How To Lucid Dream In 7 Days Or Less: Step by Step

So for those who don’t know, lucid dreaming is the ability to become self aware in your dreams WHILE you’re sleeping, and control or guide the dream. It lets you do some pretty incredible stuff, and it’s fairly difficult to learn..

There is no doubt that the DILD (Dream Induced Lucid Dream) method is one of the easiest ways to learn how to lucid dream. Interesting name, right? I bet that doesn’t make much sense to you at all.

It didn’t to me either the first time I read it. All it really means is that your lucid dreams will start off as normal, uncontrollable dreams.

In other words you will be having a dream and then inside it you will realize you are dreaming and it is that realization which will make it lucid.

It probably also sounds confusing to get this method right too but it is rather simple really. All you need to do is get into the habit of several reality checks. These you can easily practice during the day. You’re “waking” day that is.

How to lucid dream really fast (In under a week)

I wrote another article about how to lucid dream tonight but this one is more relaxed and focused on how you can start building the skills you’ll need to lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is a journey and shouldn’t be rushed, so don’t stress about it. Take your time!

If you follow these steps and practice these things, you’ll be able to lucid dream before you know it, BUT the most important part is that you believe you’ll be able to. You need to believe you’ll be able to before you actually can. I know sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Step 1: Building your critical awareness

Things like checking mirrors digital clocks book titles flipping light switches as well as trying to lean against walls pinching your nose and trying to breathe through it.

These things are all habits you need to get into with the intention of your dream self habitually doing them in your dreams. The reason is that all of these things will be completely different in the dream world making it easy for your mind to realize, “Hey, this is a dream!”

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Once you pick up these habits, in real life your dream self will carry them over into your dream world and when you are interacting and doing things in your dream that are so entirely different from the real waking world it will be quick for you to realize you are dreaming and to then take control of it with your conscious mind.

From now on, every time you see something strange, ask yourself ‘Am I dreaming?’. Also, very time you do a mundane action like opening a door or turning a light on or off, ask yourself the same question. It will seep into your dreams within a week, and you’ll become lucid!

Step 2: Doing reality checks to lucid dream (this is key)

Reality checks are very important for lucid dreaming and they’re sort of similar to when you ask yourself if you’re dreaming, while turning a light on or off.

Obviously these reality checks aren’t the only ways to have a lucid dream but they are some of the easiest to learn so if you want to get your first lucid dream as soon as you can, you might as well start with these, right?

We’ll start with the ones that will be very obvious in a dream.

Pinching your nose and leaning against walls.

When you pinch your nose and try to breathe in through it obviously you can’t. Not in the real world. In your dreams you’ll find that you can and it’s because you are still physically breathing in through your nose as you sleep and you will be able to feel these breaths in your dream even as you hold your nose closed.

Leaning against walls…again in the real world you’ll end up well… leaning against it.

Unless it’s a very thin wall you just crash straight through! In the dream world you will generally fall straight through walls. Any kind of walls you’ll just fall through as if nothing was there. Again a pretty obvious sign you’re dreaming and your brain will generally pick up on these signs pretty quickly.

Just keep in mind every time you do one of these reality checks ask yourself “Am I dreaming?” Might as well make things even easier for your brain to figure out and again this is a habit you could pick up pretty quickly.

I hope you’re already practicing these reality checks; you’ll want to do them as much as possible to turn them into good habits. 

Step 3: Write your dreams down EVERY morning, not just when you want to

A lot of people when they first try and lucid dream KNOW that they need to write their dreams down. The problem is that lots of those people just write dreams down when they feel like it, or when they want to remember something ‘cool’.

The issue with that is that is that you’re telling your mind subconsciously to NOT remember all your dreams. You’re telling it to only remember the cool ones. This means you’ll basically forget most of your dreams, which is terrible!

Start writing ALL your dreams down every morning, and if you don’t remember ANY on a particular morning, just write ‘no dreams recalled’ alongside the date and what you did that day. This is very important!

In fact writing your dreams down is one of the most important things you can do because yo’re building that link between you dream life and waking life again. In most of us, that link is very weak and you need to put special effort into building it up again. (Click here to see a really cool dream journal you could use!)

You should lucid dream less than a week!

That’s it guys, within about 7 days you should have your first lucid dream, and it will be intense. You’ll be confused and even scared, but don’t worry, that’s all normal. Just buckle up, relax and get ready! If you want to learn more about lucid dreaming you could check out this video course!