I’m sure you’ve come across the term ‘biohacking’ but what REALLY is biohacking?

In this biohacking guide I’m going to show you how you can hack your body and mind, and achieve things you thought were only possible in films like Lucy or Limitless.

Actually, Limitless is a good example of the type of performance and results you can realistically achieve with biohacking, IF you’re patient and do it right. I’m not saying everyone’s going to be able to become a millionaire and take over the world just by wearing special glasses at night, but I am saying anything is possible. 

I wrote a very detailed post about how you can become Limitless like the guy from the film, but you’ll find many of the things I mention there in THIS article you’re reading now. That being said, you should read it if you have time, it’s very interesting and includes some things I don’t mention here.

Biohacking is a way of optimising your mind, body and life to get the best results. It’s a series of clever habits, effective routines, habits, and powerful techniques that you can use to master your life.

But it’s also often very simple and easy to practice biohacking. It involves doing things like:

  • Making sure you get enough sunlight so your body can produce the hormones needed to make you feel awake and alert
  • Avoiding stimulants that overwhelm your brain and force it to shut down ‘dopamine receptor sites’, and instead taking healthy, natural supplements to give your brain the FUEL it needs
  • Avoiding negative energy, content, media and people, so that the negative energy doesn’t rub off on you
  • Getting outside and breathing fresh air, while exposing your skin to healthy sunlight

And it can go all the way up to advanced biohacking ideas like using light energy to heal your body, stem cells to optimise your ageing process, and advanced sleep tracking.

Sounds exciting, right?

There’s all sorts of clever techy things you can do to biohack yourself, but this beginners biohacking guide focuses on the simple, straightforward things.

The things everyone can easily implement, and see RESULTS from without having to spend loads of money. There’s a few people who’ve been in the news that have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on biohacking. This is for the most part, not needed.

What is biohacking?

Biohacking can be defined as optimising your body, mind and life using a few clever bits of technology, through your diet, or through powerful habits, routines and exercises. It describes anything you do to improve your life and boy, or make it more efficient and effective.

It’s often easy, cheap and fun! Most people think of cutting open your finger tips to inject magnets when they hear the term biohacking, but that’s far from the truth. In fact there are many easy, safe, legal and fun things you can do, which we’ll cover now:

Here’s a little motivational biohacking video I created by the way: 

20 simple biohacks for beginners (biohacking examples)

Now please bare in mind that this biohacking guide is for beginners, and although this stuff might seem strange, it’s still entry level. There are far more advanced, difficult, or expensive things you can do, but they’ll be covered in future articles.

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This article just goes over some basic and easy to start biohacks, that won’t cost you much money. In fact most of them are free. Then at the bottom of the post, we’ll explore some other questions you might have like WHY biohack yourself, the benefits and dangers, and more.

1: Blue light avoidance

When you walk around during the day, the sunlight and natural light enters your eyes, and specifically the BLUE spectrum of that light causes your body to produce SEROTONIN. This hormone makes you feel awake and alert during the day.

Makes sense, right?

The body is designed to become more active and energetic during the day time, and the hormone serotonin is part of how it does that. The problem starts when the sun goes DOWN.

In nature, the sun would go down and your body would detect the lack of light, STOP producing serotonin, and instead start producing MELATONIN which makes you feel sleepy.

But by keeping our body in a state of being ‘awake’ through phone screens, TVs, laptop screens, artificial lights etc, we STOP our bodies producing melatonin and KEEP it producing serotonin.

This artificial light activity makes falling asleep MUCH harder than it needs to be.

