Lucid Dreaming is the ability to control your dreams while you sleep, meaning you can do whatever you want, and it all feels very real.

It’s a normal dream, except you can control it.

It’s almost like you’re awake in an incredible alien world, but it’s a dream! This is a skill which has a number of implications. You can take control, direct and guide the dream in whichever direction you choose. You can even overcome nightmares with this dreaming skill.

If you want to fly, you can do that; you can Teleport, Meet Celebrities, play with Super Powers, talk to a lost relative or friend, even small things like practice a job interview. Some people ask the question; Is Lucid Dreaming real?, This is because to someone who has not had one such dream, it can seem a little unusual or unbelievable.

Lucid Dreaming

Yes, it’s very real, and it’s scientifically proven. Many thousands of people Lucid Dream every night. The skill is not new either, people have been controlling their dreams in this way for hundreds or years.

Pretty interesting, right?

Many people claim to have practiced and developed skills during their dreams. Some even create art or music in their dream and wake up to write it down. Lucid Dreaming isn’t much different from normal sleep/dreams and has no negative side effects, there is no good reason why you wouldn’t want to learn this skill, after all, surely it’s better to fly around beautiful scenery, have wild dream sex, explore alien worlds than it is to just go to sleep and wake up to a normal day.

Everyone sleeps, and everyone dreams

Think about this, every single person sleeps every night. We all dream for a good 20-30 minutes or more every single night, which over the course of your lifetime adds up to hundreds of hours or more. That time, could be spent doing incredible and impossible things in your sleep.

You could be controlling those dreams, and waking up with beautiful empowering memories and confidence. You could use that time to practice REAL LIFE skills and ACTUALLY improve at those skills, just by practicing them in a lucid dream.

There are thousands of reasons to learn to lucid dream, but the main one is that you could get hundreds of extra hours of your life, and you can experience incredible, impossible things in those extra hours. You could have sex with celebrities, fly across mountains and explore new alien planets. The real question is why DOESN’T everyone lucid dream!?

Is Lucid Dreaming dangerous?

Lucid Dreaming is not at all dangerous, and there are no negative side effects, other than you’ll want to dream all the time! You may have read Lucid Dreaming stories on the internet about people saying they were trapped in a dream, or that they can’t tell if they’re awake or asleep, these are usually nonsense.

Dreams happen every night, and Lucid Dreams are nothing more than a person becoming conscious whilst still under ‘Sleep Paralysis’ Allowing them to control what they experience.

How to control your dreams (lucid dream) very quickly

There are a few ways to learn how to lucid dream, but the main and most effective way is as follows:

Firstly, you need to start telling yourself that you CAN control your dreams because it’s likely that your whole life you’ve believed that you CAN’T. Start believing that it’s possible, and that you can do it. That’s the first step.

1: Start a dream journal (Write your dreams down)

You’re going to start writing your dreams down every single morning, in a notebook or dream journal. The reason for this is that you need to start telling your mind that you WANT to be able to remember your dreams. (You can get a cheap dream journal here)

Even if when you first start, you can’t remember ANYTHING, just make sure to write ‘no dreams recalled’ and after a few days or weeks you’ll start remembering them. If you still can’t remember ANY dreams, wake up at 5AM, and then set your phone alarm to go off every 20 minutes for the next 4 hours. You’ll drift in and out of sleep and catch yourself in the middle of SEVERAL very vivid dreams.

2: Whenever something weird happens, do a reality check

A reality check is where you ask yourself ‘Am I dreaming?’ and you should do them several times during the day. Whenever you experience something (in the real world, in the day) that’s strange or weird, ask yourself ‘Am I dreaming?’.

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Soon enough, you’ll subconsciously do that in a dream and the answer will be ‘YES I am dreaming!’ and you’ll become lucid. At that moment, you’re able to control the dream and do whatever you like! To make reality checks even more effective, do this:

Try and push your finger through the palm of your other hand, WHILE you ask yourself ‘Am I dreaming?’. In the real world, the finger will never pass through your palm but in the dream, it will. Strange things happen in dreams, and whatever you expect to happen usually WILL happen. So when you try and push your finger through your palm, it will go through and you’ll ask yourself if you’re dreaming.

The answer of course will be yes, and you’ll become lucid and be able to control the dream and everything around you. It’s pretty powerful, and very effective. This is a reality check and you can use these throughout the day. The best thing to do is to do a reality check about 20 times a day.

3: Meditate every morning

Meditation is a powerful way of having lots of lucid dreams, and it actually improves your overall mental and physical health too. Meditating is not a strange, wishy washy thing as many people assume, and it’s actually very easy to learn how to meditate. To start with, set a timer on your phone for about 10 minutes.

Sit down in a comfortable chair and close your eyes. Now, all you’re going to do is count your breaths for the 10 minutes. Sounds simple but it’s a powerful way of disconnecting yourself from the manic thoughts that are usually rushing around your mind. (If you want to make this even more effective, listen to these binaural soundtracks while you’re meditating, and you’ll easily slip into deep, relaxed states of consciousness).

4: Expect, don’t attempt to control things

With lucid dreaming, the most powerful thing you can do is to EXPECT things to happen, while you’re in the dream. When you’ve become lucid the first time, you’ll probably get very excited and try and control things like objects or the weather.

This most likely won’t happen very well the first few times, and that’s because you’re TRYING to change things instead of expecting things to change. You need to just believe that things will change, almost like you’re watching a movie and you know what’s going to happen next.

Easy lucid dreaming

If you’re interested in learning more about lucid dreaming, there is actually a lucid dreaming course that guarantees you’ll lucid dream within 30 days. It’s a very effective way of getting started because it teaches you the most powerful techniques FIRST, and makes sure you practice the right things on the right days.