I’d like to share a little selection of videos which I feel really inspire you to be your best. They certainly inspired me and I always watch these videos when I’m feeling low or feeling like I can’t do whatever I’m trying to do.

Video 1 – POTENTIAL – Motivational Video 2014

This one is a good one for the mornings, when you really need something to get up for and to push you in the right direction. I LOVE the quote a few seconds in where he says; ‘But do you ever hear people saying they are eager to live a better life? If they really desired change, they wouldn’t just spend their evenings watching TV, wishing they were doing something more’.

Video 2 – What’s Your Passion? (Elliott Hulse, Alan Watts, Joe Rogan)

I love this one mainly because it’s really well put together, but I love Elliott’s speech about ‘the system’. It’s so true, because we live in an age now where we don’t HAVE to go to school > go to college > get a job > die.. We can choose to make money doing what we really want to.

Video 3 – BEYOND LIMITS – Wingsuit flying.

Alright, this one might not appeal to everyone, but I totally love it. It’s all about wingsuit diving which is pretty much the closets we’ve come to human flight so far.


Video 4 – Now It All Goes Back In the Box.. (Monopoly metaphor)

A great video showing that money and possessions are not the most important thing in this world. They’re a part of it, but there are much more important things. This is one my my top 10 YouTube videos for motivation because it really puts things in perspective.

Video 5 – 19 Minutes That Can Change Your Life

A great video from Earl Nightingale showing that it’s so important to THINK about what we want, and then think about how to get it. Using our brains can be sometimes one of the only things stopping us getting what we want. Want more income? Want more success? Then think about it.. Focus on creating the results you want..

Video 6 – This Is Dedication

Video 7 -Jim Careys Secret To Life

Video 8 – What If God Got Bored?

A video from Alan Watts about dreaming and whether this is all real or not. What would you do if you were god? You’d have the ultimate life, everything you could possibly imagine, but then there would come a time where you’d want a surprise. You’d want to experience something you didn’t control. If you could dream anything you wanted for 75 years a night, you’d want something adventurous.

Video 9 – Would you follow you?

Great video showing you that it’s important to sometimes look at yourself as though you were someone else.. What do they see? Do they see someone who is driven and motivated? Someone who is contributing to society and making the world a better place.. Something to think about.

Video 10 – Believe in yourself

If you woke up from a coma and were told that you’re a navy seal, would you act like a navy seal? Yeah. At the same time, if you were told instead that you’re a piano instructor.. You’d act totally different. Your brain can be made to do ANYTHING you can imagine. It’s just a matter of rewiring it. You can be anything you want to be.

Final thoughts

Hopefully these top 10 YouTube videos have inspired you in some way. They help me and if you watch them every few days you’ll notice your way of thinking changes in a big way. Like I said in my review of Ultimate mind mastery, it’s very important to immerse yourself in the type of thinking you want to adopt.

If you watch these videos, you’ll become more driven, more motivated and more likely to go out and do the things you were born to do.