In fact, melatonin is such a powerful sleep aid that they literally sell it as a sleep aid in most chemists. But your body produces it naturally, if you allow it to. So what you need to do, is FILTER or avoid BLUE LIGHT once the sun has gone down. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Use a computer program called Fl.ux which automatically turns off blue light slowly after a certain time giving your screen an orange glow (I think it looks cool!)
  • Enable ‘night shift mode’ on your Iphone after 8PM to simulate sunset and reduce blue light from your phone screen
  • Turn off or dim lights in the evenings and if possible, use a red light like a salt lamp or red LED lamp instead of the normal bright blue lightbulbs
  • Wear blue light blockers (This is the best pair I’ve found and they’re super cheap): Really comfortable glasses that block and filter out blue light. This is my preferred and probably the easiest option, and they really do work!

2: Clean up your diet

I’m not going to lecture about the importance of eating a plant based diet, but it really does make a difference. Eating a vegan diet is the healthiest according to studies, most notably the China Study [1] but many others as well. 

In fact I have a very detailed post explaining the many benefits of the vegan diet and how it can literally reverse and help avoid almost all types of disease and illness. I’ve personally been 95% vegan for over two years, and 100% vegetarian for longer.

At the very least, try and follow these tips and guidelines to biohack your diet: 

  • Eat fresh vegetables with every meal, ideally at least half of your plate should be covered with vegetables
  • Drink plenty of water every day, but not so much during meal times (it dilutes your enzymes, making digestion harder)
  • Avoid or reduce meat and dairy consumption and if possible, just go vegan or plant based
  • Avoid or reduce sugar, salt, alcohol and tobacco intake (They’re the worst 4 things, but you must have known that)
  • Get plenty of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants in your diet (I like to make one giant smoothie every day including powders, vitamins, creatine, hemp protein powder and much more, it’s the easiest way of getting it all in)

Most of that I’m sure comes as no surprise, but lots of people have an incredibly unhealthy diet, rich in poisons, junk, and dangerous ingredients like E-numbers, additives and much more.

Try and clean it up, if you want some more guidance:

3: Sense of purpose

Purpose and mission is HUGELY important, but most people miss the point here. Ask 10 people you know what their purpose in life is, and most of the time you’ll get a blank stare in response. 

Our society doesn’t encourage thinking about ‘purpose’ too much. We’re far too focused on practicality and realism. We’re too focused on ‘what job will be easiest for you to get, that might pay your bills’.

But that misses the point and keeps us stuck in mediocrity. I mean take a moment right now to ask yourself WHY you’re on this planet. What’s the point of you being here?

It sure as hell isn’t to pay bills, serve people coffee and then die. Unless you REALLY love serving coffee, and you’re really great at it. For most people, there’s a bigger purpose that needs to be discovered.

It’s been shown that a sense of purpose makes you feel BETTER, long term.

It helps you to experience joy, not just pleasure. Pleasure you can get from porn, pizza or drinking. JOY comes from hard work over time on your purpose. A sense of knowing that you’ve done something of VALUE and helped the world in some way.

Pleasure is all about you and your own needs and wants. Purpose means more, feels better, and helps the planet more. Another way of thinking about it is purpose is what you’re changing about the world, ideally in a positive way.

In 1000 years, NOBODY is going to remember you because you worked in a secure job and managed to pay your bills on time. No one gives a fuck, but they WILL remember you if you changed the world, and tried to make a difference. 

4: Sleep tracking

There are now many ways of tracking your sleep and seeing in depth how well and how long you slept for. Sleep is very important, in fact I’d say sleep is the most important biohack of all. If you get sleep right, everything else falls into place.

This is the reason so many CEOs or massive companies protect their sleep like it’s a vault full of gold bars. They’ll prioritise sleeping early, and getting high quality sleep every night. Because they know that if you sleep right, you’ll perform right the next day.

