What’s your life purpose?

What is your reason for being on this planet, and what are you supposed to do here? Ask yourself that now.. Don’t know? Well hopefully this will give you a helping hand to discovering why you’re here.. It’s simpler than you think..ready to find your life purpose?

Come on then, Let’s get started..

Why are we on this planet?

What is your Life Purpose?

It comes down to what you really want to do and what you really enjoy doing, in the end. What you feel the most alive and happy doing.

This will be slightly easier to figure out if you have experienced a fairly wide range of things, jobs, countries etc.. but if not, don’t worry, it will still work.


Step #1 – Write down the 5 things you enjoy doing the most

Take a minute or so to write down the 5 things you’ve enjoyed doing the most.. this can be anything, traveling, jumping out of a plane, playing guitar, whatever it is, write 5 of the top ones down.

The things you feel most alive doing.

How to find your life purpose

What is your life purpose?

Connected to life, the moment and yourself, and enjoying yourself while doing it. Those are the things you should be writing down. Only you will know how certain things make you feel, so be honest with yourself.

Don’t write what you feel you ‘should’ write because what your parents have said they want you to do, or what your teacher says is the best option, just write what you genuinely enjoy doing and want to do.


Step #2 – Think about each one until you get an emotional reaction from one

Now that you have your 5 things written down on your paper, read them back to yourself, and with each one think about it carefully. Imagine yourself doing it, imagine yourself performing the absolute peak of that activity or ‘thing’.

For example, if you wrote base jumping, imagine yourself leaping off a huge cliff, hurtling to the ground and spreading your ‘wing suit’ wings and taking off from the cliff, soaring above everything.. imagine the adrenaline surge through your veins as you fly..

Do you feel something?

This will be different for everyone, but for one of your 5 top things, you should feel an emotion when you imagine yourself doing it. A feeling of ‘life’ and total energy spreading through you.

When I did my first skydive, I felt an immense feeling of power and energy rush around my body, which was so powerful that for days after, just thinking about it brought shivers through me, almost tears as I knew without a doubt that this was what I was born to do.

There will be a reaction similar for you if you genuinely want to do it and devote your life to something. You’ll feel sort of the same, a rush of energy and you get all fired up thinking about it..That’s your life purpose. What you’re meant to do and what you should move towards every day.


Step #3 – Move towards that in your life

Every time you wake up, imagine yourself doing that thing again, re-ignite the fire and then take small steps to move towards it. If you do something to get closer every day you’ll get there soon enough.

It’s so important to actually do this, and move towards what you truly want, and not just settle for a mediocre job that you feel you ‘should be doing’ to pay the bills.

The money will eventually come from the passion you have, and it’s much better to live a life doing something you enjoy doing than just settling for a less than impressive job and life. It’s your life purpose after all, slightly more important than money..


Did you find your life purpose?

If you find that you’ve written your list of 5 things you love doing, and not one of them gave you any sort of emotional reaction, it’s probably because you haven’t experienced enough in life yet.

Either you’re young, and haven’t gone out into the world and tried all the things there are to try, Travel, Take risks, Try out various different jobs, Put yourself in uncomfortable situations, then you probably won’t know what you enjoy doing.

So go out there, and experience life to its fullest, and please don’t waste your time doing something that doesn’t make you happy..