In todays post we’re going to go over how to create a photographic MEMORY nootropic stack, so that you can boost your recall ability.

Nootropics aren’t anything new.

A Romanian chemist and psychologist named Dr. Cerneliu Giurgea was the first to synthesize Piracetam in the early 70s and coined the idea of nootropics.

Nootropics really got defined by Giurgea as substances which enhance memory, focus and learning with few to none side effects.

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’re interested in the possibility of developing a photographic memory.

But is that possible? 

One thing we can say for sure is that by leaps and bounds you are able to enhance your remembrance, but more on that in a few moments.

Later in this article we’ll discuss a nootropic stack made to improve memory, and it’s called the photographic memory stack. But first we need to talk about photographic memory itself and what it represents.

What is Photographic memory

When people say photographic memory, they’re referring to the skill of being able to perfectly recall an image after just a short period of seeing it.

Otherwise called an eidetic memory, this is a skill of remembering sounds, objects, and images in high detail after short exposure.

Try this for a second: 

Imagine, everything that you ever heard, felt, tasted, smelt, and did recalled with a single thought. All of it kept deep inside your brain, and you can relieve every experience like it’s happening right now.

Well, a person that has eidetic memory is able to do just that.

This is truly a powerful gift that has been mastered by some people. But there is much skepticism involved around those few that “really” possess it.

Most people experience ‘bursts’ of this type of memory, or more commonly referred to as ‘sporadic eidetic memory.’

Have you ever experienced an incredibly pleasant, or very traumatic, event that you can almost touch and feel when your eyes are closed?

This ability of recalling the event as if it just happened is a perfect example of sporadic eidetic memory. We still don’t know if this type of memory can be trained or not, because it seems to happen only for event that had a deep impact on us.

True eidetic memory is practically unobtainable for most people. But for those that want to enhance their remembrance for school or work, should look into nootropics and memory training.

How to get a photographic memory

There are three factors that contribute to having an eidetic memory. Fortunately, you can completely control two of them.

These three factors are:

  • Genetics – Essentially, your memory’s capacity is to some point determined by your genetics. Some lucky people can be born with this type of memory, while the rest of us have to utilize training elements and lifestyle to develop it.
  • Lifestyle – Proper diet, supplementation (including nootropics), meditation, exercise, and improving your sleep. The right choice of lifestyle is crucial to having a healthy brain. This also creates an environment capable of massive cognitive enhancement and memory growth.
  • Memory Training – To unlock the full potential of your brain it’s essential to have a training program for your memory. This training utilizes proven methods of memory training to mold the brain into a memorizing machine.

With the correct training anyone can form an excellent remembrance.

So what can you do? 

Lifestyle changes you can do to increase memory

Here we’ll present to you some easy, simple changes that you can make to enhance your remembrance to its full capacity.

  • A healthy diet – this is crucial on your mission to maximize your memory. The brain requires energy to work as intended, so you need to fuel it with food.
  • A healthy diet’s key benefit for your memory and brain is to provide calories for fuel, and also nutrients and vitamins that the brain needs to function properly.
  • Vitamins – Most of the nutrients that we need, our bodies receive from our diet, however, vitamin supplementation will help to fill any gaps.
  • The primary benefit of supplementing with vitamins is making sure there are no deficiencies regarding crucial nutrients that your brain requires.
  • Nootropics Many nootropic supplements are backed up by research studies, and are proven to increase mental performance and remembrance.
  • Our recommendation is that you explore these supplements a little more on your quest to a perfect memory.

The photographic memory nootropic stack

This nootropic stack is created to maximize the user’s memory potential. Compared to some other stacks used for memory enhancement this stack is relatively simple.

However, the particular components included in this stack are quite effective and by working very well together they optimize your memory function.

Combining the nootropic supplement of this stack into your daily regimen will, in the short-term, have great effects on your memory. After several months you should feel even greater improvements.

Below you’ll find all the ingredients included in this custom stack, along with their dosage and a little more about their effects.