The first step to take here is to actually TRACK your sleep, so you can see how long you’re really sleeping for, and how high QUALITY that sleep is. Here’s the most effective ways of tracking your sleep: 

  • Oura ring: A small ring that tracks your sleep more accurately than most other smart devices
  • Fitbit: A very well known brand that can track your sleep effectively and show you when your deep sleep happened and what disturbances you had during the night
  • The fitness tracker I use: A much cheaper option than the other two, and it still shows you how long you slept for, how much DEEP sleep you had, and gives you reminders with a vibration during the day to move when it detects you’re not moving! It also counts your steps and a bunch of other stuff too

5: Cold showers

Cold water makes most people recoil in fear, but it’s actually really good for you. Cold water is FAR better for you than warm water, for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, let’s start with why warm water is bad. Most water in the US and Europe contains flouride and heavy metals which when HEATED can be in the steam that you inhale, directly entering your body. Also the warm water opens up your pores so you absorb more of the water with the dangerous ingredients in.

Okay so warm is bad. It also weakens your cold resistance and lowers your immune system. COLD WATER however, does the following:

  • Improves blood flow
  • Improves circulation and vascular strength
  • Improves mood and energy (Forces your body to release endorphins and make you feel happy)
  • Forces deep breathing and large, deep and slow breathes (All of us usually don’t breathe deeply enough)
  • Can help you recover faster from injury or exercise (exercise IS injury in a small way)
  • Boosts your testosterone
  • I found it gives more motivation and willpower (by doing something that’s uncomfortable at first, it forces your willpower to strengthen)

It’s not hard to start having cold showers either, to start with just read my guide on having cold showers, or when you’re ready to take this biohack to the next level, read my post about ice baths

6: Clean water

Water is essential to your health, we know that. But did you know that most bottled water contains many heavy metals, which can be revealed when you pass even a weak electrical current through the water?

Also, even tap water contains flouride and other poisons. Without going into detail on why flouride is bad, let’s just agree that filtering your water is probably a good idea. The best options you have for filtering your water are:

  • A general jug filter: This is the best option for most people. It’s going to filter most impurities from the water, it’s cheap, and it’s easy to use and just fits in your fridge, but it CAN’T remove all flouride (still much better than nothing)
  • A Berkley filter: This is a great option, especially if you’re traveling around. You can enjoy water that’s filtered of 99.99% of anything harmful, and the filter lasts 6000 gallons.

Don’t assume that just because you live in the USA your tap water is safe. Flouride is a poison, and it’s crazy that more people don’t know this. Look it up if you don’t believe me. 

7: Grounding and antioxidants (time in nature)

This one might make a few of you raise an eyebrow. I’m going to say it anyway because there’s more and more science emerging around this, and we’re just starting to understand what ancient cultures and civilisations have understood for thousands of years.

In your body, as a byproduct of metabolising food, you produce what’s called ‘free radicals’. These are basically atoms that are scattered into one electron. Electrons in chemistry, like to come as PAIRS.

So because metabolism creates the free radicals (read; single crazy electrons without a partner) the free radicals seek out other electrons and bond with them. This causes mutation and cellular chaos, which results in disease.

In fact it’s been said that the ONLY disease in the world, is chaos at a cellular level. Free radicals can cause all sorts of bad things like Cancer and other diseases if left unchecked. BUT it’s not all bad news!

The earths surface has a negative electrical charge. So by contacting the earth with your bare feet, you discharge the positive electrons running around your body looking for another electron, before they can bond with random electrons and cause disease.

In nature and history, we’ve done this. We historically walked barefoot and grounded all day long, as well as swam in natural water pools and waterfalls. We also often slept under the stars and were in constant contact with Mother Earth.

But along the way we’ve moved indoors and started wearing shoes everywhere. In fact if you’re interested in diving deeper into the conspiracy that is modern shoes, read my book ‘Free Your Feet’ but I warn you, it’s a rabbit hole. 

Another powerful way of getting rid of free radicals, and helping your health overall is to consume high levels of ANTI-oxidants. These are naturally occurring substances that help mop up and remove the free radicals caused by metabolism.

It’s been shown in a study [2] that “Antioxidants act as radical scavenger, hydrogen donor, electron donor, peroxide decomposer, singlet oxygen quencher, enzyme inhibitor, synergist, and metal-chelating agents.”

