Imagine being able to take a supplement that greatly improves your mental clarity and concentration as well as memory recall while also offering a number of dream enhancing benefits.

It appears that there is a supplement on the market that actually offers all of these benefits and more. The name of the supplement is Alpha Brain.

Created by the company ONNIT, Alpha Brain is a supplement that is being praised for its ability to improve both conscious and subconscious function.

Thus, this supplement has received positive reviews not only from those seeking improved cognitive function but also from those that want to increase their dream perception and control. This product could also assist lucid dreamers in obtaining increased control over their dream environments.

What is Alpha Brain?

Alpha Brain is both a memory enhancer and a neuroenhancer.  These types of enhancers have come to be known as nootropics. Companies are currently making nootropics that assist its users with increasing cognitive function.

Some of the many benefits of using nootropics include increased mental clarity, better memory recall, improved reflexes and a host of other improved cognitive functions. Oh, Nootropics are drugs that make you smarter, naturally by the way.

It’s important to note that many of these improved cognitive functions derived from taking Alpha Brain also help to improve the lucid dreaming experience. It is for this reason that Alpha Brain has become quite popular among those that want to not only improve their conscious cognitive abilities but also their subconscious abilities through lucid dreaming.

What Makes Alpha Brain So Special

With the assortment of nootropics currently available in the market, what exactly makes Alpha Brain so unique? 

Alpha Brain is unique specifically in regards to its ability to enhance the dream state because of its ability to stimulate acetylcholine production.

Acetylcholine is a chemical that actually helps the body to regulate REM sleep. Anyone that knows anything about dreams knows that they occur mainly during REM sleep. The more acetylcholine production the stronger and more active the REM cycle of sleep which results in a stronger dream state.

Alpha Brain Ingredients

Alpha Brain contains four main ingredients that are responsible for its ability to increase cognitive function both consciously and subconsciously. These four main ingredients include:

  • Huperzia Serrata: Extracted from the plant northern firmoss, this substance contains an acetylcholinesterase (AchE) inhibitor that is actually responsible for the breakdown of acetylcholine, the main chemical that helps to regulate REM sleep. Acetylcholine production is increased by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase which in turn creates stronger REM sleep.
  • AC-11: Derived from the Amazonian plant cat’s claw, AC-11 boasts a number of cellular boosting and cognitive enhancing benefits. It is even known for its DNA reparative properties as well as its ability to improve brain functioning by providing mental clarity and stamina.
  • Bacopa Monneira: A centuries old Ayurvedic herb from India, Bacopa Monneira is well-known for its antioxidant properties as well as its ability to improve cognitive functioning. In fact, it has even been shown that Bacopa Monneira even assists in improving and protecting memory recall by protecting the synaptic functions of nerves that are associated with memory recall.
  • Alpha GPC: Found in the neuronal membranes, Alpha GPC (Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline) is a form of easily absorbed choline that actually increases the breakdown and distribution of acetylcholine while also helping to support overall brain function.

It is apparent that the main ingredients in Alpha Brain not only improve overall cognitive function but also increase REM sleep cycles by increasing the production of the chemical acetylcholine which in turn results in a stronger dream state.

Is Alpha Brain Worth It?

Is it worth the money?

People that have taken (you can read reviews in a new tab) Alpha Brain DO report that their dream experiences are more vivid and frequent.  Many users report that it was also easier for them to recall their dreams with regular use of Alpha Brain. It seems that regular use helps people improve their memory. 

It should be noted however that Alpha Brain isn’t a quick easy way to improving dream experiences. While Alpha Brain does create a stronger REM sleep cycle which in turn prompts more frequent vivid dreams on behalf of the user, any additional dreaming enhancements such as the ability to prolong or create within the dream environment were dependent on existing learned dreaming capabilities such as lucid dreaming.

In some ways it could be noted that Alpha Brain creates the circumstances that allows for a more productive dream-state by creating a stronger REM sleep cycle.

Outside of dreams, many users also reported that they had increased mental functions and capabilities. Some individuals experienced increased memory recall as well as the ability to retain information and remain focused for longer periods of time.

The verdict

If you’re looking for something that can supplement your dreaming experience and hep improve your memory, Alpha Brain (that link should give you a good price/discount!) really is worth a try.

It will however strengthen your REM sleep cycle so that you are better able to access your dream state. Once you’re able to access your dream state regularly, it really is up to you to make the most of this ability. Even with using something such as Alpha Brain it is still up to you to improve upon your existing dreaming abilities.

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