There are a few tricks you can learn.

To really be productive there are a number of things you’ll need to consider and work on, but you can actually supercharge your productivity in a creatively short space of time.

When you look at it objectively, you need to get things done. To do that task better, you need to do one or all of the following..

  1. Learn how to do the task quicker and more efficiently
  2. Create more time to work on said task
  3. Use the time wisely
  4. Use your resources effectively

So in order to get more done, you can actually super charge your results in a short space of time. You can learn how to become more productive just by tweaking a few things in your daily routine, and in the way you approach working and producing things.

Becoming more productive

For the purposes of this article, ‘being productive’ is going to mean working or producing things that you need or want to produce. It could actually mean several different things, but as an example, when we talk about being more productive here we mean things like..

  1. Getting your work done faster (College, Career etc..)
  2. Producing things you enjoy more efficiently. This includes things like writing a book or article that you want to write, creating a song if you’re musical etc.. That sort of thing.

There are a lot more things this could apply to, but this is what we’re mainly talking about. The focus is on things like typing, writing and producing things. Alright, on to the list of productivity tricks!

Trick/Key #1 – Learn to do the task faster

So the main way you’ll become very productive, is simply to learn how to do the task faster.

If you’re writing a novel for example, learn to touch type if you don’t already know. This will allow you to express your ideas a lot faster, and will save you time. By removing the physical barriers, you are able to just let your imagination do the rest.

A dog running fast

Many things require a certain level of physical skill, whether it’s your skill on a piano or your speed on a keyboard. These ‘levels of skill’ will either help you or hold you back when you’re trying to produce things. Be sensible with this, for example, let’s look at a situation where someone is trying to write a book.

A man is trying to write a 1000 pages novel. He’s not very good at typing, and can’t type very fast, or efficiently, but he enjoys writing and really wants to finish his book. What wold be the more sensible option, considering he’s going to be writing for several months to finish this book –

A – Carry on as normal and steadily finish the book without trying to type faster/learn to touch type etc


B – He could learn to touch type first. This allows him to finish this book a lot faster, and he can focus on just being creative and getting his ideas on to a file.

Clearly, option B is the right choice.

Before he’s even started writing his book, he should learn to type faster, and more efficiently. This will allow him to not have to worry about the typing side of it, and instead he can jus focus on writing the actual book and getting his ideas out there.

Most people would just jump straight in, but the sensible option is to learn to do the work more efficiently. This saves you not only time, but also effort and you’ll feel more motivated because you can get the work done with less stress.

So learn to do your task more efficiently before you start, whether it’s getting more technical skill on your instrument or typing faster on your laptop.

Trick/Key #2 – Create more time for yourself

To be productive, you need to make time for yourself.

This is often hard in today’s world, as there are always stresses placed on us from our jobs, family and friends to be somewhere, and do something else. This is not a huge problem, because you can just create more time for yourself.

What do I mean by this? Well, start by getting up an hour earlier than you usually would. Don’t worry, we have an article to help you with that. By getting up an hour earlier you allow yourself more time to work on your task, and you feel more energized throughout the rest of the day as well.

If you already get up really early, (5-7AM) then this might be a bit harder for you, as you’ll have to get up super early to fit more time in every morning, but it’s still possible.

Doing this will mean you can start working as soon as you wake up on whatever it is you’re doing. You are actually more productive and alert in the early morning (provided you’ve established this early time as your normal wake up time). If you’re never up before 12, and then you suddenly wake up at 6 you’re not going to be alert, trust me.

If you’re already getting up early, and you then start making your wake up time 1-2 hours earlier however, you’ll be more alert and productive at this earlier time.

You can also make more time for yourself by dedicating certain hours of the day to working and nothing else. Decide ahead of time that you’re going to spend a certain amount of time on something and then don’t let distractions get in the way.

Trick/Key #3 – Use that time wisely and prioritise

Now that you’ve got this extra time, put it to good use. You’ve got up early, had your breakfast, gone for your shower etc, so now get working! Start working on your task and really give it a lot of effort.

More effort than usual, in fact no. Not just more effort than usual, give it the most effort you’ve ever given anything. Really go at it, and you’ll surprise yourself with how much you can achieve.

Trick/Key #4 – Plan things ahead of time

This is a nice little trick to get more done.

If you plan things before you need to do them, you don’t have as much stress when it comes to the time to do them..

A nice little way to start doing this is to write a list of all the things you need to do tomorrow. Make sure you’ve done what you need to get done today first, but then after that, write a list of all the things that you need to do the next day.

On this list, look through it and all the things you could ‘set up’ or start working on now, do so. If you’re going to start writing an article tomorrow, maybe try heading up the article and saving it to drafts today. Just prepare the things you need to do so that you’re not going to find it as hard tomorrow.

Hopefully these have helped you to become very productive. It’s a long journey to become exceptional, but by starting with these 4 tricks you can speed up your progress. Let us know what you think on the Facebook Page.