Transcend Your Limits: Real Personal Growth

Our Main Programs

1: ‘Escape The Matrix’ Passive Income Bootcamp

This is our flagship program that shows you how to create a decentralised, passive income online business based on something you love. This business can be run remotely, based on what you love doing, and you can book a free call with us to discuss how it can help you.

2: Superhuman Optimisation System

Superhuman Optimisation is a  program I created along with a small research team over on my other site, AstralHQ. This combines personal growth, research studies, ancient texts and knowledge and much more into ONE system. It will upgrade your body and mind, and you’ll become ‘superhuman’. You can actually get a free video training about this here

What Is Transcend Your Limits?

Essentially this site is a personal growth PORTAL.

I want to inspire you to be the absolute best person you can be, in every possible way.

It inspires, motivates and guides you to live your BEST life, and have as much fun as possible doing so. 


A pretty big goal, and a very vague topic, right? Agreed. Which is why this site is broken down into categories and sections. But the overall goal here, the main TOPIC of this site, is how to be a better person.

But not just better in terms of:

  • Making more money
  • Getting healthier
  • Doing more fun things

Because although this site WILL teach you how to do those things, that’s not what’s REALLY important. What’s really important is the shift in consciousness that I want to inspire in everyone. The shift from being in the ego and looking for ways of ‘adding to yourself’ to being in the now.

Being in the present moment, all the time. A shift to being not just a better person but a kind and loving person. I want to inspire you to raise your consciousness, show more love to everyone you meet, and act in line with your higher purpose in life.

Now I know that for people just coming to this homepage from an article about how to improve your sleep, this seems like a big jump. And I understand that. I really hope the way I speak on this website and in my writing doesn’t put anyone off.

Because the last thing I’d want to do is to scare people away by using cliche ‘new age’ words like vibrations, purpose, frequency and all of that other stuff. The information is here if you want to dive in deeper, but don’t feel you have to.

Even if you just want to get some tips on biohacking and making the most of the body and life we’ve been given, that’s all here too. I think there’s something for everyone, and my hope is that eventually with enough time, you’ll want to dive into the other topics on this site like how to find your life purpose, or how to dissolve your ego.

My Story

My names Stef, and I’ve been researching and writing about personal development and growth for a long time. I mainly love sharing what I learn and experience with the world. I speak to various athletes, speakers, researchers, and other interesting people, and collect interesting ideas and concepts on this site.

I don’t tend to make travel guides so much, because I prefer to just write about the experiences I’ve had and what I found. The same with the videos, I just film what I do and where I go. I hope you can find it interesting and maybe it inspires you to explore more!

How To Start ‘Biohacking’

To get started with personal growth, you need to FIRST focus on your OUTPUT and your BODY/MIND.

I’d suggest thinking about the body and mind you’ve been given.

There are many ways of getting it in the best shape possible but I’d start with the following:

  • What are nootropics? A guide to the super hot ‘smart drugs’ taking the world by storm right now (In a hurry? Read about the best nootropic I’ve found so far and how it can help you become LIMITLESS. I’m serious, I’ve seen crazy results with this one, and it’s 100% natural and research backed)
  • Biohacking for beginners: A complete guide to starting biohacking along with 15 biohacks you can use TODAY
  • How to start meditating: A guide to meditating for beginners. If you’ve never really meditated before, or you want to learn more, this explains it very well
  • Living with a purpose: Living with a purpose is something we should ALL do, but most people don’t really know what it MEANS to live with purpose. This article explains this. 

Then once you’re ready, I’d suggest looking at the mind and reading the following:

  • Improving your IQ and feeling smarter: A guide on how to naturally improve your IQ (without drugs) and permanently change your brain for the better. It IS possible to add at least 30 points onto your IQ in a fairly short period of time

Then as we go deeper, you might want to look at things like:

  • Following your heart vs following your head: When making decisions most people in society follow their HEAD (get a job because you need to pay bills) instead of their HEART (follow what you LOVE doing, and the money will come). This article explains all you need to know

But there are lots of articles on this site, so feel free to explore. Also make sure to check out my YouTube channel where I talk about personal development concepts and ideas. I have several channels on YouTube but one of them (this one) is focused on psychology and personal development. Then there’s also my travel channel which is mainly travel videos!

The Main MESSAGE Of This Site

The main message of this site is: 

Live with passion, do the things you love doing and above all else just be more conscious. Be more aware of what you’re actually doing on a day to day basis, and try and act out of love rather than fear.

For example, taking a job you hate just to pay the bills? Acting out of fear. Starting a new venture and moving to a new country because you’re super excited about the possibilities there? Acting out of love.

Raise your consciousness!