In this article I want to talk about the things that you can do during the coronavirus lockdown quarantine situation of 2020.

Many of you will be finding that you are stuck at home or in your bedroom, and you’re not able to leave except for very limited things like going out to exercise or to buy food from the shop.


It’s very important to realise that you should not panic, and you should actually try and lower your stress response as much as possible. 


Because higher levels of stress usually lower your immune system response or function.

What this means in laymans terms, is that the more you stress the more likely it is that you will get the kind of virus and also the longer it will take you to recover because your immune system is compromised.

What is the lockdown?

So firstly what actually is the lockdown and how does it affect you.

Firstly the lockdown really depends on which country you’re in, and this article is focused on people all around the world.

So it’s really hard to say what the rules are on your particular country, but for most countries it means that you’re not able to leave your house unless you really need to for example to buy groceries or to help someone with vulnerable.

So what this means is that many people millions and millions of people in fact who are usually going out to work and spending time outdoors every day are actually stuck inside the houses.

This gives you an incredible opportunity to do things that you never normally would’ve done, and it gives you a lot of extra time that you can spend on doing things that you otherwise never have time for.

This article I want to give you a list of things you can do during quarantine lockdown that will help to improve your life and make you feel better.

Before we get into this I just want of briefly cover how long I think this coronavirus lockdown will last, and again this will vary depending on which country you’re in but I think it’s really not going to be as bad as they are betraying it to be.

Many news articles on social media posts seem to indicate that will last for six months or a year.

I really don’t think it will last anywhere near that long.

Best things to do at home during coronavirus lockdown

So let’s get right into it; there are some things you can do during lockdown that will really help your life make you feel better but otherwise make the world a better place.

1: Meditate

Number one is to meditate.

Meditation has an incredible benefits, and can help you feel better as well as lowering of stress response boosting your immune system, and making your brain function in a more accurate effective way.

Meditation has ben shown time and time again to be a habit of successful and ultra happy or effective people for a good reason.

Meditation is probably one of the most important things you can do during lockdown, especially at a time when everybody is panicking and spreading fear-based messages on social media.

I have however noticed many people already meditating and spreading positive messages on social media which is a really good sign.

So to start meditating, what you need to do really is just to start counting your breath from 1 to 10 and then when you get to 10 start again from one. I also have a tutorial on how to meditate in more detail. 

Do this for about 5 to 10 minutes a day at least twice a day.

You can also just do this whenever you’re stressed. I have recently bought an Apple Watch 3, and one of the interesting features of this Apple Watch is that every so often at random intervals it will remind me to breathe and meditate by vibrating my wrist.

If you want to check out the Apple Watch I actually bought is this one I would highly recommend getting.

So in a nutshell, learn how to meditate and try and do a 2 to 3 times a day or especially when you’re feeling stressed or anxious.

2: Sleep better and take more naps!

Another very interesting thing you can do right now if you’re in lockdown, is to actually sleep better take more naps and work on restoring sleep credit.

Most of us without realising are actually in sleep debt, which means that your body is craving more sleep and you’re currently getting.

This is manifested in fatigue symptoms and irritability throughout the day, and most of us don’t even realise that we have this sleep debt.

We don’t really know how we can fix it, or even avoid having sleep debt in the future.

It’s actually very simple and we need to do is to sleep for more hours than you’re currently sleeping for. This is a really good opportunity during lockdown because of coronavirus because you can actually sleep as much as you want.

Especially if you’re not working from home either.

You can just take a nap for two hours in the afternoon, and restore your sleep credit for the whole week. This will have a massive difference to how you feel and also more importantly will have a massive difference to your immune system which will help resist against and heal from the virus.

3: Learn to make money online for YOURSELF

Another thing you can do during coronavirus lockdown, is learn how to make money online and for yourself.

For a long time I’ve been teaching people how to make passive income from online businesses and websites, by sharing things are passionate about and actually teaching the world things that they already know.

This is known as the ‘information marketing business’ and it’s something that I’m very passionate about helping people learn how to do.

You’re probably wondering where are you going to get money to pay rent and bills and buy food from if you’re not able to work during the six month lockdown, right?

Well that’s actually something which I teach people how to do using my Nomad Boot Camp course which you can find information about it.

If you don’t want to get a course all go through something that details you can actually just look at my other article about how to make money doing things that you love doing.

I would highly recommend going to the course though, especially if you have a little bit of spare money and time to invest in this.


Because not only will help you learn how to make passive income, but you will also learn how to make money doing things you love doing for LIFE. This is what is enabled me to travel the world, and essentially do exactly what I want every single day!

It’s also another reason why my daily life or income has really not changed much doing this lockdown at all.

The only annoying thing is I’m not able to travel at the moment, because of the travel restrictions but as you can see from the video below I often travel around the world doing what I love.

It is all possible through the information marketing business which I share how to do in the course. So to summarise this would be a really good time to learn how to make your own money online.

If any of the videos of things I’ve mentioned here interest you, I’d highly recommend you check out the digital nomad Boot Camp course, or read the article I wrote about how to make money doing things you love online.

4: Find your life purpose

The coronavirus lockdown is a very good time to start thinking about what your life purpose actually is, and whether you’re satisfied or for filled in your current job.

Many of us due to the lockdown are actually forced to stay at home and work from home in many cases, but it gives you a good opportunity to reflect on how you actually spend 80% of your life during every day usual weeks.

  • Do you actually enjoy the job you’re doing?
  • Or are you just doing it because you feel you have to do in order to pay bills?
  • If there was ANOTHER way to make money, especially to make money doing things you love doing wouldn’t you rather do that?

It’s an interesting thing to think about, and the point I mentioned before about how to make money online doing what you love is very relevant here.

I think many people just go to their jobs because they feel obligated to, or because they feel trapped in the job in order to keep any money to keep paying the bills.

A job to actually one of the worst ways of making money, and being employee of the company is actually one of the highest taxed and worst positions or ways to make money in the entire world.

There are much better ways to make more money, on your own terms. Efficient ways, especially when you look into passive income, businesses, online marketing funnels, and selling digital products online.

Again I do teach all of this in the nomad bootcamp course, but you can also find lots of information about this throughout my website and also online.

So going back to my earlier point. This might be a really good time to think about what your life purpose actually is.

Depending on what your religious or spiritual beliefs are or if you even have any of those types of beliefs, you should know that you came to this earth with a purpose or mission.

This is something that you’re supposed to do, or some big task or series of tasks that you’re supposed complex during your lifetime.

Most people actually have no idea they have a life purpose and mission.

But I think this is actually changing, and a lot of people during the coronavirus lockdown are starting to question the life and what they actually doing all the time. Jobs (especially 9-5 jobs) take up a huge amount of your time and a lot of your energy is spent on making somebody else rich.

If you stop going to work, you stop getting paid and this is why it’s one of the worst ways of making money.

Most rich or successful people have several sources of income, most of which are passive and all of which are leveraged and scalable.

So take this time that you have to reflect on yourself during coronavirus lockdown, and question what your life and your mission actually is. Ask yourself am I really happy in my current job, or am I just doing it because I think it is the only way of making enough money to pay my bills.

There are in fact millions of different ways of making money and having a job it’s just one of those millions of different ways.

The good way of working out what your like purposes is just to sit down in a quiet room with a notepad I just write down what are you think you are on this earth and what your mission is. You’ll be surprised what your subconscious mind can come up with, and what you’re looking for is the answer that you write down which makes it so to feel emotional.

It might even make you tear up a little bit. That answer is usually what your purposes because connected to your emotional centre and your heart

5: Question your beliefs

Many of you know who are during coronavirus having to lock down yourself isolate yourself in your house finally have lots of free time to research and read things.

