Making more money.

The dream, right? 

There actually were LOTS of titles I could have given this blog post, but I think just ‘how to earn more money’ will be enough here.

Money is no object

Before we go any further, this post is going to contain lots of value.

It’s NOT going to give you instant get rich quick ideas and hacks, because they don’t exist. I think by now in 2019 we sort of know we can’t just get to becoming a millionaire overnight, right?

So this post will share some real, actionable things you can do to start earning more money really fast. This applies to ANYONE wanting to know the following things: 

  • How to make money online, passively or through investments
  • How to make more money if you don’t have a degree (you haven’t graduated)
  • How to get rich (but NOT how to get rich quick)
  • And so on

What you need to know about money

I think this is actually a good way of starting this post, and it’s something we all tend to forget. Money is a system for transferring VALUE. That’s literally what money is, and how it’s defined. By DEFINITION it involves swapping one piece of value for another.

That can come in several forms, for example:

  • Swapping money for an item or a product (buying something)
  • Swapping money for a service
  • Swapping money for an experience

But the point is you’re giving money, in order to GET value.

That value can be in whatever form, but it’s value all the same. Money really, is worthless. It’s just a number of a bit of paper. It’s only WORTH something because we’ve decided to give it a value and say ‘This note is worth this much value’. And because we all agree on it, that’s what it means.

So really, money, and the value you can get with it is all based on what other PEOPLE (the users of the money) THINK is valuable.

PLEASE read that again because I’ve met bankers, investors and really intelligent people who didn’t understand this. And yet it’s a very powerful and undeniable concept. 

So what we can take away from this, is that in order to earn more money, you need to..

Provide more value.

And when you start asking that question, the entire conversation changes. You start asking the right questions. Questions like:

  • How can I give the world more value
  • How can I set systems up so that I can share my knowledge with lots of people (Give people value)
  • What value so I have in my brain? (Knowledge, experience, sills, talents)
  • How valuable is my skills at my job, REALLY?

And just a note on that last one, think about what you do for a job, right now.

How difficult is that job?

The chances are other people have the same job as you, right?

Other people you work with do the same thing as you. How long does it take to train someone who’s BRAND NEW to the job to do what you do? How long did it take you to learn?

The shorter that length of time, the less you’re likely to be paid. 

In the Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale proposed that the amount of money you earn is ALWAYS in direct proportion to the NEED for what you do, your ABILITY to do it, and how difficult it is to replace you.

In a traditional job, this is very true.

In fact it’s so commonly known that it’s literally advertised in the job adverts when they say ‘salary varies depending on experience’. What they’re saying is quite literally ‘the better you are at this skill, the more we’ll pay you’. 

So really, your thinking shouldn’t be about how to make more money. It should be about how you can become WORTH more money, by increasing your skills, and the value you give to the world. That’s really where the key to making or earning more money is.

It’s not in some weird ‘online trick’ or investment opportunity. Now we’ll get onto investments later because they’re slightly different, but the principles still apply. You still have to pick the right ones, and by investing in the right companies you’re giving value in the form of literally your money, so the concept still applies.

How to earn more money FAST

So, here’s how you can start getting or earning more money, fast. 

It’s not a simple process, and it’s far from easy.

But, it’s pretty reliable.

What I mean by that is that if you increase your value and what you’re putting out into the world, you HAVE to at some point, start earning more money. Now there’s a couple of steps you’ll need to take in order to actually get the money, but we’ll get to that.

1: Work out what your value is

The first step in this 5 step process, is to figure out or become aware of what it actually is that you’re good at.

What is your talent, skill or passion. Once you know that, you can focus on using it to provide the world with more value in the form of services or products.

So there are a few ways of figuring this out, but the chances are if you just think about it, you should be able to come up with a few ideas. Try asking yourself questions like: 

  • What do people ask for MY advice about?
  • What activities do I do the most that I enjoy the most?
  • What things in my life would I KEEP doing even if I was a millionaire because I just love them so much?
  • What do I know a lot about?
  • What am I qualified to do/know?

And so on. You’ll come up with a few things.

In fact for most of us in our 30s, this thing is USUALLY what we’ve based our current career around, and so that makes it a lot easier to go forward with this. If however, you’re younger and don’t really KNOW what you’re good at, that’s fine too.

