We’ve all tried coffee, right?

Well, Kimera is a special type of coffee that’s infused with cognitive enhancers or nootropics. Nootropics are smart drugs that can help your brain function faster and better. I’ve written a LOT about nootropics before and explained the best types. 

For those who don’t want to read all of that, I’ve tried DOZENS of nootropics and found the best one is Mind Lab Pro. It gives you long hours of focus without any crash and it doesn’t contain caffeine so you can use it almost every day. I’d still suggest cycling it though. 

What is Kimera

Kimera is a nootropic infused coffee that helps you focus on studying or working. It’s also good as a preworkout and a boost for anything you’re doing. I’ve tried various nootropics and smart coffees, the most recent coffee being Cognito smart coffee

I’ve had some very good experiences with Kimera. Now I should preface this review by saying that at the same time as I’ve been trying this coffee I’ve also been having a lot of ice baths and doing other things like meditating which could contribute to the effects.

But that being said, the focus I’ve felt after taking this coffee is unmistakable. I usually feel focused after having a cup of coffee, of course. The caffeine in most coffees provides a short term cognitive boost and burst of focus. But this was different.

Normally when you drink a cup of coffee, you’ll get that boost but after a couple of hours it goes away. Also during those couple of hours you’re often jittery and although focused, not ACTUALLY that much more effective. With Kimera it was different and I felt WAY more focused.

I’ve felt this level of focus and mental power before with Mind Lab Pro but this was slightly more substained.

With Mind Lab Pro I am focused but I’m also still fairly easy to distract, and I find myself focused on random things that I’m not sure I want to be doing. I think part of this might be the fact that I’ve just been more engaged with my work while reviewing Kimera. 

That being said, it’s easily on par with other nootropics and it’s certainly the best nootropic coffee I’ve tried (I’ve tried about 5 types and this and Cognito are the only ones good enough that I wanted to write about them). 

What is nootropic infused coffee

Nootropic infused coffee is essentially normal coffee that’s been laced with nootropics like DMAE, Alpha GPC and Other nootropics. You can find all sorts of nootropic coffees on Amazon but this one seemed to be the one with the best reviews and people were loving it, hence I decided to give it a try.

Kimera coffee review: my experiences

So in terms of a review, I’d rather just describe my experiences when I drink Kimera and how it feels. By the way that link takes you to the cheapest place to buy Kimera right now, in a new tab.  

I typically work from home and do a lot of typing, which requires me to get into the flow state. Flow state makes the whole writing process easier and it’s often the holy grail for writers. We want to get into the flow state as fast as possible and stay there are LONG as possible.

By taking a nootropic I’m able to get into this state faster, but with Kimera, it seems to last a little bit longer. Not only that but I feel like the state os more focused, and more I’m more of a flow state. I haven’t yet tried taking Kimera WITH a nootropic, because most nootropics actually potentiate (enhance) the effect of caffeine and I’m a little scared to try it!

In the past I’ve tried a weak coffee with a weak nootropic, and they MASSIVELY boosted eachother. The focus however, was a little scattered. For example, I’d be focused on doing something like writing but then I’d also have the urge to check my phone. At least for the few weeks I’ve been using Kimera, I’ve been MUCH less distracted.

I’ve been able to just focus on ONE thing and d it until completion. I’m able to write long blog posts and articles involving lots of research and technical writing (usually they’re about 5000-10,000 words) without being distracted or even taking any breaks. 

So from the few weeks I’ve been reviewing Kimera coffee, I have only good things to say.

Now the one warning is that because it’s a filter coffee, you have to decide how much you want or need to make for the day. It’s SO easy and tempting to just pour yourself another cup when there’s extra coffee in your coffee machines jug.

I think it’s very important with any caffeine product to limit and regulate how much you consume.

Otherwise you’ll very quickly find yourself addicted and craving more and more like most people who drink coffee regularly. It’s an addictive substance and I typically don’t suggest using it but in this case, I think one cup a day is probably fine. I also only drink it when I have work to do, or something to focus on.

I can’t imagine how annoying it would be to have this level of focus and concentration on an average day where you’re not actually doing any work.

In fact one day I drank this in the morning but had to go and see a friend in the afternoon, and I felt very intense and focused. I was locked into the conversation and I felt like I couldn’t properly relax because my mind was working at 1000 miles an hour. 

Now that’s not always a bad thing, and if you’re got a networking event or something where you’re needed to be extra social and focused,I guess it would be good. But I think for most people, socialising is how you wind down and relax, so make sure you’re not drinking too much Kimera before being social!

