For those who don’t know, Nomadic Matt is a travel blogger and vlogger with LOTS of followers on social media and on his website. This is my review of his course, The Buiness Of Travel Blogging.

IMPORTANT: This is a review of The Business Of Travel Blogging which is ONE of the four courses offered in Superstar Blogging (The name given to his collection of four courses). You can view ALL his courses here and we’ll be reviewing each of the four separately in different posts.

Before we start the review, let’s think about what travel blogging is. Travel blogging is writing about the things you do. You can travel blog from anywhere in the world, and you can write about anything, making it a very flexible way of earning money. More than that though, it’s the chance to earn money doing the things you LOVE, all around the world.

  • The problem: Almost 80% or MORE travel bloggers make less than $10 a month. It’s tough to make money, but there is a solution:

What is the business of travel blogging course?

It’s as the name suggests, a detailed 10 week course that you can take online, in order to learn how to make money travel blogging. It’s laser focused on gettig you to learn the right things, and doesn’t waste any time teaching you ‘theory’ about making money doing this, which doesn’t work.

Who is this The Business Of Travel Blogging for?

Well, the thing is most travel bloggers in the world ( and there are millions of them) never really make any money from their work. This leads to them eventually having to either stop travel blogging or just doing it every now and then when they’ve saved up enough money from their regular job to travel for a year or so.

What this course does is show you how to actually START making money from your blog, in the fastest way possible. It’s not a get rich quick scheme or anything like that, it’s a real travel blogging business plan. It’s something that everyone can follow, as long as you can type and move around you’ll do fine with this course.

Why do you need this course?

If you’re like I was, you’re probably wondering how on earth you’re going to make moeny by being a travel blogger. In fact, a lot of people don’t even believe that you can. After all, travel blogging seems like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Being paid to travel all around the world doing the things you love, and not having to answer to any sort of boss or authority figure for your business?

It really is the dream job and it’s certainly one of the reasons I decided to move towards being a digital nomad and getting off the whole ‘coroporate ladder’ nonsense I’d been told was the right path my whole life. So I get it, it’s hard to get started, and it’s even HARDER to make actual money from your travel blog.

There are LOTS of courses out there and lots of articles telling you what the writer thinks you should do, but in many cases, the writers of those courses and articles don’t actually DO the things they say! They make their money from selling you the course which is sort of ironic but it works.

This is different, Matt has actually done this stuff and built up his business from nothing to what it is today, based on doing the things he teaches you to do in the travel blogging course. I think a lot of people really struggle with knowing how to make money come in from the travel blog.

There are so many things you COULD focus on, how do you know which ones matter?

What’s actually in the travel blogging course?

So the course itself is a 10 week concise plan that you can follow, to take you from knowing nothing or next to nothing about travel blogging all the way to actually making an income and getting paid to do what you love doing, which is travelling! The main sections of the course are:

  • Week 1: Setting Up & Getting Started
  • Week 2: Building a Brand
  • Week 3: Writing & Content Creation
  • Week 4: Social Media Success
  • Week 5: Networking
  • Week 6: Mastering Search
  • Week 7: Newsletters
  • Week 8: Affiliate Marketing
  • Week 9: Creating Your Own Products
  • Week 10: Partnering with Brands

So as you can see, it’s all laid out for you. If you actually go to their website you can see on the page about halfway down, those bullet points I just gave you there are expanded and within each section there are several more bits as well, so it really is a DETAILED travel blogging course.

One of the really cool things about the course is that it shows you how to actually get ATTENTION for your blog. One of the biggest problems people have when trying to make money from a travel blog is just getting enough people to actually read your posts and visit your website.

Some drawbacks to the course

If I had to say one bad thing about this course, it’s that it’s not cheap. The price point for the course (and actually for each of the four courses, not just The Business Of Travel Blogging) is high. That being said, you can actually pay for it with a payment installation plan, which is very heflpul.

Where to get it (coupon codes?)

If we find or negotiate any coupon codes or discounts, we’ll list them here so bookmark this page and make sure to check back. For now, the best price and deal on this course is found here.