Just think at this stage about the things you might want to TRY and become good at. In the case of a younger person, think about what things you enjoy doing, or THINK you’d enjoy doing. Because you’re young, you’ve got lots of time to play around, try new things and by trying a lot of different things, figure out what you’re really good at.

By the way, on the other side of the spectrum you might be in your 40s for example, and REALLY NOT LIKE your current career or job! And that’s actually very common as well. In that case, do the same thing as the 20 year old should do.

TRY new things, and see which of those new things you really feel passionate about and could learn more about. This article is of course focused on earning more money but I’d also like to stay as close to our passions as possible.

I think the world’s a better place when we follow our passions, and do the things we truly care about. 

And it’s VERY possible and in fact easier to earn more money doing what you love and know, than it is in some random, boring and pointless industry that you don’t care about. So try and stay close to your passions as you’re reading through this and following the steps.

Once you’ve got a good idea of what is it you’re good at, or passionate about, we’re ready for the second step:

2: Increase that value/skill/talent

We now need to increase your skill, talent or knowledge. 

Notice how I’ve not mentioned making money yet?

Making money is a SIDE EFFECT of doing this first bit, believe me. So at this stage you should focus on learning and experiencing LOTS MORE of that thing you’ve figured out in step one.

This might involve reading books, watching videos, even going to university (ONLY if you have to and it’s required for your path). don’t go to university if you’re not going to need that degree, it’s not worth it trust me.

So take courses, learn things online, read, research and become better at that thing you’ve figured out. It might be that you want to be a famous athlete, so in that case train more, learn more and practice your sport. This process is never ending by the way, but for arguments sake, let’s say you do this for about 6 months or so.

Once you’ve got a good level of skill or knowledge at your thing (we’ll call it a thing for now, but this refers to your skill, talent or passion), we move onto step 3. 

3: Learn how to get PAID more for that value

This is probably the most exciting step for lots of people, but also one that most people never take. Everyone knows a lot about SOMETHING whether it’s a sport, skill or even a topic of interest.

So what we’re going to do here is take that knowledge and turn it into a way you can get paid more from it. This in most cases, can be by going and getting a job doing that thing. That’s probably the fastest way of earning more money, but certainly not the only way.

By studying and becoming more skilled at your thing, you’re very likely to be able to get a job doing that thing, and getting paid more. In fact that’s literally how people have been earning more money for decades. The more skilled you are, the more you’ll be able to get paid.

If you want to take it one step further by the way, think about starting your own business. Specifically, your own passive income information marketing business. 

There’s a lot I could say about what that type of business is, but the easiest way of me showing you is to just explain is in my Nomad Bootcamp course. The course shows you how to take ANY topic, interest or skill, and turn it into a passive income business within 6 months of solid work. 

Passive income means you do the work ONCE, and get paid for LIFE.

It’s a much more fun way of earning more money because you can decide how you spend your time. You might want to take a week or even a year off to go travel, and the money will keep coming in. So check out the course, and we’ll move on!

To summarise what we’ve learned so far: 

  • Money is an exchange of value. to get more money you need to GIVE more value
  • Get better at your thing by learning and practicing at it
  • Apply for higher paid jobs doing that thing OR turn it into your own passive income business

4: Focus on growth and giving more value

Now we’re looking at ways of expanding your income even more.

By practicing your thing and getting better at doing it, you’ll be able to get raises, promotions, you’ll even get head hunted for better and higher paying jobs. An example of this is when I first started out doing SEO and digital marketing.

I literally loved it, and still love it. I would practice, learn, research and immerse myself in that world. I managed to get a job at an agency without having ANY qualifications in digital marketing. In fact, I got that job and was chosen over a guy with a DEGREE in digital marketing, simply because I knew more about it and could show the guy that I loved it more.

My passion for it meant I could easily and confidently chat about aspects of it, and I was able to show not only that I knew what I was talking about, but also that I’d DONE it by building my own website, something the graduate guy hadn’t even thought about doing!

I then went on to get promoted, got several pay rises, ended up running the SEO team in that company, and after turning down several other job offers (headhunted), leaving to start my own business.

But back then I didn’t care about earning more money, and I still don’t really. I just LOVED digital marketing so I learned as much as I could, and the opportunities and therefore more money, came to me. 