Here is the stack! (Links open in new tabs showing you where you can buy each element of this stack, and if you scroll DOWN, you can read more about each ingredient and how it works):

And that’s it!

Elements of the memory nootropic stack

Here’s how they all work, and why they’ve been chosen for this nootropic stack: 

Pramiracetam 600mg

This nootropic belongs to the racetam family of supplements and is popular for its ability to increase focus and enhance long-term memory. It’s also very fast-acting, and after ingestion the memory boost can be felt pretty quickly.

CDP Choline 300mg

Citicoline on its own has great benefits on memory and focus, but when combined with any racetam or especially pramiracetam a powerful combination is formed.

Your body uses citicoline to produce acetylcholine, which is one of the crucial neurotransmitters.

Users of citicoline can experience enhanced memory and focus, as well as improved confidence and a stress reduction.

Uridine 250mg

Uridine is included in this stack for two key functions – to keep your brain young, and to help you concentrate on the task in front of you.

It also reduces the risk of addiction by controlling the dopamine levels in the brain.

Lion’s mane mushroom 500mg (two times per day)

This is a natural supplement that increases the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF).

NGF is a special protein which promotes the production of new brain cells and allows the user to think more clearly. Essentially, it causes your brain to regenerate and to adapt to the problems in front of it.

This nootropic is a long-term supplement, and it usually takes 3-6 months to properly experience the benefits. During six-month trials on people with dementia, this supplement produced improvements in all categories of cognitive enhancement.

Fish oil (dose as indicated on the label)

Fish oil is one of the best known and best accepted cognitive enhancers.

There are two really important lipids in this oil, EPA and DHA, that synergize with uridine and citicoline to promote the production of essential nerve cell membrane components.

Bacopa monnieri 300mg

This is a herb commonly used in Indian medicine to combat stress and enhance memory.

Studies done on this supplement have confirmed that it can promote the growth of nerve endings, therefore resulting in improved neurotransmission in the brain.

Another study found that during a 12-week period people who received 300mg of this supplement showed great improvement in memory and learning.

Galantamine 4mg (optional)

This nootropic supplement is known for its ability to increase acetylcholine and memory vividity.

It also improves dream and sleep quality, as well as other mental cognitions. It works really well with pramiracetam because it increases the vividity of the memory.

The combination of these two supplements is very synergistic, therefore it will help those who want to develop eidetic or photographic memory.

Note that if you’re planning to make your own stack and buy supplements in bulk powder form, make sure to use a precise milligram scale.

Buying supplements in bulk is good because that ensures high quality of the product.

Reminder: Here’s links to where you can get each of these elements of the stack: 

Why these nootropics are good for memory

Pramiracetam is the main heavy hitter in this stack, this is because its potency is one of the highest in the racetam family of memory enhancers.

It has been shown that supplementation with Bacopa and Lion’s mane can provide you with long-lasting enhancements in memory function.

Citicoline packs many effects on its own, so it’s great for people that want to increase the capacity of memory in their brain. However, the main purpose of this memory stack is to potentiate and increase the effects provided by pramiracetam.

All these supplements increase communication between both hemispheres of the brain, and also increase the use of acetylcholine.

Supplementation with choline helps to prevent any side effects like headaches that can be caused by the extra demand of neurotransmitters. At the same time, having sufficient neurotransmitter levels in the brain will allow you to boost the pramiracetam’s positive effects.

This stack is very fast-acting and you can expect instant results. But it will take several weeks of supplementation by this regimen for maximum effects to build up.


If you want to create your own nootropic stack for photographic memory, make sure to do all the research first. NONE of this is intended to be medical advice, and we take no responsibility for nootropics you do or do not try. 

Find out how certain nootropics affect you and how they work with each other.

The stack mentioned above is a good starting point for building eidetic memory, but you’re free to change the formula as you see fit.

Of course, it’s highly recommended that you check with your medical expert before you start using nootropic supplement, or if you’re on some other medication.

One nootropic to rule them all

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