The ‘law of attraction’ is perhaps one of those concepts that fascinates many of us. It gets you to think deeply about its origin. Can you REALLY manifest ANYTHING?

Can ANYONE manifest ANYTHING into their life, using the law of attraction?

Or is it nonsense?

Spoiler alert:

It’s real, and yes you can. If you’re reading this, you have the potential inside of you to create any life you can imagine. In fact, I have something that’s really going to shock you right now. 

The EXACT life you’re living right now?

You manifested that. 

You’ve already used the law of attraction to manifest your CURRENT life. You just didn’t know it. You didn’t know how it worked, or why it worked. 

In this article, I’ll explain how the law works, and how it’s BEEN working in your life already up until this point. When you know that, you’ll know how to change it, and how to use it to attract the life you REALLY want.

Are you ready?

According to philosophers, the law of attraction is believed to define the relationship between the concept of negative and positive thoughts. It is believed that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.

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The concept of law of attraction claims that people and thoughts are made from pure energy.

So through positive thinking of a situation, you will yield positive results. And likewise.

Positivity towards health will bring better health and this concept applies to all, from wealth to personal relationships.

When you really think about manifestation, you can almost link it to things like affirmations.

But, instead, in this situation, you incorporate the concept not just in affirmations but also in thinking and even living.

The law of attraction has been labeled as pseudoscience. But is it? Does it really work?

This is just because there are no existing scientific studies in this area.

Yet, you will find out just how it works below and maybe you can make your decision.

The 7 Laws Of Attraction

The 7 key laws of attraction include;

  • Unwavering Desire
  • Conceptualization and Imagination
  • Harmony
  • Right Action
  • Delicate Balance
  • Magnetism
  • Manifestation

In detail;

1: Unwavering Desire

You must know your pure desires for this law to work for you. Thus, it takes more than just thought but rather, truly understanding the desires without a doubt.

Thus, the law of unwavering desire simply denotes that you will get what you want if you actually want it.

To get what you desire, you must ride your spirit of doubt, fear, and desperation for a positive outcome.

So instead of thinking you want money to buy fancy clothes, your desire may simply be that you want to be able to travel.

2: Conceptualization and Imagination

This concept is sometimes known as the law of magnetism.

In your daily life, the law of magnetism is always in motion.

So whatever you imagine or think about is what you attract.

The spiritual energy that you put out will, in turn, come back to you with the same energy.

3: Harmony

The law of harmony directs you into living in harmony.

Believers of this concept, state that the world is connected in one way or another.

Thus, living in harmony and aligning yourself with the universe allows you to tap into the higher power.

4: Right Action

How you treat others, that’s how the world will treat you. Lacking empathy for others will also result in unfortunate situations for you.

The same way helping people will bring positivity to your life.

5: Delicate Balance

The law of delicate balance calls for gratitude and appreciation.

If you want to achieve more in the future, you must first appreciate what you ALREADY have.

This, in turn, creates a balance in us and prevents feelings of desperation, anxiety, and obsession.

6: Universal influence

The law of universal influence describes the energy we put out.

Our energy dissipates in a ripple effect, affecting everything and everyone on our path. Since we are connected to the universe, our thought, beliefs and even actions will, in turn, affect other people.

Thus, the more passivity you dissipate, the more positive influence you have on other people.

And vice versa.

7: Manifestation

This law calls for bringing your awareness at the present moment. This always you to prioritize and decide on what important towards your goal.

Your mind is powerful, thus, you must know how to use it to manifest your greatest desires into reality.

The same concept works in negativity.

If you manifest negativity, that is what you will encounter.

Yet, for a complete cycle, all the 7 laws of attraction must align for you to enjoy the full benefits of positive thinking and manifestation.

How does the law of attraction work?

The WHY of the law of attraction, is still ambiguous even to experts today.

Yet, many still really believe it works.

Even, with its complexities, the law of attraction is simple, if used the right way.

If you want something to happen, it begins with you – your knowledge, your thinking, and your actions.

It is as simple as that. I wish there was a better answer but to be honest, we don’t REALLY understand how the law of attraction works. It’s going to remain a mystery but what we do know, is that it DOES work.

How Can I Benefit From The Law Of Attraction?

Looking at it in a positive light, the law of attraction allows you to improve your life.

So whatever you manifest, will be.

