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You are in the middle of the exams and you can’t seem to be able to remember an entire phrase from your courses, not to mention multiple courses. On top of this, you casually misplace your keys on the couch and then spend two hours looking for them.

Sound familiar?

We all need need a little help when it comes to remembering things. The modern, busy lifestyle is just too challenging for our brain in many cases, which needs help in order to perform at its best. It’s not really our fault, we just have SO much information competing for our memory and attention, all the time.

Luckily, there are some highly effective brain boosters you can use and they are called nootropics. I tried Neuro Ignite Nootropic and I was amazed at the results. But before I go further with its review, let’s just explain what nootropic are..

What is a nootropic and why you need it

Nootropics are sometimes called brain drugs or smart drugs, but they have nothing to do with drugs in most cases. They are simply brain boosters which can help you gain more brain power. A nootropic usually (the good ones at least) contain mainly natural ingredients, which can help your brain function better.

Lots of people are now using nootropics to perform better in their classes, all over the world. There are many nootropics on the market right now, but NOT all of them contain natural ingredients, like Neuro Ignite Nootropic (more on that in a moment).

What you need to know about nootropics

A nootropic is not a magic pill you can take to solve all your memory and focus problems like in the film Limitless (I wish it was that simple). In fact, most people don’t notice any changes after taking the first two pills. However, if you quit taking them, you will suddenly feel their absence. THIS ISN’T the case for all nootropics, each one works differently).

Another thing you must know about nootropics is that you should always stick with the recommended dosage. Even good things can become bad for you when you abuse them and when it comes to nootropics, you might notice it enhances all your personality features, good and bad.

Every time you consider taking a cognitive enhancer make sure you check the ingredients label. There are many so called “nootropics” which contain artificial ingredients. Others, contain caffeine, which can lead to an over-dosage, if you are a coffee drinker.

Neuro Ignite Nootropic contains only natural ingredients and is produced and sold according to FDA regulations, being safe to use.

Ingredients of Neuro Ignite Nootropic

The Neuro Ignite Nootropic contains a mix of natural brain enhancers which can support the memory and boost your focus. I normally criticise nootropics for relying too heavily on caffiene so it’s nice to see that this one isn’t doing that.

This nootropic contains bacopa monnieri, St. John’s Wort, ginkgo biloba, DMAE, Phosphatidylserine and L-Glutamine. Each of these ingredients supports the brain function, giving you the boost you need to become more productive.

From my own experience of taking cognitive enhancers, they also help you cope better with the daily stress. It also improves both short and long term memory, promoting blood flow in the brain. As the blood flow is boosted, your brain receives more oxygen and nutrients, which are essential for its proper function.

The benefits of Neuro Ignite Nootropic’s main ingredients

St. John’s Wort is one of the main ingredients of Neuro Ignite Nootropic. The plant’s leaves and flowers are rich in antioxidants and amino-acids, which is why they are used in cognitive enhancers. However, this plant comes with many other benefits for your brain. Research showed that it might limit the fight or flight response, which leads to anxiety.

Also, it seems to increase the response of serotonin receptors and increase the level of dopamine. Because these two substances are responsible for your mood, this extract relieves sadness and boosts your mood.

Thanks to this ingredient, Neuro Ignite Nootropic relieves anxiety and helps you relax, promoting a good night’s sleep. Because it reduces the negative effects of stress, Neuro Ignite Nootropic helps you focus better on the task at hand, increasing your productivity. Many women find that Neuro Ignite Nootropic eases their PMS’ symptoms, improving their mood and even reducing their pain.

Another ingredient in Neuro Ignite Nootropic is Bacopa Monnieri. Bacopa is a nootropic native to India, which is used to enhance the memory and attention in adults. The plant is also known to slow down cognitive decline.

Gingko biloba‘s positive effects on the brain had been studied for years now and it was revealed the plant can sharpen your focus and enhance brain power. It is a popular ingredient in supplements targeted to elders, thanks to its amazing effects on the memory. Gingko biloba works by improving the blood flow in the brain, which increases the amount of oxygen received by it. It also reduces the effects of aging and supports the communication between neurons, which leads to an increase in the speed of mental processing of information.

As I was saying early in this review, you will feel the effects of Neuro Ignite Nootropic after taking it for at least one week, with the full boost being felt after one month. This is because of its ingredients, like Bacopa, take time to work on your brain.

Taking Neuro Ignite Nootropic makes you stronger in the face of daily stress, and improves your quality of life. I know from my own experience that you can support the effects of the nootropic by adjusting your diet and lifestyle to exclude all the things which might limit your cognitive performance.You can rely on Neuro Ignite Nootropic to give you a better memory, sharper focus and a better mood.

NeuroIgnite side effects

From taking this for just over a month, pretty much one a day (I had a couple of days off where I forgot or was busy) I can’t really comment on any side effects. Now, as with ANY nootropic or supplement, you should always consult your doctor first etc etc, but here are my experiences with the side effects.

I noticed that if I ALSO drank some coffee, the effects of the coffee were much stronger than if I’d just not had the nootropic first. So be wary of the strength of your coffee when taking this, but if you’re not a coffee drinker then the only real side effect I’d warn you of is that if you take it on an empty stomach you might feel a bit bloated or rough.

But again, that’s probably just me because I feel like that even if I take a multivitamin on an empty stomach, so do your research, get a bottle and see how you feel!

My summary of NeuroIgnite

Overall, NeuroIgnite is excellent. It’s NOT got the highest or most potent dosage of the ingredients compared to some other nootropics, but then it doesn’t need to. This is perfect for beginners who want a solid, natural and safe nootropic to sort of ‘test out’ the world of smart drugs.

I LOVE that it doesn’t rely on caffeine, which is a really big turn off for me and turns me against most nootropics because it’s just not a long term solution. I’m pleased to say however that this nootropic is caffeine free and contains pretty much ALL natural ingredients. Havasu nutrition have got it right here in many ways.

Another thing that’s great about this is that it’s SUPER affordable! Very cheap compared to other nootropics with similar ingredients, and like I said they might have a little less in their dosages but from my experience it worked really well either way and I didn’t feel like it was ‘missing’ anything.

Check latest prices either on Amazon or on their website (prices vary depending on seasonal sales and deals) OR read my reviews and articles about other nootropics:

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