16 Powerful Biohacking TOOLS And Resources To Upgrade Your Body

If you’re interested in living a life you LOVE, the biohacking resources listed on this page will be useful. Some things here I wish I could have known about a long time ago, so I’ve put this page together so you don’t have to wait, it’s all here for you.

Here we go:

Biohacking with binaural beats

  • Ennora Binaural Beats – This is the best binaural beats package we’ve ever used. Binaural beats are soundwaves that improve the way you brain works. They can be used to meditate better or think more creatively. I have a full review of ennora, or you could just go to their site directly by clicking on this link. These are the best quality binaural beats out there in my opinion.
  • IAwake Binaural Beats: These are really unique, and probably the highest quality binaural beats if money isn’t as much of an issue. They’re more pricy but they’re MUCH more effective and high quality. Read our review of Iawake bianural beats or check out their site.
  • BlissCoded Sound: BlissCoded sound is a unique audio program that changes your brainwaves. This is MORE effective than binaural beats and you’ll feel the effects after just 65 seconds. Free samples on the site!
  • Holosync: A high quality binaural beats company making audio tracks. These help you focus and MASSIVELY improve your brainpower while you’re listening to them. They synchronise the two hemispheres of your brain: The ULTIMATE brain biohack

Biohacking nootropics

Nootropics are a powerful way to biohack your mind. 

What are they?

It means ‘smart drugs’ and they can be any natural (or un-natural) supplement designed to help your brain and body work better. They’re mainly focused on getting your brain to be faster and more effective.

In a hurry? Read about the best nootropic I’ve found so far and how it can help you become LIMITLESS. I’m serious, I’ve seen crazy results with this one, and it’s 100% natural and research backed. 

Before learning about and buying individual nootropics, learn how to actually use nootropics safely. (It’s a long post I wrote about my experiences over 6 months or more). 

  • CILTEP Nootropic – This is a natural nootropic (smart drug) that can massively increase your brainpower in just a few days, and I’ve been using this for a few months. It’s very effective and the best part is that the effects are permanent, so you can improve your brain for good.
  • Mind Lab Pro: The most effective biohacking nootropic I’ve ever tried. This is the closest I’ve found to the ‘Limitless Pill’ if you’ve seen the film. Unlock your mind.
  • NeuroIgnite: A powerful fairly natural nootropic that gives your brain more focus. This is highly recommended for people who want to focus more and for longer periods of time
  • Alpha Brain: Alpha Brain is a potent biohacking nootropic that can be used to increase brainpower and short term functioning (things like memory and focus)
  • Optineuro: A caffeine based nootropic but one I actually DO recommend to use. Even though it contains caffeine, it’s balanced out with L-Theanine so you don’t get the negative effects.

Biohacking your MIND and memory

  • Magnetic Memory course: Improve your memory and teach yourself how to remember absolutely anything using powerful memory palace techniques and secret memory methods. Sounds insane and great, and it’s not an exaggeration. Check it out.
  • Lucid Dreaming: Lucid dreaming is a very natural (free) biohack that involves becoming self aware INSIDE your dreams. This lets you be able to control them and decide what to dream about
  • Kasina Mind Machine: A mind machine can help you get the benefits of an hour of meditation in just 4 minutes. It does this by inducing a STRONG frequency following response in your brain by combining binaural beats with visual stimuli through goggles.

Biohacking tools for your diet

Biohacking Ebooks and Courses

  • Raise Your Energy: An Ebook showing you over 15 powerful biohacking techniques that you can use to upgrade yourself and your life