Manifesting financial success

It is not always easy to think positively when it comes to your finances. Especially when you are stuck in that low paying job, and are bombarded with mounting debts daily.

However, the law of attraction has no limitations.

It’s about how you think.

And once you master the skill, you will be amazed.

Whether it is a pay raise or finally getting that funding to open your restaurant, it’s all about your mindset. You can use LOA (law of attraction) to manifest more money in your own life. You can manifest a sum of money, or an income. 

Manifesting better Health

It’s nearly impossible to be productive and happy, if you are in poor health. Yes, it may sound weird to integrate the law of attraction into your health and well-being.

  • However, it is very essential to do so.
  • Negative and pessimistic thinking can cause stress.
  • Now imagine what stress can do to your well-being.
  • Positive thinking impacts all aspects of your health including the mind, body, and spirit.

Attracting better relationships

The law of attraction will help you find love, and heal existing relationships too.

The concept incorporates your efforts of working in yourself and knowing what you really want.

With a clear mind and spirit, you are always able to associate with the right people and find who you want.

Clarity and wisdom

The law of attraction brings clarity to your life.

You will inherently experience how your thoughts are positively changing your entire existence.

And it’s not entirely based on materials and lifestyle.

Positive thinking will also impact your health, happiness, and spirit.

Spiritual Awakening

The law of attraction opens up your horizon.

You begin to experience the higher power and clarity of your existence. This can be termed as a spiritual awakening. And through this, you finally connect to the universe and begin to experience all the opportunities it has to offer, whilst unleashing your potential to the maximum.

Enjoy life and live fully

Your thinking and perception of the world affect how the laws of attraction impact you.

If you think and believe you will get into that medical school you really want to attend, then you will.

If you believe you are going to have a smooth day at the post office, then you will.

The law of attraction teaches you that the only limitation in life is your mind and thoughts.

Thus, aligning them in positivity will allow you to live life fully and enjoy it.

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How to use The Law of Attraction step by step

What you’ve been waiting for. HOW to actually use the law of attraction to ‘get what you want’. This could be money, fame, a relationship or even just inner peace and health.

This is going to be a guide to transforming your desires, into reality.

Firstly, the key is to always start small.

Don’t force or fake your beliefs, allow your thoughts and beliefs to be authentic so you can be fully immersed in the experience. Here are some steps you can take to use the law of attraction to manifest something in your life.

1: Decide what you want to manifest

You must know what you want, and be really sure. As outlined in the law of unwavering desire, you will only get what you TRULY want. It’s possible to THINK you want one thing, but to REALLY want another.

For example maybe you THINK you want money, but you really just want what the money can give you, for example travel, or freedom to spend time drawing. 

To find out what you really want, you must put it into retrospect.

Ask yourself questions such as;

  • Why do I want it?
  • How will it change my life?
  • How do your body and mind feel when you think of it?
  • Are you willing to go through great lengths to get it?

2: Manifest Love And Positivity

Remember the concept of what goes around comes around?

In life, you will always get what you deserve.

So if you feel that you are not the best person, then, positive things will always be a dream for you. You must practice unconditional love and positivity for you to receive them too.

That’s the universe’s way of paying you.

And if you have a clear conscience, you will never doubt yourself.

You must also be aware.

Acknowledge fears and doubts and tackle them with love.

3: Open Up To Possibilities

Okay, so you can’t afford to pay for medical school. That shouldn’t be the focus of your thoughts, because this will ultimately bring about fear and doubt.

But rather, open yourself up to opportunities.

Keep working towards pursuing and achieving your goals.

The key is positive thinking.

You never know, you may be admitted with a full scholarship because of your excellent performance.

Or a distant cousin may relinquish their estate to you when they leave for that ‘life searching’ trip abroad.

Rather than focusing on the hindrance and limitations, think about the positivity, about you achieving those strong desires.

The actual HOW of how you’ll get the result might be random. It might take longer than you thought or be in a different form. Be open to new situations and ideas.

An example would be if you are trying to manifest more money, and you get a call from someone asking if you want to interview for a different job. It’s not DIRECTLY money, but it can lead to money in the form of higher income, bonuses etc..

Be on the look out for these signs from the universe or little new things that can be a stepping stone to get to what you’re trying to manifest.

4: Have some Realism

Live out the desires.