This is the perfect time to start questioning some of your beliefs about things like food, diet, nutrition, and health or spirituality among other things. Here are some questions to start asking yourself: 

  • Am I living my purpose?
  • Am I eating the best diet, or is the food I’m eating making me weak and sick?
  • Is there life after death?
  • What do I think happens when people die?
  • Are we all connected?

These are current beliefs which tend to hold people are negative patterns or blind people system saying the truth.

I’m not going to get into why you should go plant-based or Vegan in this article, but if you would like to learn more about that and especially if you’re curious about the health benefits or if you have time to dig into the research it?

I would highly encourages check on my article about why everybody should be vegan in 2020. Not only for health and agricultural reasons and also to stop the quality to animals but also to boost your immune system and hopefully reduce your likelihood of getting a virus.

6: Catch up on some good films or TV

I wanted this article to sort of apply to everybody, but I don’t think everybody wants to suddenly look at their life purpose right now. It might take a bit of time to realise that that’s a good idea to do.

So for people who are reading this article thinking this is all nonsense, or you just want something else, I recommend you catch up on your favourite films or TV shows.

But more specifically focused on watching comedy so funny light-hearted films.

This is NOT a good time to watch things about pandemics or diseases, because that will just further reinforce the fear state the global media are frantically trying to put you in.

Instead, try and watch comedy is a light-hearted chick flicks, romantic films, and other random TV series like that.

If you are were wanting something ‘travel like’ to do in these times when you’re not able to travel yourself you might want to look at some of my compilations of travelling which I made before a virus lockdown meant that nobody could travel easily.

7: Stay positive

It’s important to stay positive doing these times, and especially when the global media is trying to put you into a state of panic and fear.

This is a very important time to remain positive, and to protect your energy and consciousness and not to allow negative thoughts or informational ideas into your mind.

Focus on positive information sources and the good news instead of the negative and fear-based narrative most media Companies have been thriving off of promoting for the last few decades.

Be patient with this coronavirus lockdown.

It won’t last forever, and when it is over the entire world will be a very different place. I think things will change for the better and it’s a good opportunity to go inwards to meditate to reflect and to work on yourself.

8: Intermittent fasting to optimise your food intake

Doing this coronavirus lockdown, it’s very clear the most food supplies and grocery stores are actually very limited in terms of the food they can provide you.

This is because the first wave of panic buyers caused the demand that the supply chain has been unable to fill, and this has meant that many shops now impose limits on how many items you can buy.

This has left many people wondering if they’re going to be able to get enough food for their household doing this lock down but your’e encouraged not to panic.

In fact this is a very good time to look at a very interesting dieting or eating strategy known as intermittent fasting. This is the idea of eating for only a certain amount of hours doing a 24 hour window.

I experimented with this a lot during 2019 and 2018 and found it to be very beneficial for a number of reasons.

It’s an easy way of restricting calories but still maintaining the amount of fuel that your body needs by turning the food into more energy more efficiently.

This is very interesting, and there is a lot of science behind this but I’m not going to get too much into in this article because I did actually write a really detailed article about how to start intermittent fasting.

You might need to check that out we could watch my video which I will link to below which explains more about how intermittent fasting works and how it can be beneficial to you during these times.

See this as an opportunity

I didn’t want to just give you my list of random things to do during the house during lockdown, although that’s probably what you were looking for…

But hopefully you found it interesting, and you’ve learned some things you can do during the coronavirus lockdown which actually will improve your life and make you feel better.

This shouldn’t just be done during coronavirus lockdown however.

I would encourage you to do these things on a daily basis for ever, even during your normal everyday life after lockdown.

If you want to learn more about this sort of thing I’d love for you to sign it to my email list, and get a free life hacking Ebook, and personal development tips and lessons

If this was useful to you please share it on social media with some hashtags you think will get it noticed during this time such as #lockdown or #quarantine to try and spread the positive message of what you can do.

This is so much better to share compared to fear.

Instead of the fear-based message that many people are spreading on social media such as perpetuate panic and stress. Hopefully you can see that this has been written from a positive point of you to try and help you feel better and actually improve your life instead of just spreading panic and fear on social media.