I’ve always done what I LOVE (my passions) and as a result, I’ve usually been pretty good at whatever it was I was doing. As a result of that (really just a side effect) I’ve always been able to earn a fairly good amount of money, especially when you consider that I never went to university. 

Now moving on:

If you want to step outside of a traditional job and work for yourself, you’ll have the potential to earn a LOT more money. When you ‘re doing your thing for someone else, you’ll always be paid less than you deserve because the company that’s hiring you has to make a profit by hiring you.

No company really just hires people for fun, they do it to make more money. So whatever you’re being paid by your job, the company is making FAR more than that FROM you. 

So to earn more and be more in control of your income, you should think about starting your own business.

This is where you’re going to start seeing the biggest increase in your earnings. Also, it’s a lot more motivating working for yourself, because you know that the harder you work, the more you’ll earn.

So there are a few ways you could go about working for yourself: 

  • Starting a website: A quick guide to starting a website
  • Earning more passive income: A list of the easiest and most profitable passive income sources you could set up
  • The Nomad Bootcamp: A complete step by step course I created to show you how to take any idea or passion and turn it into a passive income business within 6 months

5: Take good care of yourself

Once you’ve started to earn a bit more money, (and actually way before that as well) you’re going to want to take better care of yourself. 

You’re only as good as what you can physically do, so it’s important to take good care of your body. Sleep right, eat better foods (consider going vegan) and make sure you’re consuming a ‘positive vibes’ diet.

This means limit exposure to the news and anything negative, and focus only on what you WANT and positive uplifting messages, music, people and places. This is an ongoing process, and not something you can change or fix overnight by the way.

So starting now, treat yourself, your life and your body with more respect.

Don’t eat junk food, and stop hanging around negative complaining people who just bring you down. Be around people who are as motivated or MORE motivated than you are.

How to get rich QUICK

Okay okay, you want to earn it FASTER?

Now, after reading all of that, you should have a pretty good idea about how to earn more money, and what’s involved. Now there are a few things you can do to make this happen FASTER. These things are going to involve what’s known as ‘leverage’.

Leverage is the art of using one thing to get another bigger thing. It’s using or making the most of what and who you know. This can also be referred to as networking, seizing opportunities and many other terms. 

Once you’ve got a skill and you can get paid for that skill, consider how you can package that skill into a digital product. By creating a digital product like we teach in the nomad bootcamp, you have LEVERAGE.

You can create a product using your knowledge, and then sell it over and over again, for life. In fact there’s no limit to how many you could sell, because it doesn’t cost you any extra to make more of the product, people can just download it!

This can be in the form of an ebook, video course or audio course. It’s free and easy to start making this sort of product. I won’t go into how to sell it because it’s quite complicated, and I explain it all in the nomad bootcamp course.

Another thing to mention about making more money faster is the buyout or sellout potential. If you create your OWN business, it’s very possible that it will do well, and eventually become worth a lot of money. When you’ve got a business that you own, you can SELL that business for a lot of money .

You’ve seen the tech startups and companies that sell for millions, right?

Once you OWN the business, you can decide if you want to sell it. You can’t do that with a job. If you leave your job, you stop getting paid! But if you build a COMPANY or a business, you can actually sell it later on.

So that’s another thing that could motivate you, the more you work on your own business the more you could sell it for later. Of course, you might not want to sell it but its certainly a way of making a lot of money very quickly.

The best businesses for this sort of ‘build, grow and sell’ model are: 

  • Software companies
  • Tech startups like apps, services or analytics
  • Rent models like car rental companies, or storage space etc where people pay recurring payments to you
  • Online websites and passive income niche sites (These are even more profitable because they often have almost NO costs or overheads)


To be honest, if you follow those steps and focus on value, you’ll earn more. Not only that but you’ll exceed your wildest dreams if you do that. They say actually that making lots of money is a side effect of success, not the definition.

Focus on giving value, having fun, being kinder and just enjoying life. Value first, money second. And trust me, the money comes to you if you do that! Good luck. 

And remember, if you want to get my step by step course on doing all of this, and making your first passive income business, take the Nomad Bootcamp. Trust me, it’s got a LOT more information and secrets/tips, and you’ll love it.