Picture yourself in medical school, as an intern, practicing as the emergency doctor you’ve always wanted to be.

However, rather than imagining the desires, live them out.

Yes, that sounds crazy!

It doesn’t mean you should be wearing scrubs and talking doctor terms that you don’t understand.

But rather incorporating the desires as if they are solid plans in your life, and that they will happen. REALLY believe that what you’re manifesting WILL happen, and it’s a matter of fact.

So every step of your life, this desire is incorporated.

Be vigilant.

Go to university fairs, approach the representatives, state your intentions, and look for opportunities.

Doing so gets you closer to your goal, and helps the universe give you what you’re trying to manifest. This is so much more effective than what a lot of people do. A lot of people just trust that the universe will ‘handle everything’. 

Sure, it CAN, but it will handle it faster if you also put in the work. 

Putting The Law Of Attraction To Practice

There are many ideas you can act out, that will help you manifest things easily in your own life.

Some of the ideas include;

  • Vision boards and picturing what you want
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Appreciation for what you have already
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Being confident and intentional

Here are several ways you can start using the law of attraction easily:

1: Create a vision board

Vision boards are a great way to plan but they are also a way to remind you of your goal. Think of them as your life planner and task list.

I talk a little bit about vision boards in my video about morning routines:

And you can add anything to yours – words, pictures, graphs, even trinkets! As long as they outline your vision. It’s essentially a board of images of what you truly desire. This might be travel, money, fame etc…

Whatever it is, the images need to make you FEEL something when you look at them.

You should be excited, motivated, and happy when you look at the vision board, so take some time to make sure you’re picking really powerful and effective images for that. 

2: Have a better imagination

Some people always find themselves thinking about the same thing.

The same thing they desire.

This is also known as sensory visualization, and by focusing on the thing you want in your minds eye, you REALLY speed up the manifesting of that thing. It makes sure you don’t miss opportunities to get the thing. 

Sensory visualization helps to clarify what you want, as you are imagining it.

You should try and visualise and think about the thing you want at least once per day, ideally in the morning when you’re in the Theta brainwave state. This is going to give you the best chance of attracting it into your life.

3: Appreciation for what you already have

It is a known fact that you can never get more without appreciating what you have.

Being grateful and appreciative creates room for more.

This is because your mindset opens you up to receive more.

You value what you have thus, the universe is inclined to give you more.

You ever had that friend who is never satisfied?

You spend time finding them a meaningful birthday gift. When the gift is presented to them, all they say is this gift is not expensive and it’s not what they want. That is probably the last time you will buy them a gift, because they were NOT grateful. The universe works in the same way.

In the same way if you get someone a gift and they’re VERY grateful, they hug you, and thank you many times, that feels good. So you’ll probably get them other gifts in the future.

Appreciation and a show of gratitude are as simple as noting down what you are grateful for or simply voicing them when you go to self or when you wake up.

4: Mindfulness and meditation

Be self-aware.

Self-awareness allows you to objectively recognize your doubts and fear.

Objectively identifying your limitations helps you to address them.

However, sometimes it is not about addressing them but rather just knowing who you are.

Self-awareness connects your mind, body, and soul.

It is a gateway to knowing and understanding yourself. A good way of starting to be more mindful is to just start meditating in the morning. This is a really powerful habit that will massively improve your life. 

5: Be Confident and Intentional

You can link this to your affirmations.

Start small.

If you want to keep fit, you need to exercise.

You may feel that you are not strong enough to wake up early and run a 5k.

Rather than dwelling and wishing you could, wake up at 6 and do it.

Push yourself to do and you will be amazed at the results.

You could try a new exercise that you really like, and see how it feels. If you’re going to exercise, it’s important to be aware of some tips you can use to get faster reaction times and muscles

I hope this has sort of made sense, and you understand how to manifest anything now. It’s not super easy but it’s very possible for anyone to do this. I was able to manifest the life of my dreams, and I now travel full time, exploring and experiencing incredible things. 

This didn’t happen instantly. 

But it did happen, within about a year of me trying to manifest this lifestyle. Here’s an example video of the things I do now, and what adventures I get up to, if you want some inspiration.

Go out there and manifest your dream life. 

I believe in you, and I KNOW you can do it. Be brave, set a clear goal for your life and what you want, and then focus on it every single day. It’s only a matter of time before it happens.