Something’s wrong in the world today.

People aren’t ENJOYING their lives, most of the time.

People are living for the weekend, and then using the weekend to numb themselves and put a ‘band aid’ on the unhappy mess that is their life. This band aid comes in the form of dopamine releasing substances like alcohol, coffee, drugs and media content on things like Netflix.

People are following their HEADS instead of following their HEARTS.

It’s a problem.

This probably won’t be the short easy to digest post you were hoping to read. This is going to dive DEEP and probably take you a while to read. But that’s fine, because what’s being said here I feel is really important.

This post is going to explore the problems with following your HEAD. And it’s going to hopefully convince you why following your HEART is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself, your friends, and the entire world.

I’m going to explain and demonstrate how by following your heart, the entire universe opens up and gives you everything you could possibly need. Bold claims, and it sounds like hippy nonsense, I know that. But this is coming from someone who’s experienced both sides of this, and I have a fairly large amount of experience in this.

In fact if you think you don’t have a few minutes to read this, you’re one of the people this applies to the MOST. So firstly, let’s define the problem.

The problem is in our society, people tend to follow a predetermined doctrine which tells them what to do with their lives. A predefined structure for their lives, which looks something like this:

  • Go to school
  • Get a degree
  • Get  a job and work 9-5 every day until you’re 70
  • Retire and hopefully have enough money to go on a holiday

But the problem with that is actually quite complex.

You see, not only does that mean that you waste your entire youth doing something you potentially don’t like doing, but by the time you actually get to the grand old age of 70 (If you even do) and want to do something fun with your life, your healths’ gone. It’s a lot harder to backpack round Asia (I actually did this for 3 months and wrote a lot about it and the things I learned!) when you can’t stand up without shaking like a leaf.

If you’ve ever told yourself that you’re going to ‘put up’ with a job just to make a bit of money, that’s fine. But if you’ve stayed in that job and made no effort to move towards what you LOVE doing and what your passion is, that’s not fine and there are several reasons why not.

By taking a job to make money, that’s fine.

Money is needed in this world, and everyone has to pay bills, pay taxes, buy food etc. So we need money, we’re agreed on that. But the thing is, in 2019, there are thousands of ways of making money. If you’re not yet open to the idea of making money outside of a job you’re simply being ignorant and not willing to open your eyes.

There are so many ways of making money outside of just having a job and in fact as I’ve explained in previous posts, making money in a job with a traditional ‘salary’ is actually one oft he worst ways of making money. You get taxed the MOST, and often get paid the LEAST. You also have so little control over what you earn that you’re reliant on just sucking up to bosses you don’t like.

Whereas if you make money in other ways (and there are LOTS) you have much more control. Not only do you have more control, but you can do things that make you happy to make money as well. I’m over simplifying this, I know but I just want to shift a bit of negative thinking about this. i want you to start thinking in different ways about money and life.

The brainwashing that has happened to you

The world has essentially brainwashed you to think in a certain way. Some years ago, was the industrial revolution and with that came massive change. People were promised that through automation and technology, they would be able to work less and earn more. That was the promise but what happened was actually the opposite.

The powers at be didn’t want a population of free thinking free roaming people working part time, and doing what they wanted the rest of the time. That makes it harder to control people, doesn’t it? So they essentially said ‘right everyone can keep working, for long hours, and that’s just how it is now’.

Even though most people don’t NEED 8 hours to do the work they do in a day, they’re contracted in and HAVE to be in the office for those hours. It’s all about control, and the system doesn’t want people to break out of that system of control.

So the entire system is conducted and designed to TRAIN people to think they need jobs to earn money. In fact the whole school system trains people to not think creatively, and instead to do what you’re told when you’re told to do it.

There’s a reason they don’t teach you how to invest or save money, start a business or think for yourself at school. They want to create and train good robot employees to fill the jobs.

But companies need people to work for them!

I get that.

I agree that companies need people to work for them and people need jobs.

I agree. My issue is NOT with people having jobs and doing work for someone else. In fact in many cases, that’s what you SHOULD do, and it’s still following your heart in a lot of ways if it’s something you want to do.

My issue, and the point of this post mainly, is that lots of people do jobs they don’t like, for long periods of time, and don’t know or look for any alternative. They follow their head in many cases and just think ‘well, the money’s good, so although I WANT to do something else, I’ll just stay here because I like money’.

People settle, and make do with a less than ideal situation just because they’ve been told that it’s ‘normal’. It’s not normal, or at least, it doesn’t have to be. You can do whatever you want to do in life and there are many options for things to do, and ways to make a living.

But even if you do have to work for someone else, the idea of working full time 40-50 hours a week seems a bit much. I think the actual amount of time you NEED to work to earn money to support your lifestyle entirely depends on what type of work you’re doing.

For example if you are a personal trainer, then fair enough you’ll need to be showing up and putting in the hours to work and earn money. Your work is a service based business and you need to show up and train people in the gym.

But if you’re the owner of a small software company, and the systems are in place that enables the business to run itself, you don’t NEED to work at all if you don’t want to. Of course at some point you’ll be overtaken by someone else, a competitor for example, but you have the freedom to decide how you spend your time.

Think about it for a second though, at what point did the ENTIRE world decide that the exact amount of time EVERYONE needs to do every job, no matter what the job is or how skilled and productive they are, is 8 hours a day Monday to Friday?

It sounds insane, doesn’t it?

Surely there are some jobs that don’t take 8 hours to do or some that take more. But it seems the whole world has been brainwashed to think that working full time money through to Friday is the best and only way of living. This means all your time is spent doing this and you don’t have any time to do anything else.

I’m not going to repeat the contents of The Four Hour Workweek, but you get the idea. In fact if you want something else to read similar to this post, that book is probably one of my favourites and it compliments the ideas I’m sharing in this post really well.

So as we move on, just consider that you probably don’t need to work FULL time just to make enough to cover your living costs. But it’s strange how people react when you tell them this sort of thing, because people have literally been brainwashed about it to the point where if you said to your friend that you’ve got a new job and you only work one day a week, they’d laugh.

They’d assume that NOBODY can work one day a week and earn enough to pay all their bills. But it entirely depends on what your job is, how good you are at it, and what sort of setup you have going on.

It’s very possible. But I remember so clearly my mindset before I learned and started down this path. I thought that earning money online was literally impossible, and that the people that do it are either lying or just very very lucky people that had somehow found a ‘hack’ or a trick.

Anyway, then there are people on the other side of the spectrum who work literally 9-10 hours a day 7 days a week maybe even across several jobs, and STILL have barely enough to pay their bills.

It’s all about income vs outcome

What do you earn, and what do you spend. If you balance that and make sure you’re always earning more than you’re spending, you’ll be financially free. But going back to the point about taking jobs you don’t like just for the money, it’s a strange situation but we need to consider why people do this.

So why do people do it?

Why do people sacrifice the best years of their lives for just a bit of money, seemingly without any second thoughts?

Because they don’t THINK about what they’re doing and what they’re giving up. They’ve been brainwashed and that’s what I want to bring to light in this post, among other things. I think the world has been almost hypnotised to think ‘Oh yeah getting a job is a good idea’ and ‘I don’t need to do things that I ENJOY’.

But what about having fun on weekends?

Lots of people would argue that even though they don’t like their jobs, they just have fun on the weekend and that sort of makes it okay. But in what world would you trade 5 days of your life for 2? How is that EVER a good deal for you?

Especially when you stop and consider that you can NEVER get back time. Once you’ve spent your time in this life, it’s gone and there’s no getting it back. All you have is this moment this day and week, year etc. What are you going to spend that time doing?

One of the ways I like to put things into perspective is I’ll ask myself ‘If my life was a movie, would my character be doing this, right now?’. And just think about it. Is your life like an exciting movie, or are you just playing the part of a background character, a cog, a pointless additional thing just in the background?

That always gets me back on track when I’m lost or I’m not sure what I should be doing. Just think ‘What would my character do right now if this was a movie?’.

Some of my favourite movies are things like Limitless and Avatar. These films inspire me and make me think ‘what could I achieve in this lifetime?’. Watch inspiring films and think about what your character should be doing. Because at the end of the day it literally IS like that.

You ARE the main character in this movie we call life, and you’re choosing how the films going, every minute of every day. Would you go and watch a film and someone sitting in an office for 40 years?


So get out there and start living your adventure.

Nobody else is going to live it for you and that’s the scariest but also the most liberating thing to realise. Because nobody else is going to do it for you, it gives you all the power. You can just stand up today and think of a new story to tell yourself. A new life to live.

But to remain stuck just because it’s comfortable and it pays the bills and lets you keep watching your fave TV series, is insane.

How people are living for the weekend

I will bring this back round full circle and explain how you can get unstuck, but firstly, let’s think about what people do every week. This is the story for most people, around the world.

They work all week in a job they don’t like. It’s stressful and annoying so they probably don’t take care of themselves and their bodies, maybe they order takeaway too often or don’t have time or motivation to go to the gym after work.

Then it gets to Thursday and Friday and they start getting a little bit excited.  A little spark of joy appears in their eyes and they think about how they’re going to DO something at the weekend. They’re going to go and drink, maybe get drunk and then watch movies the next day while they’re hungover.

And that’s excited for lots of people. Lots of people think that is actually living. You’ve heard the expression ‘living for the weekend’, but that’s what it means. People are literally just wasting their lives in the hope that this weekend they’ll get drunk enough to just about cope and keep tumbling through life.

But why is it just the weekends people are having ‘fun’ on? Why aren’t people doing what they want to every single day?

But you CAN’T just make money doing what you want

I knew someone would be thinking that.

A common response I get to the line of thought I’ve shared in this post is ‘but no one can just make money doing what they want’. People think jobs are the only way, and that we have to just suck it up and do something we don’t like, in order to sustain ourselves.

I agree in part, but the majority of me disagrees with that.

Let’s talk about the part I agree with. I think yes, to a certain degree we do sometimes have to do things we don’t enjoy, and sometimes we even have to take jobs we don’t particularly enjoy in order to pay the bills, or provide a stepping stone to what we DO want to do.

But that doesn’t mean we have to KEEP doing those things we don’t enjoy.

Our hearts are very powerful and intuitive, and if we just listen to what we FEEL we want to do, rather than what we THINK we have to do, we’ll be much happier in the long run.

The only things we really have to do in this life, are die (at the end) and pay taxes. Of course we have to follow the laws of whatever country we’re living in as well but everything else is a choice.

What job you do, how often you work, where you live, what your expenses are, what you spend your money on, it’s all a choice.

But people don’t see it as a choice. I’ve literally had this conversation with a friend before:

Me: You know you could probably replace your income with a business you enjoy, within about a year, right?

Them: I don’t know how to do that, plus I’ve got used to my job that I hate now

Me: You’re not even willing to learn how to do it, if it would mean your life will be happier, you’ll potentially earn more money, and you’ll be in complete control of how you spend your time?

Them: It’s a lot of work and I have to keep the job now to pay Netflix bills, rent my car to drive to my job, put petrol in the car to continue driving to my job etc

Me: But without a job you wouldn’t need the car and Netflix is a choice anyway..

Them: Plus there’s no guarantee it would work, it all seems a bit risky to me

And that’s where I ended the conversation because some people can’t be made to see the right way. Some people literally won’t change and don’t want to change their comfortable lives. They’re happy being stuck in this mediocrity and comfortability state that so many of us surrender to.

And for most people, they don’t really care. But for those of you who really get triggered by this and think ‘actually, I WANT more for my life’, we’re going to dive deeper.

What can you do about it

There are actually some things you can do about this, and in fact I would say you have a duty to yourself and the world to pull yourself out of this pattern, and get more in line with the type of work and experiences you ENJOY and actually like doing. To actually follow your HEART.

This is so important, not just for your personal growth but for the planet to move up and raise its level of consciousness in general.

It’s pretty damn important.

The most common questions actually have simple enough answers to them, so let’s start with a few common problems questions people have about living a life of purpose and doing what they enjoy.

But how will I make money?

This post is a tough one to write, because there are many tangents I could go off on. The money side of things is actually fairly easy to answer. If you have an internet connection and a laptop, there is a way for you to make money online doing something you love.

Not only is it possible, but it’s simple.

You just have to share what you love with the world (with as many people as possible), and find a way to get paid for it as well (by selling something like an ebook, course or service). That’s the entire process I explain I great detail in my Nomad Bootcamp course, but we’ll get to that later on.

My point is you can very easily find a way of making money doing pretty much anything, when you understand the basics principles of money, income, and business. That’s not that big of a factor when deciding when or whether to do this.

My job pays well, why would I leave it?

This is the big one. The big reason that keeps so many people in their comfortable jobs and doing something they don’t like doing.

The money.

Think about this for a second, before I explain the main point. What would you do if you were a millionaire? What would you SPEND the money on? But specifically, what activities would you actually do on a day to day basis?