Foods that are high in natural antioxidants are labelled these days as ‘superfoods’ but really, they’re just the foods we should be eating ANYWAY. The foods we should be having as part of our natural, normal diet.

To sum up: 

  • Some antioxidants are harmed when you heat them or cook them, so you need to quickly research each food and make some notes on them
  • An easy way of adding antioxidants to your diet is to sprinkle Tumeric on your food while it’s cooking!
  • Antioxidants are natural compounds that mop up and help remove those crazy free radicals from your body before they do any harm
  • Physically walking with bare feet on the grass helps discharge those electrons into the earth

8: Movement reminders

We are designed to move. Humans are not meant to be sitting down long periods of time per day, and not moving. 

There are all sorts of problems that can develop as a result of just not moving around. But our modern lives tend to be fairly sedentary and involve just sitting around at a desk, or in armchairs in the evenings.

This is why it’s essential to make sure you break up this cycle. A great way of doing that is to set reminders on your phone to go off every half an hour and remind you to get up, stretch and move around.

The way I like to do it, is to wear a fitness tracker like this one which vibrates once every half an hour, reminding me to get up and move. I combine this with breathing deeply as well, another thing that most people are NOT doing often enough. 

Here are some tips and reminders: 

  • If you’re looking at a screen all day, give your eyes a rest every 10 minutes, for 10 seconds, by looking at something 10 metres or more away
  • Every 30 minutes, stand up, stretch and walk around for 30 seconds
  • Every 30 minutes do 30 seconds of deep belly breathing

9: Gratitude

It’s been said that it’s impossible to feel sad, angry or depressed when you’re thinking about the things you’re GRATEFUL for. 

This is actually not something most people practice for some reason. It makes sense when you think about it, that when you’re feeling grateful, you feel happier, right?

What could be more high energy and empowering than being and feeling grateful for something you’ve already got? You don’t need to wish or hope for the future, or think about the past. You can just feel grateful for what you have NOW.

Try and write down 3 things you’re grateful for, every single morning in a little journal.

This can be the same 3 things if you can’t think of any others but try and vary it every morning so you’re writing new things.

It might be something as small as what you had for breakfast, or you might suddenly feel grateful and aware of the fact that you actually have legs and can walk around! Whatever it is you’re feeling grateful for just write it down in a journal.

10: Earn more money!

Money in this world, is fairly useful. It’s a way of paying for things and traveling to different places, and the system has been setup to ensure that we need money to do 99% of what we want to do. 

That doesn’t mean it’s the most important thing, just means that it’s needed for most things. Now until the system changes to be a world where money isn’t required, you’ll be generally happier if you have a bit more money.

In fact it’s been shown that wealth can buy happiness or at least give you the CHOICE to make healthier choices, and spend your money on THINGS that make you happier. This might mean being able to afford to go to expensive personal development seminars, buy effective coaching programs or whatever else.

It also means you can afford to buy organic, healthy food which tends to be fairly expensive, compared to the cheap rubbish that they call ‘fast food’.

So making more money is useful, and will help you realise your other goals. when this website first started, my focus was on personal development and making money. Now it’s more open minded and focused on spirituality also, but I used to write a lot about making money and investing.

For now, and just for the average beginner trying to make more money I’d suggest doing the following: 

  • Try and practice saving and investing as much as you can from what you earn, before you pay bills or taxes with that money
  • If you’re struggling, focus on earning more, not spending less. This is the fastest way to get wealthy, and you can’ easily SAVE your way to wealth. Increasing your income is by far the fastest way to solve your problem
  • Look at the things you’re paying for every month like Netflix, phone bills etc and see which ones you can cancel, reduce or change. Most of us are paying for things every month that we don’t need or use, that we could easily live without
  • Read my post about making money doing what you love, and learn how to turn a passion or knowledge into a digital product, and make money from it (The Nomad Bootcamp also teaches this)

11: Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting isn’t as scary or difficult as it sounds, but it does have a big impact on how you feel, and how you perform.

