Do you think you drink enough water?

Well it turns out, you probably don’t..Consider this..

By the time you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated (that’s bad). Your body needs more water than you think to maintain normal working conditions and health. Water is needed for so many vital functions of the body, you can’t really afford to not drinking water. Make sure you drink enough and you’ll notice the benefits within 4 days.


How Much Water Should I Drink Every Day?

For an average male, about 13-17 cups of liquid per day. This can be juice and other liquids, although some drinks have lots of sugar, and this is not good to be drinking daily..Water is the best thing to drink.

Why you should drink more water

Doesn’t it look lovely?

So that’s the amount of water to drink daily.. but is that the amount everyone should be drinking?

Well, this amount is slightly different for everyone, but if you take the amount for an average male of about 18-25 years, you can work out from that how much you should be drinking.

For example, if you’re a short girl then obviously you won’t be able to drink as much, nor would you need to, as you have a smaller body you won’t need as much hydration to keep it running. As a rough guide, about 10 cups a day if you’re a woman, and 15+ for a man, but don’t drink more than the amount that feels comfortable to you. Scale it up slowly.


Reasons to drink more water

Why drink water?

There are many things to be gained from downing more of this tasteless liquid, so many benefits in fact that I’m only going to include a few top reasons in this post, for the rest of the benefits, just start drinking more and notice the effects it has on you.

I challenge you to try drinking more water; the amount stated above for just 20 days. A few weeks. If you can keep it up that long, you’ll be shocked at the benefits and effects you’ll see. These benefits will not only be noticed by you, but also by the other people in your life..


Reason #1 – It Makes Your Skin Glow

Drinking more water can make you happier!

Want to be happier? Drink more!

Drinking more water makes your skin glow like never before. Because your body and skin are hydrated, they produce the right amount of natural oils and nutrients needed for healthy skin, leaving you with a warm glow.

This glow can be noticed after just a few weeks of drinking enough water every day, and you’ll really notice it if you take a photo every day for a month while drinking more water.


Reason #2 – It Can Help Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a dark subject, but generally people want to know all that they can about prevention and reducing the risk, and drinking more water is certainly a good way to help prevent it.

It cleanses the body of toxins, and helps to flush out any bad stuff floating around your system. This includes helping to stop cancer from growing and spreading. Oh, It also makes you less prone to illnesses as well. Drinking more improves your immune system making you less prone to diseases.


Reason #3 – It Gives You More Energy

This is one of the benefits of drinking water daily. Our bodies need water to fuel the muscles we use every day, and a lack of this water causes the body to depend on stored fat or other things in the body for energy.

Without getting to scientific, the body is able to enjoy much more energy when water levels are kept topped up. You’ll not only feel like you have more energy, but you’ll feel more alert and aware as well.


Reason #4 – Can Help You To Lose Weight

Drinking water and losing weight? They go hand in hand, believe it or not..

Often, when we eat something, we’re not really hungry, but instead we’re just thirsty. This is one of the major reasons that people become overweight, they eat when they should be drinking. By staying hydrated throughout the day, you’ll decrease the chance of wanting to snack on something fattening, and this means that you’ll lose weight.

You’ll be surprised how often you feel ‘hungry’ when really you’re just craving a drink. It can seem like you’re hungry when you’re dehydrated, but it’s an illusion. For more on losing weight, this is a great resource that’s helped many people.


Reason #5 – Reduces Stress

There are certain hormones at play in your body regarding stress, and studies seem to have shown that by drinking more water you lower those hormones, and therefore lower the amount of time you’re stressed. Clever, right?

This is one good advantage of drinking water, many people are stressed every day and just by doing this simple thing you can reduce that stress.. Too much of people’s lives is wasted by being stressed and upset, but most of this can easily be avoided! It’s the one thing that I wish I could ‘make’ people see.. Stress doesn’t need to happen.


Reason #6 – Alleviates Muscle Aches and Pains

Think of water like a liquid flowing through your joints, obviously it’s not as black and white as that, but the body uses water to lubricate joints and by drinking enough of it, you find that your body produces enough lubricant to stop aches and pains.

Reasons to drink more water

15 cups of water a day is the best amount

If you find you normally suffer from muscle cramps etc, just by drinking a little bit more these should start to get less and less painful.

So the next time you’re considering having that Coke, just remember there are so many reasons to drink water instead. This post is only covering a fraction of the amazing reasons to drink more water.