You should travel the world. You may have been abroad a couple of times, and that’s a good thing! There are many reasons to travel the world.

There is so much in the world to experience, so many places to see, foods to eat, cultures to learn about, there are many reasons to go to other countries and round the world. Some people don’t like to go abroad, some say they’re happy just where they are, but even for these people, there are things which could motivate them to travel, everyone has something to gain from it.

1. Overcome your fears

‘Fear and Security are the greatest illusions of all’.

By traveling the world, you are bound to experience something you fear, something that makes you want to go back to your bedroom and never come out. This is healthy, and facing your fears should be part of your life, in order to move past them and control that fear.

Do something you never thought you could before. Go to Dubai and jump out of a plane! Anything that takes you outside of your comfort zone, because all in all, that’s all ‘limits’ are anyway, levels at which we become too comfortable.

2. Experience different cultures

This is a common reason to travel the world, but a good one! There are so many cultures out there, and the way people behave and interact socially is vastly different depending on where you are. It’s healthy and interesting to get a feel for how other countries work socially.

3. Experience life!

Life all too often these days revolves around work, money, and routine. A certain amount of those things is unavoidable, but it’s so good to break it up and get away once in a while! Really experience life and explore new countries.

Picture of the world in someones hands

4. Different types of food

Chances are, you have a palette of about 20-30 meals and tastes that you’re used to, the things you eat regularly and anything beyond that is a rarity.

There are literally thousands of different meals/cuisines out there, each one tasting slightly different and giving a different experience, so why not go out there and try them all! Take your favourite food, you wouldn’t know you liked it unless you tried it that first time.

5. See the amazing wonders of the world

There is so much out there, islands, mountains, waterfalls, caves, lakes, etc but often we forget about all this beauty living in a city or an area that we’re used to. Standing on top of a mountain can really make you appreciate just how big this world is, and therefore how small we are!

I recently took a holiday to Lanzarote and wrote a post all about it. Doing things like traveling just opens you up to the amazing things in the world, and what you’ve been missing by staying in your home country! Read it here: 4 Reasons To Visit Lanzarote.

6. The world is yours!

Think about this: why wouldn’t you want to travel the world? The world is absolutely huge and there is so much to see, but you won’t see it unless you actually get out there and go to other countries, other continents even!

If one life is all we have, why not fill it with memories, experiences and moments that are impossible to forget. Do things you have always wanted to do. Travel, Live, and Be.