socialising on nootropics.

I guessing most cases this isn’t a problem, if you’re friends and they know you take nootropics it’s fine. Or maybe they’ll just think you’re amped up on coffee, which isn’t a bad thing always. But if you’ve got a business meeting, a date, or something where you need to make a good first impression, be aware of this.

Nootropics make your brain function at what feels like 1000 miles an hour. In most cases, this is a good thing and it certainly helps you get more work done, But if you are trying to put across a chill and laid back impression, it’s not so good. Dates are a big no no in my opinion for nootropics. You’ll just come across too intense and intimidating.

4: Neglecting your body health

One thing that writers suffer with more than probably most other types of work, is that they sit for long hours looking at a screen. This can play havoc with your back, neck, and eyes.

It’s very important that you’re aware of how long you’re sitting down and typing for. For example right now, I’ve been sat here for about 1-2 hours without moving writing this post and my neck is starting to get a bit stiff. So I took a break and shook it out.

It’s also very important for your eyes to take breaks every half an hour or so. The problem here is that by taking a break you do interrupt your flow, and it takes a long time to get back into it! They’ve shown that even a 1-2 minute interruption to a flow state can take 90 minutes to get BACK to the state you were in before.

This means it’s very annoying to have to interrupt your flow state to focus your eyes on something else, but it’s important. It will ensure your eyes remain healthy for a long time, but be aware that it will interrupt your flow state.

In most cases, I just forget to eat and drink water, and I forget to shake out and stretch my body. It think this is why it’s important to do things like corrective stretching and yoga every day to make up for the and habits that writers have!

Final notes on using nootropics

So that was my experience using nootropics over about 6 months. I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful! As I said, my experiences were slightly different to most because:

  • I already had a solid diet and sleep routine
  • I already had details goals and plans and knew what I needed to do
  • I was already used to getting into the flow before
  • I’ve tried several nootropics over the course of the 6 months and I mixed and matched them almost every week

But hopefully you learned some things about how I use nootropics and some things to focus on, watch out for and be aware of. If you want to get the nootropics I mentioned that I was using, they’re here:

  • CILTEP: A nootropic aimed at permanently improving brain function. The idea is you take these for 6 months, and your brain is forever changed for the better. You can choose to leave it at that, or keep taking them and keep improving.
  • Mind Lab Pro: A recent addition to my stack, but it’s shot straight to the top! Very powerful blend that can really help you focus for long periods of time.
  • OptiNeuro: A powerful nootropic for extended study or working and focus periods. Very effective, this is probably our favourite as it gives instant results and you notice it on day one.
  • Alpha Brain: A powerful nootropic that can help you to boost your memory and make your dreams more vivid. (See our review of Alpha brain here)
  • Nootropic coffee like Kimera: Only available in the UK but nootropic coffees are coffee infused with nootropic compounds. Very effective and the effect last a long time.

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  • Why you should go vegan: The plant based diet has done wonders for me, and my brain. I’ve been able to think and function much better and faster on this diet compared to anything else I’ve tried!
  • How to meditate: Meditation is also a very essential habit that you should consider looking into. By meditating every day just for 10 minutes you can noticeably reduce stress, anxiety and inflammation. It’s very healthy but for some reason they don’t teach it in schools
  • How to naturally improve your IQ: Sounds insane, right? Sounds too good to be true? But it is true. I wrote a guide showing you how you can improve your IQ by about 20-30 points naturally without nootropics.