Well, most of us would actually DO things that don’t cost that much, for example going to Asia, traveling around a bit, maybe you want to sit on a beach for a few weeks? This stuff actually doesn’t cost that much at all.

In fact most of us wouldn’t even do that sort of thing either! We’d just go fishing, rock climbing, hiking, maybe do some yoga, whatever your NORMAL hobbies are, you’d probably just continue doing those things, because you enjoy them and your heart’s in them.

Sure, if you want to buy a big house then you’re going to need money to do that, and yeah probably staying in a high paying job makes sense for you. But if you just want money to live or to do some things that you enjoy doing but that don’t actually cost that much, that’s when you should reconsider what you’re doing for a living.

To live the life of a millionaire, and to do what you want for most of us actually wouldn’t take that much income at all. You’d only really need about $3-4K a month to live most places in the world, and do more or less what you wanted. This EXCLUDES things like buying houses or helicopters, you’ll need a bit more money for that!

I’m talking about basic things, like living anywhere, traveling when you want, paying for nice food, and taking care of yourself. These things aren’t actually THAT expensive in the grand scheme of things. So ask yourself, what do you REALLY need the higher income for?

And by the way, I TOTALLY get that you need to have a certain level of income to survive. I’m talking here specifically about people who actually already have jobs that pay a high salary something like $40K and upwards. There are plenty of people who have these high salaries in these jobs they don’t really like, but they feel like they’re trapped because it’s a large amount of money to walk away from.

No matter what you earn right now, if you could find a way of making $3K a month doing what you love, why do you need a job paying you $10K a month or more?

Really consider this. If all your expenses were paid for, and you had spare money to do some things you love, would you NEED more? I used to want to become a billionaire, but that goal over the years has just seemed less and less meaningful.

What would I do with the money? Probably not a lot, so really as long as your basic living costs and a bit extra are provided, you’re living the dream. You’re literally living the life of your dreams because you don’t need to answer to anyone else, and you can decide how to spend your time.

Jobs you don’t like are toxic. They takes your time, which is the most valuable thing of all, and if you don’t enjoy it, it’s even more of a waste because it stresses you out and takes away your life force and willpower.

So think just in very simple terms:

Do you think you could LEARN how to find a way or make a business that pays you $3K a month if you REALLY tried?

Of course you could.

It’s just a skill to learn, like anything else. You didn’t know how to use a phone until you learned. Everything can be learned, and it’s really nowhere NEAR as difficult as you think it is. Almost anyone could, but you have to be prepared to actually try and do it. To actually learn the things you don’t know yet. If you started a new job, that you’ve never done before, you wouldn’t be expected to just KNOW how to do it would you?

So don’t expect to just already know how to make money online. It can be LEARNED though, and that’s what I’m getting at here. You could learn how to do it. But most people aren’t even willing to learn when the potential upsides are huge beyond belief.

So I think we can agree that if you tried, you could learn how to make money online/doing what you enjoy. What a lot of people get confused about though, is they simply don’t really KNOW what it is they want to do with their lives.

And that’s ALSO a fine situation to be in. That’s not a problem, really. If you’re in a job you don’t particularly like because you don’t know what else you’d rather be doing, that’s not the worst thing in the world. I think most of us take lots of time to figure out what it is we really enjoy doing.

But the key here is you need to be focused on finding that thing that you’re passionate about. If you never look for it, you’ll probably never find it. So try new things, go out there and experience life and see what things you enjoy doing. Most people have never really tried to find something they enjoy doing!

You would be amazed at how eye opening travel is and how much your perspective on what you want to do in life will change after even a short trip. But you don’t know what you truly love until you try a lot of different things. So mix things up, don’t be afraid to try a new job or try a new skill and see what you really enjoy!

But most of us have some idea what we love doing. And it might be something you think is silly. It might even be something you loved as a kid and still love the idea of now, but you’ve been told it’s silly or that you can’t do it now because you’re a grown up.

There are millionaires who literally play video games all day because that’s what the enjoy doing. There are hundreds of YouTubers who love playing video games, they made it their main project that they spent all their time doing, and they’re now able to do that full time.

Why? Because they followed their hearts. They found something they loved doing, and they kept doing it until they became so good at it and so well known that they were able to provide themselves a big income.

I can’t follow my heart because I don’t know what it wants right now

This is a legitimate thing to think, and it’s very common to just not know what it is that you want to do. I would suggest taking a lot of time to really think about what it is that you feel pulled towards doing. But when you do this, sit down in a quiet room for a few hours and don’t have anyone else there.

