Why should you go self employed?

Jobs have been around for as long as money has, and thus people have always felt the need to look for a find a job, in order to earn money, in order to eat.

That’s just the normal way things happen, but it doesn’t always work out how people expect. Being Self Employed might just change how it works out for you.

Let’s start with this.

How many of you have found yourself, or know people who end up in jobs that they don’t like, doing things they don’t like for people they really don’t connect with?

Sadly this is the reality for many people, simply because they don’t know any other way.

They don’t know or believe they can do it any other way and therefore they stay in jobs they don’t like for several years in a lot of cases.

This doesn’t have to be the same for you.

When you understand money and how it works, where it comes from and how easily it can be generated, you realize that working for someone else is really a crazy idea.

Top 3 reasons to become Self Employed

There are more reasons, but these are my main ones. There are also of course downsides to being self employed such as tax returns; you have to calculate and deduct your own tax, and submit a tax report to HMRC every year.

You also have to pay for your own uniform, equipment, travel, insurance to name but a few. Anyway, here are the reasons.

1. You don’t need to trade time for money

In most 9-5 jobs, you’re trading your time for money, and in a lot of cases, the money you’re getting in return for what is let’s be honest, most of your life; 9-5 Monday to Friday, is not enough.

It’s never enough because whenever you’re working for an hourly rate or for a yearly salary, you’re only rewarded and paid a set rate. You can get jobs which offer commission, but even these are a silly idea, this will be explained later.

Working for yourself might just buy you this awesome desk and office

Let’s give an example here, let’s say you work for a marketing company. You get paid a set hourly rate, or monthly rate but the point is, it’s a set rate.

Now, you could work for them, market them a product, which could quite possibly make that company several million pounds, but, even though the value you are providing is great, you still only get a set salary.

You re not rewarded for the value you provide, only for the time you work (waste).

Whereas, you could, with your marketing skills, be working on your own online business, work from home and create something in which you keep ALL of the profits and don’t have to answer to anyone.

Self Employment wins again. It’s a no brainer, but a lot of people just don’t know where to start, or don’t think of it like that.

2. Work online from home!

Being Self employed, you can choose when, where, and how hard you work. You can decide to have a month off, or you can work every day from 8 till 8.

The choice is yours.

You can be in control of your hours and to a certain degree, your pay. You can present people with a price and they choose whether to accept it or not.

You can work to earn ‘Active money’ (money earned only whilst working) but you can also earn Passive income. (Money that is earned regardless of whether you keep working or not). For more on working from home, see ‘Starting a website‘.

3. Choose who you work with!

Many people are in jobs they don’t like, but to make matters worse, they’re often working with people they really despise. Working with people you don’t like takes motivation away from you, and makes going to work a chore.

Owning your own Business, you can decide who to work for, and if you don’t like the look of someone you can just walk away.

So there are several benefits to being self employed, there are drawbacks as well, such as having to do your own tax returns for HMRC, or struggling when no work comes in, but if you make it work and you put the effort in to find work for yourself, it’s generally better than working for someone.

‘Work for yourself and build your dream, or work for someone else and help them build theirs’