Basically, it just means deciding to eat ONLY inside a set eating ‘window’ or block of time during every 24 hour day. For me, this looks like this: 

  • I ONLY eat between the hours of 12PM and 8PM on weekdays
  • On weekends, I eat whenever I want and usually just start the day with a smoothie or something

This means no night time snacking, and no breakfasts. It also means however, that I never go to bed hungry. So it’s actually not that bad, it just means I skip breakfast on weekdays, but the benefits this gives me are HUGE. Here are some main benefits:

  • Increased energy and mental clarity
  • Better digestion and muscle recovery
  • Improved sleep and reduced stress
  • Much less inflammation, and less oxidative stress
  • Much lower risk of heart diseases
  • Can even help prevent cancer
  • Can extend your lifespan (Yeah)
  • Increased human growth hormone (Great for muscle building if you’re also exercising)
  • Insulin levels drop massively (Causing you to burn fat)
  • In the fasted state, your body repairs and grows muscle, drops your insulin levels and burns fat
  • Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes

Pretty incredible, and there are more too, but it’s such a simple change that I don’t really need to SELL it beyond that. It’s a no brainer. Just miss breakfast, and get that list of benefits! Think about this: 

The body is only ever in a FASTED or a FED state. 

By putting your body into a fasted state every 24 hours, you force yourself to produce more HGH (human growth hormone), which supercharges muscle growth, energy, reverses ageing, and far more.

It also forces your body to better utilise the calories you eat, burn more fat, and think and perform faster/better. Pretty insane hack considering all you’re doing is changing when you eat. The idea that you need breakfast to begin your day, is largely a myth. It’s generated by a company that sells breakfast cereals (Convenient, right?).

Give it a try, try eating only between 12PM and 8PM for a week, and see how you feel!

I tried it and instantly felt better. And that’s another thing, with most of these hacks, at first I didn’t believe they’d work, and I tried them PURELY because other people had been doing them and signing their praises.

I always say to myself that if I read something like this, IF, cold showers, nootropics whatever it is, that I’ll TRY it for 30 days and see how I feel. If I don’t notice a benefit, I stop. If I DO notice a benefit, the habit stays with me. 

And then for the ones that I notice a benefit, I research them more and go deeper into them. This might include doing them more often, or investing more money into them (Nootropics, for example).

12: Getting into flow state

Flow state can be described as that feeling of being so lost in the work you’re doing, that you forget about the flow of time. The work just happens by itself, and it’s like you’re watching your fingers typing, or your body lifting weights.

A painter working hard

It’s like being ABOVE your mind, and connected with your body and soul. It’s a magical feeling that most people never experience. In order to reach flow state there are various triggers and things you can do to induce the state. 

Mostly it comes down to:

  • Working on something you love
  • Removing all distractions from the room and focusing on the task
  • Synching up your left and right brain (Using something like Holosync)
  • Optimising brain chemistry (I like using Mind Lab Pro for this)
  • There are more, but you should read my article about it if you want to learn more

Flow state is a great biohack, because it’s basically the HIGHER performing version of your brain. Your brain in flow state makes your brain ‘normally’ look like a kindergarten. 

13: Binaural beats (brainwave optimisation)

Your brain operates on different frequencies throughout the day and night, depending on what you’re doing. These can also be described as ‘brainwave states’. Here are the main brainwave states and what they’re used for:

  • Beta (12-30HZ): This is the state your brain is in most of the time during the day. It’s linked with cognitive reasoning and being ‘aware’
  • Alpha (7.5-12HZ): This is the state where you’re more focused, alert and able to be creative and concentrate on things. This state is often reached by light meditation, or when you enter the flow state and focus properly.
  • Theta (4-7.5HZ): This is the brainwave state you’re in when you’re in deep meditation, sleeping, and lucid dreaming. This state is not great for focus but can be, depending on the task you’re performing. This state is when your subconscious mind is the most open to new ideas (Why it’s important to repeat your affirmations first thing in the morning after sleep because you’re still in Theta stage)
  • Delta (0.5-4HZ): This is the state present in deep sleep (dreamless) and also really deep meditation. It normally takes at least half an hour to reach this state of brainwaves. It’s very important for regeneration and health and often you enter this stage during deep sleep
  • Gamma (30-100HZ): Little is known about this fairly new brainwave state, other than it’s the highest brainwave state and usually we experience this either when we’re awake or SOMETIMES when we’re lucid dreaming.

But ignoring the nonsense here, what you’re probably most interested in is tracking your SLEEP to make sure you’re entering Delta at least once a night (deep sleep) and moving from Beta to Alpha during the day, when you need to focus on something.

The most useful tools for doing this are:

  • An EEG tracker for your brain like Muse: This is a device that lets you see which brainwave states you’re in at any time during the day
  • Binaural beats like these: Special soundwaves that gently encourage your brain to shift into your desired brainwave frequency state
  • Meditate every morning for at least 15 minutes: This moves you into Alpha and eventually Theta state, and then after this meditation you should focus on affirmations (telling yourself things that you WANT to be true about yourself)

14: Sauna (Infared light therapy)

Light (and heat) has a profound impact on the body. Not just the light we can see (sunlight) but also the light we can’t see like Infared. 

Infared light can be very beneficial for our bodies, and specifically ‘Near infared light’. A study [3] has shown that the effects of near infared light can be seen in most people. You can for example, reduce inflammation and speed recovery with the right type of infared treatment.

Near infared is called near because it’s the nearest to visible light waves that we can access. We naturally experience near infared light at dusk and dawn, which is when there’s the greatest change in electromagnetic activity caused by the sun rising and setting.

Far infared light tends to be a little more harmful and produces EMFS (electromagnetic fields) which can be harmful. Near infared produces far less EMF activity, and makes the body sweat more which releases toxins.

For most of us though, it has general benefits as well. The best way of using this type of light therapy is to get a small infared pad that you can use on your body in your own home. ‘NEAR infared light’ is better for muscle and thermal applications like aiding recovery.

There are other benefits of saunas as well, for example sweating. By sweating, you eliminate toxins and waste from your body, and provided you have a good long shower after sweating, they stay out!

It’s worth noting that the best and most effective FIR devices burn cold, meaning they shouldn’t feel warm when you use them. Here are the best infared devices: 

15: Nootropics

Nootropics are ‘smart drugs’ which can massively increase cognitive activity in your brain, and make your brain work faster, better, and for longer.

I’ve personally experimented for a long time with nootropics and found that Mind Lab Pro (that link takes you to their website in a new tab so you can read reviews and check the ingredients!) is the best option for most people. It gives your brain a powerful and very noticeable boost in performance, for many hours.

Mind Lab Pro feels like your brain is on rocket fuel, especially when you combine this with something like Optineuro which has the caffeine content as well, but from naturally derived sources.

The difference that a good nootropic can make is huge. I was personally skeptical but I tried it out like most of the biohacks in this guide, and found that it was really effective. So it stayed and I use it every week day now.

I’d suggest reading my guide on nootropics but in general, just make sure to cycle it on and off. I like to take them on week days and then have weekends off, as this means I always have the cognitive boost when I need it when I’m working during the week.

To summarise:

  • Nootropics are natural ‘brain boosters’ that can give your brain an edge
  • I’ve tried out dozens of nootropics and found Mind Lab Pro to be the most effective
  • Cycle them on and off so your brain doesn’t adapt to them and make them less effective
  • Ideally take a good multivitamin as well, every morning
  • I found it’s better to take nootropics just after a small meal at lunch time

16: Meditation practice

Meditation is a critical key to feeling more at peace in your life, and has multiple benefits. These benefits have been proven by numerous studies, and it’s amazing they don’t teach this in schools yet. 

Meditation simply means to separate your awareness from your left brain ‘thinking mind’ or chatter. This chatter is constantly going on in your head and might be saying things in your head right now like:

  • This articles quite long, maybe I’ll click onto another one
  • I knew this already, I’ll skip and read something else now I think
  • I wonder what I’ll make for dinner later

This internal mind chatter is going on all the time, and there’s not much you can do about it, but it can be turned off temporarily in the mornings. The best way of doing this is to just set a timer on your phone to go off after 10 minutes, and then focus on your breathing.

Just breathe slowly in and out for ten minutes.

There are several apps you can get that help you with this, but they’re not needed IMO. You can just set a timer, focus on your breath and get a lot of benefits from that.

I actually wrote a book about meditation for beginners which you can get on Amazon, it’s very cheap (sometimes free) and gives you a deep level of insight into meditation and why it’s so powerful. 

17: Standing desk

Like I said previously, we’re not meant to be sitting down all day. It’s bad for our spine and alignment, and also our breathing. You can get a standing desk that can be risen up to let you work while standing. 

Importantly though, you should get a desk that can SWITCH between being a sitting and a standing desk. We’re not meant to sit all day, but we’re not meant to stand all day either as that can also cause problems [4]. Make sure you can switch between the two modes of working easily.

The best way of doing this is working for about the same time both sitting and standing [5], during the day. This is optimal and lets your body get all it needs, without stressing it one way or the other.

Here are the best standing desks I’ve found online but there are plenty of options to choose from: 

  • Hand crank standing desk: Manually crank the desk up or down. A great good looking option that isn’t expensive at all, good way to get started with standing desks
  • Treadmill desk: This one’s probably the best for your health but it can’t turn into a SITTING desk. It lets you walk while you work! Probably a bit too big for most peoples offices though
  • A higher quality convertible desk: Better looking desk that can be sitting or standing

Dangers of biohacking

Although biohacking sounds incredible, there are some things to consider and be aware of. It’s nt all sunshine and rainbows. 

Here are the main dangers or risks of biohacking: 

  • You might become obsessed, specially if you have an obsessive personality, and you might start tracking EVERYTHING
  • People might think you’re over the top, or weird if you start biohacking and wanting to improve yourself
  • Some things haven’t had that much research and it’s difficult to form a well researched opinion about some things
  • Biohacking can be expensive if you want to get involved with the technology based side of it like the trackers, monitors and devices


Benefits of biohacking

The main benefits of biohacking can be experienced by anyone and everyone. Biohacking just means improving your body or mind and the way you do things. It doesn’t HAVE to mean buying expensive pills, devices or software.

It’s not possible for me to list the benefits of biohacking because it really depends on WHICH biohack you’re doing. For example if you start intermittent fasting, you’ll experience over a dozen benefits just from that ONE biohack.

But the benefits of wanting to biohack yourself include: 

  • Upgrading your body, mind or both
  • Becoming faster, better, stronger and more effective
  • Tracking your health and being able to see clearly where you need to put in more work
  • Making yourself more effective so you’re better able to do the things you love, and extend your life

What is grinding biohacking?

Grinding refers to physically modifying your body, and injecting or implanting things into your flesh and bones. This is an area of biohacking I’m not interested in for a number of reasons: 

  • The implants often go wrong, or aren’t made properly and result in injury or complications
  • The implants that go right often go out of date or get replaced and upgraded very soon by newer models, rendering your old version pointless
  • There’s no real benefit yet and the features of these biohacks are so pointless that it’s not worth the procedure
  • The implant procedures for things like a fingertip magnet or an RFID chip just aren’t worth the pain and difficult of doing it

Taking biohacking further

If you’re interested in learning more about biohacking, I regularly send out free tips and tricks to my email list which you can join here. Also make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel where I talk more about it. 

References used

  • [1] – The China Study
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