Don’t have this conversation with your parents, or your friends. Just you. Just sit in an empty room and really think about what you would do if nobody else could tell you what to do. If your parents weren’t there suggesting that you take a particular job because that’s what you’ve studied for,

And if your friends weren’t there to say things like ‘Take this job because it pays really well and the hours aren’t too bad’. What do YOU want to spend your time in this life doing? What really makes you feel super excited every single morning?

For me, it’s exactly what I do currently. I wake up, have a healthy breakfast (I’m obsessed with the idea of fine tuning my brain and making it perform as best as it possibly can) and I start writing, or making videos.

That or I travel and do the same while traveling. And that’s what makes me super excited! Some days I’ll fly drones or research new exciting things all day but most days I just do what makes me the most excited and inspired. I literally get pulled out of bed by the ideas and things I want to share with the world. I feel like it really is my purpose.

And then for the more fun side of things, I love traveling and exploring new places around the world. As I do this, I try and film as much of my adventures as I can and share them with the world through my Youtube channels (You can see some of my videos below).

But the point is I’m always doing something that inspires me and I feel like If my life ended now or next week even, I would be completely at peace with it and I wouldn’t have any regrets. I’m living now (and have been for a while now) with no regrets and a sense of KNOWING that I followed my heart every step of the way.

Compare that to a very common situation where someone will work a job they don’t like just because it’s comfortable and pays the bills. Because it’s comfortable and easy, they never bother learning how to make money on their own without a job and as a result they get stuck in that job for 30 years or more.

They never go away, or do the things they want to do in life, and their entire life and all their TIME has been spent working away at that job to make that particularly company some money. It’s such a waste of potential.

What if I like my job, should I follow my head?

Like I said if you do already enjoy your job then that’s great! You’re living your potential.I think the Problem is mainly with people who do jobs or things they don’t like just because they don’t see any alternatives. If you genuinely enjoy your job and the work you do, then that’s great! That’s very good and you should continue doing that.

What if I don’t want to travel?

It doesn’t have to be about travel. I just mention travel a lot because that’s what I like doing. I feel like there’s many perspectives and experiences around the world that I want to understand and see. I also feel most alive when I’m traveling and seeing somewhere new, but that’s just me.

Lots of people don’t like travelling or they find it stressful, but that’s my point.. I’m inviting you to think about what it is that you DO want, and then go and move towards that.

How to start making money by following your HEART!

This is a topic I’m very passionate about.

I love helloing people do what they love, and turn it into an income particularly online. So this section is going to be just me telling you a bit more about a course that I’ve created that can help you learn what you need to make money doing what you love.

I created a course called the Nomad Bootcamp which teaches you everything I know about making money online. It shows you how to take a topic you’re passionate about and know a lot about, and turn that into an online business that makes you a passive income.

It’s really exciting and I truly believe that if you follow the steps, you’ll have an online business that can free you from the grips of jobs you don’t like. You’ll be able to live life on your terms. And that’s a topic I REALLY enjoy sharing information on.

The course is made up of several videos and work exercises and templates but if you just follow it day by day for 6 months, you’ll have an online business that can support your lifestyle from ANYWHERE. It’s not just for people who want to be digital nomads either. It works for anyone and the business model can be run from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Over the years I’ve advised and helped several friends and people I’ve met on online business. I’ve shared tips and showed them how they can take what they love and turn it into an online business. But it’s a complex topic, and for people who have never had an online business it’s a lot to take in.

So this course is where I share all I know, and explain everything to you from the very start. Right from the first stage which is defining WHAT you love and WHAT you know a lot about. The Nomad Bootcamp is where IU would suggest you start if you want a better life for yourself, and if you want to have more CONTROL over how much you earn and when/where you work.

Learn more about the Nomad Bootcamp and see what’s included because there are some AWESOME free bonuses in the course as well!

To sum up

This was a long article and for some people it might have been quite confrontational and direct. Just be with that, and allow the new ideas to not annoy you, but to stimulate new thoughts and ideas to show up in your own head. Let it inspire you and make you more open to new ideas and thoughts.

You don’t have to get the Nomad Bootcamp course by the way, just try and live with more purpose.

And if there’s something you really don’t like doing in the form of a job for example, realise that there are alternatives. It is a choice, and it’s arguably one of the most important choices you’ll ever make:

What will you do with this life of yours?