I find it works best when you’re on your own, working and just want to get into the zone and STAY int he zone most of the day.

And I did stay in the zone most of the day. I find the effects typically wear off after about 7-8 hours, which is usually how long I would work for in an average day anyway.

That’s been my experiences when drinking about 1 fairly strong cup of the coffee in the morning. I also don’t eat breakfast, as I practice intermittent fasting. So the effects of the coffee in the morning especially are probably amplified as there’s literally nothing else in my system when I first drink it.

Disclaimer: Of course none of this is medical or nutritional advice and I’m not qualified to give that. I’m just sharing my personal experiences with Kimera and other coffees, you should do your own research and check you’re able to take it. 

Are there downsides to nootropic coffee

Of course, there are pros and cons to most things.

I think the main downside is that because it’s a caffeine based drink, if you drink TOO much yo’ll become tolerant of the substance. This means it affects you LESS and you need MORE to get the same effects. This becomes a very slippery slope.

It’s important to not let your dopamine receptors start to downregulate. This usually happens after a few days of abusing the substance and drinking more and more each day. Try and ONLY have one cup a day, no matter how much you want that second cup. 

But I honestly think that just with one cup a day, you’re probably going to stay fairly receptive to the effects and it’s not going to have that much of a negative effect on you. Also make sure you’re not drinking it on weekends, to give your body even more of a chance to stay in a normal state.

You don’t want to get to the point most people are at with coffee, where you feel like you NEED it to start your day, even on weekends. This is when you know you’re addicted and tolerant to the caffeine.

That’s NOT what you want, trust me. I used to be in that state a few years ago when I worked in an office, and without coffee I couldn’t even feel normal!

Now I can easily choose whether or not to have coffee in the morning and I can focus with or without it. 

Is coffee bad for you?

I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily bad for you, but like I’ve said it’s important to be careful about the effects of caffeine. Specifically the downregulation of your dopamine receptor sites.

This happens when you take a substance that causes an increase in the production of dopamine.The receptor sites basically say ‘we’re getting too much of this neurotransmitter so we’re going to shut down the places that RECEIVE the neurotransmitter so it’s less effective.

This means you’re going to feel like you need MORE but it won’t really have an effect and eventually the parties ruined for everyone and the effects are nowhere near as strong.  

Other nootropics

I’ve spoken about several nootropics on this site, and if you’re thinking of trying Kimera you might be interested in the other reviews I’ve written about other nootropics. These are the best ones I’ve tried so far:

So you’re probably reading this and you’re from the UK, but that being said these links should take you to my reviews of the nootropics so you can actually learn about them and how they work. 

  • Mind Lab Pro: This is at the top because it’s the best, in my humble opinion. Of all the nootropics I’ve tried this is the one I still use almost every day, and the effects are still just as good as when I first tried it. By the way, some of these might only be available in America. At the time of writing this, Kimera is only sold in the UK.
  • Neuroignite: I like that this is natural and doesn’t contain caffeine, making it a great addition to Kimera. Very good, but probably for beginners as it’s not very powerful.
  • Alpha Brain: Another nootropic that doesn’t contain caffeine, making it a great addition to nootropic coffees like Kimera. Great ingredients and more research has gone into this one.
  • Neuropeak: This contains DMAE which is one of the main nootropic compounds in Kimera. Sustained focus and concentration
  • Cognito smart coffee: I believe this is the first nootropic coffee I tried. Very good, but not as strong or powerful as Kimera. Still an interesting option and it’s much cheaper.

Using Kimera with other nootropics

I haven’t personally tried using Kimera with other nootropics but I’d say be careful.

It already contains a lot of caffeine so make sure you’re not overdoing it. I’d suggest not using Kimera with nootropics that already contain caffeine. Try finding the combinations like Kimera and Mind Lab Pro, or something similar.

And as always, don’t let yourself get dependant on any one single source of focus, whether it’s a nootropic or a coffee. Make sure you’re focused WITHOUT that stuff, so that when you do take it you’re even more focused. It’s like in Limitless ‘It works better if you’re already smart’.

The goal should be to become more productive and focused in general, so that when you take an enhancer like Kimera or Mind Lab Pro, it just adds to what’s already there.

Making yourself more productive

There are lots of ways to make yourself more productive and lots of them don’t involve nootropics or coffee. Here are some interesting articles I suggest you read: